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Creating Our Photo Wall

We’ve lived in our home 4 years now, and in those 4 years we have done so much to the house, decorating, rewiring, building work, and a new bathroom last year and more but one thing, and the most important to me is photos.  We hardly had any photos up around the house of us, our families or nieces/nephews.

A house to me is a not a home without memories in the way of photos, so I changed this immediately and decided on creating a photo wall in the lounge.

I wanted all the photos in one place for everyone to see when they visited our home, the first picture frame I ordered was the “Daddy” frame for Father’s Day here and we have built it from there.  I then brought the “Freddie” and “Mummy” frames a few months later to make the set complete, but yet to still fill them with photos.  We built the rest around them in no particular order, and still have Christmas photos from the last two years to frame and put up.

We did have loads of photos but none were printed out as we’ve never got round to it.  The large middle frame my husband gave me for my birthday it’s a professional photo shoot we had done a few months before.

I want to change the end one of the 3 of us at our pre wedding photo shoot as my husbands head is chopped off.  We have got new additions to add of Freddie’s first nursery photos.

We will then move and start with some memories up the stairs and in the bedrooms

Have you got a photo wall in your house? would love to see yours for inspiration.

Adding the finishing touches to our Bathroom Renovation

I love nothing more than adding the final finishing touches to a room that has been freshly decorated or renovated.  So once our bathroom had finally been completed this was exactly what I did.  Find below what I did.

New Flooring

It took us 2 months to finally decide on this flooring, we had been let down by two previous companies, and I walked into Solihull Carpets one Thursday after work to get samples, took them home, we decided that night that we found one.  Took the samples back to the shop on Friday, got it order and booked in for fitting the following week and all for just over £100.  Great service, highly recommend this company.


Firstly I knew I wanted brand new fresh fluffy towels for the bathroom, there is nothing wrong with our others one but don’t really go with the new colour scheme in the bathroom.  I brought 2 sets one from John Lewis and the other from Marks & Spencers.  They were both in the sale so managed to save a few quid too.


We were gifted the below items from croydex for inclusion in our bathroom refurbishment. 

Memory Foam Bath Mat – £20.00 

This is a memory foam mat and is so warm, soft and fluffy you won’t want to get off it.  Will be sure to buy another one of these.

Textile Bath Mat – £18.50 

This one is also very soft, they are easy to wash and with them being grey doesn’t show up dirty as easily as other colours might.

Squeegee– £15.37 

Now we just have a shower this is needed to wipe down the tiles and scream to prevent smears and water marks, I do it whilst still in the show but after I have turned it off, obviously.

Toilet roll holder

Unfortuantly the one we had chosen has since been discontinued so can’t link to it but it is square which matches the shower, luckily the fitters put it on the wall for us but you can screw it on or glue it on dependant on what you want to do.

Sainsburys Home Heart Tealight holder – £5

Then finally I saw this one day in sainsburys as I was having a wonder round and fell in love with it and thought it would make a great vase supposed to a candle holder.

What finishing touches do you like to add to your newly renovated room?

Leave me a comment below


Our Bathroom Renovation – The final result

A few months ago we decided to embark on a full bathroom renovation. It’s something we’ve wanted to do since we moved in three years ago but as the old bathroom was pretty functional it was always low on the list of priorities.  We got all the quotes and prices we needed and it worked out cheaper to buy the bathroom from one company and get it fitted by another, both who were friends of my dads, so we managed to save a few pounds.

Well finally after 8 long stressful weeks I can finally say it is all complete minus the new flooring as we are still yet to decide on a colour and brand we would like, and want it to be hard-wearing.

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the bathroom renovation 5 weeks on. It was great to see the progress made each day but I was so excited to see the finished result.  Now it’s complete I thought I would share our bathroom renovation with you. So here it is.

We swapped our ceiling light for spotlights to make it that little bit more modern not to mention they make the room so much brighter.

We chose to lose the bath and have a decent power shower with a large square head and a smaller flex hose head to bathe Freddie in the shower while sitting down.  We had real trouble with the shower as it was going where the original shower was, so the wall was studded out to hold the bespoke screen.

We even opted for a chrome towel rail supposed to a radiator, again something more modern than a radiator that will still give plenty of heat out, but doesn’t stick out.  I hated the old radiator always looked dirty with it been painted.

Adding a cabinet with light & mirror so my husband can do his hair in the bathroom instead of the bedroom now, and stop messing up my bedside cabinet with all his products.

The whole bathroom feels so much bigger now and we are both so pleased with it.

A massive thank you to all the guys especially Matt & Phil at P B Hughes.  Can’t recommend this company enough.

Just the flooring now to decide on then it is onto the next project that I want to start and it’s a big one…The Kitchen.

Watch this space…

Patio Door Renovation

When we first moved in to our house 3 & half years ago now there were just a couple of things I wanted to change and one of those was the horrendously heavy big sliding patio doors to the garden.  They used to make our kitchen very cold because all the seals had started to go around the glass so could feel the draft and were cold to the touch.

We’ve had to replace the runners before because the door came of them due to the sheer weight and it got to the point where we were having to use 2 hands and put our foot on the wall to attempt to even open it, that’s when we knew we had to do something soon.

The company doing our bathroom had a window contact so we asked them out for a quote. Within a matter of days we had our quote and it was competitive so we decided to go ahead and get it done with a company called Donmar Windows.  It would take a couple of weeks to get it made but we expected that due to the size of the doors.

The guys from Donmar windows arrived promptly at 8am to start work.  They removed the old doors, then came the task of taking the old frame out, as we didn’t know what the state of the walls would be like I was worried it may make a mess, but they did it slowly & gently, little bits at a time and it came out, with just a little bit of plaster.

When they put the new doors & panels in they had to pack it out because the old one was much wider, but you would never tell now, (unless you go outside).

It took them a good few hours to attach and drill it into position, join them together and make sure that the doors were level, then it was time to put the glass in, they did the little panes at the top first then the big ones.  Once they were all in they put all the seals in and made good of all the edges by putting a trim down each side and along the bottom and silicone all round.

Our thoughts of Donmar Windows & would we recommend them?

Excellent service, great guys, attention to detail and tidied up after themselves and took away all rubbish. Yes we would highly recommend this company.

Our Bathroom Renovation 5 Weeks On

On Sunday night me and Hubby cleared out the bathroom ready for an early start the next day.  The builders & fitter’s arrived at around 8am-8.30am on the 29th January.   we couldn’t wait to see our new bathroom in a matter of weeks.

Well, we are now well into week 5 of our bathroom renovation and what a stressful few weeks it has been.  It started off so well, it was stripped out, the floor was taken up to check the pipework to reroute it to make way for the new bathroom layout.  Unfortunately it wasn’t that straight forward when they got the floor up.

29th January 2018

The day started off great, we said goodbye to the old suite and they stripped it out and started removing the tiles off the walls.  The next plan was to get up the floor boards to chase the pipework and that’s where they discovered an issue.  Previous owners had taken massive chunks out of the joists that support the floor.  (Look carefully in picture 1) which then delayed the work as they had to pull up all the floorboards to support the joists.

30th January 2018

It was a hands on productive day as we had to get the floor joists reinforced to just put some pipe work under.  Then we opted for a new floor instead of floor boards to make it cheaper and easier in the long run not to mention flat for new flooring.  The new pipework to house the sink, toilet & shower had been repositioned.  Finally the shower area had been studded

1st February 2018

We had new spotlight put in, the electrics put in for the mirror light cabinet and for the new extractor fan.  Then a new hole was drilled for the repositoned waste pipe for toilet.

 12th February 2018

Not much work was completed as we still had to wait for the new bespoke shower screen to be delivered which was on a 2/3 weeks delivery.  The studding was taken down for the shower as we changed from a quad to a rectangle tray

We had a few weeks of no progress due to waiting for our bespoke shower screen to be made and delivered.

15th February 2018

We had the new bathroom window fitted, it’s amazing how different just having a new window makes a room look so much better.

Right well that’s the progress so far, so once it is finished I will publish another progress post for the finally finished renovated bathroom.


Our Current Bathroom

One room in our home that we’ve never fully updated is the bathroom. We gave it a coat of white paint and added a few accessories but apart from that it has never really changed at all.

The time has now come though to update the bathroom fully and so during the next few weeks we are having a complete bathroom renovation – something that neither my partner or I have ever lived through before not mentioning with a baby! We have planned it all, have found someone to put it all together for us and now we just can’t wait to get it finished.

As you can see it’s pretty grim no matter how much we clean it never looks nice so will be glad of a new one. The lighting is terrible in it aswell so it always looks so dark.  We also decided to have a new window fitted seeing as we are having the rest done.

Lastly, we’ll be having fully tiled walls and easy to clean flooring. I am hoping this will not only make the bathroom a bit more water tight but will also making cleaning easier and should just make for a better experience overall.

I’m aiming to do a post during the work if I can get good enough photos but if not I’ll update you when the work’s finished.

Wish us luck!

This Winter, Let there be light | Litecraft Review

With the nights drawing in and the weather going from one extreme to the other every day, I love nothing more than to stay inside my house curled up watching rubbish on tv under a blanket.

When Litecraft got in contact it couldn’t of been at a more perfect time as our current lamp in the lounge had started given up the go and stopped working.

This particular lamp RRP’s at £39 and can be found here with a large selection of others to suit all your home decor needs.

It is neutral yet classy and would fit perfectly into any space.  We never put the big lights on as it gives out a perfect amount of light without it been to bright.

If I was looking for lights/lamps for our house again, I would be sure to look here first as they are good value for money.

* I was sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review.  However all thoughts and opinions are my own.

5 Of The Best Home Improvement Ideas For 2018

A new year is an ideal time to pursue new challenges – and those can include revamping your home. In many ways, it can be a win-win situation – as, even if you sell your house soon after improving it, the enhancements could boost the home’s value and, thus, the money you get for it. 

However, particular improvements could be especially effective in enhancing what your residence offers – whether for you or someone who later takes the building off your hands. 

Install or restore period features 

Many people love to live in a building with period features. We don’t doubt that popular TV period dramas like Downton Abbey and Victoria have helped fuel this fascination – and you can take advantage of it by restoring period features that your home currently has.  

Mirror reports that buyers will shell out more for a residence with period features. Therefore, even if your home lacks them, shopping around for them could be worthwhile in the long run. 

Look after your garden 

If you don’t tend to prioritise keeping your garden in good condition, that outdoor space could have developed issues without you even realising. For instance, weeds could have emerged and the lawn and hedges could have overgrown.  

However, a garden that is well looked after can give the impression that this level of care extends to your overall home. No wonder a HomeSearch survey has revealed that your home’s value could grow by as much as 20% if the garden is well-maintained. 


Apply a fresh lick of paint 

There’s a possibility of thinking too hard about how to improve your home. Sometimes, all you need are paint, brushes, rollers and sandpaper. Yes, that’s right – a bit of painting! 

This can make your residence look not only newer, but also something of a blank canvas. This can appeal to potential buyers – who, when looking around the house, could more easily imagine how they might revamp the home’s appearance to suit their own preferences. 

black, color, paint

Banish any excess clutter 

Something else that can add to the “blank canvas” look of a home is getting rid of items that should really be neatly stored away, but instead have been left around the house in a more visibly haphazard fashion.  

Some of those items might need to be binned; others might more appropriately be placed in cupboards or drawers. Whatever you do with the clutter, don’t just leave it lying out in the open. 

Open up a space… perhaps with a folding door? 

Arranging for a home extension is a good example of a home improvement which, on reflection, you may realise would merely paper over the cracks. Perhaps the real issue is that you aren’t using your existing space efficiently enough.  

You could consider removing a wall to create a larger space. That wall could be replaced with a folding door that even opens out onto a garden, as Good Housekeeping highlights. At Bifold Shop, we can supply a bifold folding door that could be effectively used in this way. 

Tackling The Laundry With Persil Powergems | Review

I actually don’t mind washing, Is that wrong to say? Its’ the putting away and drying stage I hate the most and there never seems to be enough room in the house to get it dry.

Since becoming a first time mummy to Freddie, I thought I did alot of washing before when there was just me and my Husband but now my washing has literally exploded and more than doubled, not to mention the amount of clothes Freddie gets through in a day sometimes.  With a little help from Persil it makes the washing that little bit easier to cope.

I am not lying when I tell you I was genuinely excited to try out Persil’s all-new Powergems washing crystals.  As soon as you open the cap, you’re hit by the fresh scent of the green and white crystals. They smell so… clean and fresh.  We have never used persil before as my Hubby has sensitive skin, but will be sure to buy them again.

Persil Powergems are great and work wonders on Freddie’s and our tough to remove stains.  They leave the clothes smelling fresh with no visible stains in sight.  It also doesn’t leave any debris from the gems themselves on your clothes which I was a little worried about.

They are on the pricier side of what I would normally pay, starting at £5 for a 12-wash pack, £8 for a 19 wash pack and £11 for a 30 wash pack. We’ll be keeping an eye out to see if it’s ever on offer though.  I may only ever buy these when they are on offer.

  • I brought this product myself and loved it so much I wanted to share my experience with you.

Make Moving House A Breeze

A lot of people say moving house is one of the most stressful things you can go through. Everything from packing to waiting on a moving date can send people’s blood pressure soaring. And if anything goes wrong during the moving process, it can mean you have to start again from the beginning. However, there are some ways you can ease some of the stress. Therefore, here are some ways you can make moving house a breeze.

House, Keys, Key, The Door, Castle, The Background

Go with the right estate agent

Some of the blame for stressful moves lies with the estate agent. After all, they are meant to be keeping on top of the sale to ensure you can move as quickly as possible. So if they fall behind, you could end up waiting months before you move. Therefore, to ensure you don’t have a stressful move, you need to make sure you choose the right estate agent. Make sure you are happy with them at the start before you decide to let them sell your humble abode. Spend some time with them and ask them some questions. And you can also read up about what they are like as a seller online. After all, people tend to leave reviews, so you know what to expect. And if you feel like they are failing as an estate agent, do call them up and tell them your worries. If you can’t come to an agreement, you could leave that estate agent.

Find a good conveyancing lawyer

Another thing which can make moving house a stressful experience is the conveyancing lawyer. After all, they are the key to how long the whole moving process can take. For example, if they don’t send over paperwork quickly to the buyer, you will have to wait a long time before you get a moving date. The best thing you can do to ensure your moving home goes to plan is read up about conveyancing lawyers before you decide to move forward with them. A lot of the time estate agents will suggest some solicitors who they have worked with before. But you are welcome to go with your own choice if that one hasn’t got great reviews. And if you want your move to go as smoothly as possible, you need to keep in touch with the lawyer. Try and ring or email them at least a couple times a week to find out the latest progress!

Get organised with packing

Packing is one of the most stressful parts of moving house. After all, it’s so easy to lose items in the move. In fact, a lot of movers admit they never find items again after moving house. However, packing doesn’t have to be stressful if you are organised in the first place. You need to start packing boxes per room in your house. It will make it much easier when trying to find all your belongings if you mark every box with what room and what’s inside the box. And if you haven’t got time to pack, you could get a moving company to do it for you. They will pack your items and move them safely to your new home.

And remember to keep on top of your funds when you are moving house. After all, you will have a lot to pay for when the sale goes through.