Homemade Wax Tarts

Who likes candles?

Well I love Yankee candles, or any candles for that matter. I got given my first set of small sampler Yankee candles for an engagement present 2 years ago and the obsession grew from that day. I just love the smell of all the different aromas and sizes you can buy.

Here is my collection


My favourite has to be Beach Flowers.

I don’t like waste at the best of times so when my first Yankee candle finally stopped burning but there was still lots of wax in the bottom I was certainly not going to just throw it away, so I was trying to find ways of not wasting it, so when my friend found a little trick to not waste the remaining candles I was over the moon.

Here is what I did and they are so easy to make and do:

1) Crush the candle up in the jar


2) Put the jar with the remaining candle in a jug of boiling hot water and leave to melt, stiring  slowly.


3) Then pour the liquid carefully into cupcake cases, Caution as jar will be hot


4) Leave to set and then remove from cases, you can then put them on a burner with a small candle underneath and wait for the aromas to surround you.


You could even save up lots of left overs and mix different ones together and experiment.

Have you got a favourite Yankee Candle Scent?

1 thought on “Homemade Wax Tarts

  1. Awesome way to use up the rest of your candles! I too like Yankee Candles and so this would be a great trick to remember in the future 🙂

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