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Welcome to my blog “Life of an Auntie”!

I’m Kim. I’m an Auntie to Jack (March 2008), Harrison (June 2011), Alexander (October 2012), Benjamin (November 2014), Teri-Rae (October 2016) and soon to be Elizabeth (September 2019) Plus a first time mummy to Freddie born July 2017.  I love every minute of been an Auntie & Mummy.

I also share my home with 1 rabbits ( Autumn) and a Dog called Carly. Tom (the Husband) and we have been together Ten years and are got Married October 2017.  As well as my blog, I love seeing my friends/family and going on holiday.

You can contact me in several ways. You can leave a comment on my blog or you can:

Follow me on Instagram & Twitter: @lifeofanauntie

Email me at: kim0209@hotmail.co.uk

“Like” my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/lifeofanauntieandmum/

I will get back to everyone as soon as I get time!

Thank you, and enjoy the blog!

Much Love Kim xxxx

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. First I have come across your blog. Seems you have some nice hobbies, and wonderful pets. I come from a family of animal lovers, and being an Aunt myself I was taken with your blogs name. Families do come in various varieties. Being an Aunt can be fun, getting to see the children develop, learn and form their personalities etc. they do seem so grow so quickly.

  2. Great that you have a blog :- Life of an Auntie. Aunts can be an important part of childrens upbringing and Social life etc. I have a Great- Nephew who has been Cared for by another of his Great-Aunt in order to allow his Mother to return to her full time paid Employment.

    He just recently started school, which all the family were excited about. Photographs taken, it was nice that his Great-Aunt who provides Child Care was included in a lovely photo of him in his smart new School Uniform.

    We wonder now just what he will lern and experience throughout his School Days. We are sure to be kept up to date with his Adventures.

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