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Morphy Richards Redefine Kettle and Toaster Review

I was very excited when I received an email back in August from Morphy Richards telling me I had been selected to trial out their redefine glass kettle and toaster.

It didn’t arrived till October but the wait was so worth it when I finally received them via courier.


I could not wait to get my parcels out of the packaging and see what they looked liked and test them out.



You can buy these direct from the Morphy Richards Website

Redefine Glass Kettle – Priced at £99.99

Redefine Glass Toaster – Priced at £199.99

I do think that they are a little expensive for an every day kettle and toaster.


The kettle wasn’t too heavy even though it is made with glass, The kettle has toughened Duran Schott glass and illuminated body so you can watch the water boil. The design of the glass body allows you to clearly see the water volume inside aswell.  It has an invisable spout design for that perfect pour, Limescale Filter, Cord storage that keeps your work surface neat and tidy and Ergonomically designed handle.


I don’t know about you but I hate burnt toast. The fantastic thing about this toaster is you can watch your toast cooking to perfection.  The bread carriage automatically rises and falls with a controlled, smooth action to give perfect browning.


It has 7 settings on it, so dependant on how you like your toast cooked you can turn it up or down.  It is all automatic with just a press of a button (Start/Stop), the up/down button allows you to turn up or turn down the settings (1-7) of how you want your toast cooked. Each setting has a time limit on them but it allows you to stop toasting at any time by just pressing the start/stop button.

I would say the only other thing about it as it is mostly glass they can  both get quite warm to the touch, so just keep that in mind during and after use and BE CAREFUL when using around young children.

I would highly recommend these products for purchase.

I was sent these product free of charge direct from Morphy Richards to trial and give my honest opinions and reviews on them.

ToucanBox – Petite Box Review

I was lucky enough to receive a lovely petite ToucanBox to review and give my readers the chance to grab a free box for themselves and children, with my unique code (find code at the bottom of the page)


ToucanBox’s are great for kids between the ages of 3 years and 8 years and you can order yours for your kids in just 3 simple steps check out their website ToucanBox for more information and to order yours now.

When you order any parcel you worry that they are not going to fit through the door, or they will be delivered when your out, that they will be taken to your nearest post office, left somewhere on your property and get damaged or with a neighbour etc… Well the fab thing with these boxes they are designed to fit through your letter box so there is no inconvience caused.


Inside my box there was….



Each box may vary.

There are 3 types of boxes to choose from they are:

  • Petite – These contain one activity and are priced at £3.95 + £0.98 postage
  • Grande – This box contains two activities and a book  and are priced at £9.95 + £2.95 postage
  • Super – These contain four activities and a book  and are priced £16.95 + £2.95 postage

I’ve teamed up with ToucanBox to offer readers a free petite box by entering my unique code here Enter it here My unique code is “kimtbox”.

I was sent this product free of charge to review and give my honest opinion.


How My Bedroom Became My Sanctuary – Guest Post

If you had looked at my bedroom only a few weeks ago, you would have thought a teenager was sleeping in it. The paint was loud, the curtains were thin, the room was cluttered with clothes and pink nick knacks everywhere, and the bed was less than inviting. This was the last room wanted to retire in at the end of the day because it took a huge effort just to get comfortable in there. I decided I had enough and was going to take back the bedroom and make it a place I wanted to spend more time in both during the day and each night.

What I did?

The first thing I did was decide on a theme for the bedroom. The part of room was painted a soft sand color, with the trim a light blue tone. It instantly looked like the colors I would expect to see at the beach. My next move was to go to CutPriceMattresses and find a new 4ft6 double mattress. I choose a great deal on a new firm innerspring mattress set that arrived a few days after i placed my order.

Next I got some new long curtains that matched the trim and almost look like flowing waves as the wind blows through the windows. I painted some shelves I found at a yard sale to look old and worn. The chipped white paint is awesome for giving anything that worn out look. I placed all the little accessories around the room up on shelves, then added in some fun touches. I filled glass vases, jars, and glasses, with beach sand and threw in some sea shells too. Now the room actually had some of the beach in it.

The comforter and the pillows were all tossed, replaced with beautiful earth tone colors that gave the bedroom that soothing look it was missing. I placed some tan candles on the end tables and put all the junk either in the closet, in drawers, or in the trash. Each day I add a few fresh cut flowers to my vase on my dresser, and the room is simply the best looking in my house. I look forward to reading in the bedroom on my days off, and definitely retiring in there each night.

Interior Designing – Our home where the story began

Since before I owned my own house and were even looking for a house I had my perfect house set out in my head, what sort of furniture and colour schemes I wanted, what sort of layout I wanted it e.g. wanted separate lounge, but didn’t mind kitchen/diner. I wanted a 3 bedroom house (forward thinking for when starting a family), didn’t mind about the garden size but wanted some sort of garden as have got green fingers so like spending sunny days doing a bit of digging and planting seeds and flowers to add a bit of colour.

So after a couple of years of searching for houses we finally found one and it pretty much ticked every box in my head, it consisted of entrance hallway, leading to Lounge and then off to kitchen/diner, in the kitchen there was a separate room which was called the coal house but I have turned it into the laundry room adding a work top for extra storage, and an under stairs cupboard which we are having turned into a pantry as it is a really useful space to have. 

When it came to deciding the decor I already knew what colours I wanted in each room.

Lounge: – Creams and browns with a feature wall I wanted it warm and Inviting especially when it is winter time so you can feel warm when it is snowing out.


Kitchen/Diner: – In Creams, Purple and Chrome colours

Our Bedroom: – Neutral with feature wall where it will be warm and cosy where you can curl up any time of day

Bedroom 3:- Magnolia, Clean and neutral for any visitors/family to stay and feel cosy.


Bedroom 2:- Magnolia – Currently this is my craft room where I make my handcrafted cards and accessories

Since owning the house I have become very house proud, everything has its own place, and I certainly like it kept neat, tidy and clean. Most of all I love my family and friends coming over.

We have had the house 12 months now and there is still lots of little bits to do in it and if we ever want to change the colours and styles it will be easy to do so as we have kept it neutral.

What is your colour schemes in your house?