The Right Way To Handle An Attic Conversion

Attic conversions are very tempting. You’ve got some extra space at the top of your house, so why don’t you convert it into an extra bedroom, home office or another living space? It sounds very simple – but if you go about it the wrong way, this conversion can be a disaster. Too many homeowners make common mistakes and end up with an attic room that’s not cosy in the slightest, is horrible to be in and doesn’t feel all that practical. 

You don’t want to end up in this group – so here’s the right way to handle an attic conversion at home! 

Consider the vertical space

Floorspace isn’t the only worry in an attic; is there enough room overhead for this to be a practical living space? Some sloped roofs are too low in places, meaning only a fraction of the attic is usable for someone standing up. Keep this in mind and consider extending your home up a tad to accommodate more vertical space in the attic, making it a practical place to be. 

Carry out a roof inspection

You simply cannot convert your attic without inspecting the roof. If there are cracks or structural issues with the roof, it is unsafe for people to be underneath it. Also, the smallest breaches in the roof might not be dangerous, but they can make it easy for pests to get inside. Any breaches or damages to your roof are issues you should never ignore, so maybe you’ll need a quick roof renovation or replacement before carrying out the conversion. Don’t worry, replacing or repairing a roof is a fantastic investment as it adds value to your home, so it would be worth doing even if you weren’t planning an attic conversion. 

Don’t forget proper insulation

Will your attic become a bedroom, or perhaps a home office? Even if it’s a new upstairs lounge area, it needs to feel comfy and cosy. That’s where roof insulation becomes critical. You need proper insulation in the roof so it’s as comfortable as any other room in your home. As well as insulation aimed at trapping heat in, you need some to reflect it out. This stops the attic conversion from becoming a sauna when it’s sunny. 

Always make room for windows

Attic conversions can often feel dark and dreary because people forget to install windows! Ensure there’s room for windows either on the roof itself or on the walls. If you’re extending upwards, you can create more space for a few side windows, illuminating the attic space with natural sunlight. It immediately becomes a more livable place rather than feeling like you’re holed up in a dark cave. 

Devise a practical way into the attic

Finally, think about how you’ll get to and from the attic. A rickety old pull-down ladder probably isn’t the most practical approach! Search the web for some inspiration and you’ll soon find lots of practical ways to get into the attic. This is particularly important for safety purposes in the home – an impractical attic entry system can cause constant accidents! 

And on that note, you know the right way to handle an attic conversion. The steps above will guide you through the process and ensure your new attic is cosy, practical and safe.

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