Our Holiday to Turkey – Antalya

We all want to go on holiday abroad to make memories and experience the feeling of flying on a plane and visiting different place around the world.

So at the beginning of the year me and my fiancé decided that we were going to look into booking our summer holiday for 2015.  After just moving into our first home December 2014 we weren’t sure if we would be in a financial position to be able to afford to go away.

We spoke to friends of ours and the four of us decided to go together, we got together at weekends and sat down and looked at various locations, looked on and visited travel agents, checked out Thomson and Thomas cook websites at several different places we fancied going to and we were really pleased when we found a really good deal on a holiday to Turkey, Antalya.

Me and my fiancé had never been to Turkey before but the friends we were going with had, and said it is a lovely place to visit.

We found a lovely adults only hotel that was 5 star called Flora Gardens, it consisted of little wooden shallots all over the complex.




We decided to go all inclusive for a week. We flew out on Saturday 15th August till Saturday 22nd August.

When we finally arrived after the hour and half transfer from airport to hotel, we couldn’t see much as it was late and dark. We got taken through to a VIP lounge in the hotel to have a quick chat with the hotel staff of the general do’s and dont’s, we were handed a cocktail too while we waited, then after we were taken to our room and our cases were brought shortly after to us.

We had an amazing time starting off with just chilling my the pool for the first couple of days. The weather was fantastic to us all the way through hitting highs of around 38/40 degrees with a slight sea breeze.

We went out on two excursions one to side by night on the Tuesday evening and the other to Manavgat where we saw a beautiful waterfall which ran for miles, a textiles store and a market a bit like Wellsbourne but 10 times bigger. Both excursions included a 3 course meal.



Our hotel also had a little area where it was a peace, quiet and a relaxing area which was known as “Flora Zen Garden” it was filled with lots of beautiful flowers and had a pond with lots of beautiful koi carp fish with lots of different colours and sizes,  was also lucky enough to see some lizards.

DSCN0326 DSCN0330 DSCN0331

There is lots to do and visit in Turkey unfortuantly we didnt get to visit it all but would plan to go for longer than a week next time and see more as it is such a beautiful place.

I would recommend anyone who hasn’t visited Turkey to go and visit it 100%.

Where is your favourite holiday destination?

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