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Freddie’s Two Year Update

Firstly let me apologies this is a little bit late, Life has just been so busy.

We now have a two-year-old boy. Two going on 22 sometimes, I swear.
Not sure where the last two years have gone. However, it has been a mixture of ups and downs but wouldn’t change it for the world.

We celebrated his 2nd Birthday the beginning of July and had a BBQ at home with friends and family, we all had a wonderful time, and he got genuinely spoilt rotten.

Freddie has a powerful personality, he’s cute, cuddly, whinge and has tantrums, and all this can happen in the space of a short time too and sometimes all over silly things.

Here’s Mr Grumpy

Since turning two he has suddenly gone from a baby to a little boy, his speech and the words he can say are amazing things like Koala, his name Freddie, cheetah, some words which I didn’t expect him to say until he was older, it has amazed us.   He knows what he wanted even if not all the time we can understand what he is trying to tell us.

His favorite things to do are play with his cars, toys, read his books or playing in the garden with his footballs and net, water/sand tray and slide. He loves being in the garden, and if you need him to come in, it usually takes bribery to work.

Freddie loves watching television too, usually when he’s tired he will curl up on the sofa and ask to view it. His favorite programs are: In the Night Garden, Teletubbies, Bing and Raa Raa the noisy lion.

He goes to nursery 3.5 days a week, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Mornings till 1 pm and loves it.  He has made a few friends and has some of the nursery nurses wrapped around his fingers. He has Wednesday’s & Friday afternoons at my parents which he loves.

I will try to do a yearly update on Freddie going forward and you can then see how much he has changed.

My Top Money Making Survey Sites

Everyone wants to make a little extra cash in their life for a rainy day or to put into savings.  My husband and I work full time, we have a toddler who is in nursery 3 & half days a week and some months we do struggle financially, but a little extra cash is always appreciated.   If you want to make a little bit of extra money you have to find the right places to go, and it won’t be a quick fix either, but every little bit helps, right.

four 20 Euro banknotes

So I started doing surveys to help us out.

Here are my top sites that I used to help us out.

Inbox Pounds

My husband actually found this site for us one night and is another good one except it does take a while to get build up the money if you are only doing it part-time and in between work it does take time, but you will get emails telling you when there are surveys available, some are as little as 1p for just confirming a paid message which takes only a few seconds, you can answer surveys to try and earn more and you can also receive spin’s which could win you 1p or more on each turn, you have a maximum of 10 spins per day. Once you reach £20, you can request the payment.

YouGov Surveys

This survey site is similar to the Populuslive surveys, but instead of 50 points you have to get 5000 points to receive £50, so this one certainly takes a lot longer but is more comfortable.  I have been doing these since July 2018, and so far I have racked up 4,125 points out of 5000.  You can earn anything from 10 to 150 points, the average generally been 25/50 points.  YouGov is quick and easy to register for, and they will send you emails once surveys become available to complete.  Their survey results are often quoted in the recent news, which is unusual. They post updates about the surveys that you have completed, and there are several regular surveys that I see.

Minimum payout: £50 via cheque. This can take 28 days to arrive.

Populuslive Surveys

This website is my top of them all, as you get £50 once you get 50 points and this can take no time at all to achieve this, and each survey can be worth anything from £1 to £5 which equals 1 – 5 points.  You have to be quick as they can expire or you may not be suitable for it.

I’ve only been doing this since February 2018 so just over 12 months and in that time I have earned £150 already.  I have put this straight into my savings account so we can use it towards something we want.

Thank you to Katy Kicker for introducing me to these

Do you get involved in surveys to boost your bank balance if so which ones are your best ones?

Auntie to a Special Little Angel

Back in October 2016, I became an Auntie again to baby number 5, but this time round I was a very proud Auntie to a little niece to go with my already 4 nephews.  It felt amazing having a little niece now and when she grew up and was old enough I would take her shopping and spoil her rotten the same as the others.

My sister called her Teri-Rae, she was born on 25th October 2016 and weighed just 4lb 7oz at Heartlands Hospital, and was born early at 37 weeks & 3 days.  I was so excited and couldn’t wait to go and meet her, cuddle her and tell her who I was.

My mum, dad and nephew Jack went to see my sister and niece before me as I was working.  I got sent some adorable photos of them all together which made me smile.  My nephew Jack was very excited to go and meet his half sister.

Teri-Rae & family
Mum, Dad & Nephew Jack with Teri-Rae

I finally went to meet her at the weekend a few days after she was born.

Me & My Niece
Kisses from Auntie Kim

She was so tiny and all her clothes just swamped her.  I brought her some clothes and a little penguin to keep her company in the hospital and her Moses basket when she was allowed home.

She was finally allowed home after a week of been in hospital and my sister was so relieved, back to her own home comforts.

My first outing with my sister and niece was to Solihull to do a spot of shopping.  We spent a good few hours walking around with me pushing her in her pushchair, I wouldn’t let my sister push her – Proud Auntie moment.

Snug as a bug

She slept pretty much the whole way round until she woke up because she was hungry and wanted feeding.

A few weeks later I went round to my sisters on the weekend and she asked me if I wanted to help bath her, I said yes straight away, to say my niece wasn’t best impressed at all, she cried her little heart out.  We bathed her quickly and then got her out and wrapped her up snug and warm in her towel and got her nice and dry before getting her dressed again.  I love the freshly bathed baby smell.

Bath time
First bath with Auntie Kim

I spent a good 3 hours with her that day playing with her settling her and getting her to sleep while my sister was able to get on with some jobs around her flat. I loved just watching her and listening to her gurgling away, throwing her arms and legs around.  I could have watched her for hours.

Freshly bathedimg_7659

I texted my sister every day to see how they were both doing and settling in at home and getting into a routine.  My sister sent me lots of photos every day of Teri-Rae and both of them together having cuddles or in her adorable cute outfits ready to go out on trips to the shops.  Certainly brightened up any bad day I was having at work.  I would always show pictures of her off to people at work.

img_7452 img_7597 img_7630

Christmas then finally arrived and I was excited to be spending it at my mum and dads with my sister, nephew Jack and my niece Teri-Rae.  We had a lovely day opening pressies, laughing and playing with all of Jacks new toys and games.  My mum cooked the best Christmas dinner with all the trimmings and we laughed and laughed.

First Christmas

I don’t think Teri-Rae was best pleased with us putting a Santa hat on but she looked super cute in it.

Christmas 16
Me, Jack & Teri-Rae

The day our lives changed forever

Just after Christmas tragedy struck, On the 2nd January my beautiful gorgeous 2-month-old niece had gone for her afternoon nap like normal and never woke up.  I got the dreaded phone call from my dad at 6.30pm on Monday 2nd January to say could they drop my nephew around ours and explained what had happened but didn’t know much else.  My sister did CPR, phoned for an ambulance and paramedics tried everything in their power but sadly she couldn’t be saved.  It was heartbreaking and the worse days of our lives. My mum, dad and me raced to the hospital to be with my sister.  I didn’t know what to say or do that would make it better and bring her daughter, our niece and granddaughter back.  It felt like a sick nightmare.

Four months has now passed, she should be 6 months old now.  Due to the circumstances, we have only just had the funeral but she had an amazing send-off with all her closest family and friends around her and my sister did her so, so proud.

I can’t believe she has gone and never coming back, I miss getting the daily pictures from my sister saying “Morning Auntie Kim” I miss cuddling her and will certainly miss that she will never get to meet her little cousin when he/she is born in July this year.

Not a day goes by when I don’t think or miss my niece, I could spend hours staring and looking at all the pictures I took of her in just the 2 short months I had with her.

RIP little Angel, until we meet again.  

Gone but never forgotten, Always in our hearts.  25/10/2016-02/01/2017

* This has taken a lot of courage for me to be able to write about this and share our story with the world.  I wish no one to ever have to go through this.