Interior Designing – Our Home Where The Story Began

Since, before I owned my own house and were even looking for a house I had my perfect house set out in my head, what sort of furniture and colour schemes I wanted, what sort of layout I wanted it e.g. wanted separate lounge, but didn’t mind kitchen/diner. I wanted a 3 bedroom house (forward thinking for when starting a family), didn’t mind about the garden size but wanted some sort of garden as have got green fingers so like spending sunny days doing a bit of digging and planting seeds and flowers to add a bit of colour.

So, after a couple of years of searching for houses we finally found one and it pretty much ticked every box in my head, it consisted of entrance hallway, leading off to a lounge and then off to the kitchen/diner, in the kitchen there was a separate room which was called the “coal house” but I have turned it into the laundry/utility room adding a work top for extra storage.  Off the other side of the kitchen is an under stairs cupboard which we turned into a pantry as it is a really useful space to have. 

When it came to deciding the decor I already knew what colours I wanted in each room.


Creams and browns with a feature wall I wanted it warm and inviting especially when it is winter time so you can feel warm when it is snowing out.


Kitchen/Diner: – In Creams, Purple and Chrome colours

Our Bedroom: – Neutral with feature wall where it will be warm and cosy where you can curl up any time of day

Bedroom 3:- Magnolia, Clean and neutral for any visitors/family to stay and feel cosy.


Bedroom 2:- Magnolia – Currently this is my craft room where I make my handcrafted cards and accessories

Since owning the house I have become very house proud, everything has its own place, and I certainly like it kept neat, tidy and clean. Most of all I love my family and friends coming over.

We have had the house 12 months now and there is still lots of little bits to do in it and if we ever want to change the colours and styles it will be easy to do so as we have kept it neutral.

What is your colour schemes in your house?

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  1. I am the same i have a picture in my mind of how i want each room to look, fingers crossed slowly getting there!

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