How To Create A Nature-Inspired Home Interior

With many people spending more time indoors, figuring out how to bring nature inside of your home is likely something you have thought about to help create the most inviting and refreshing space. Nature can help your home to feel less sterile, and it can encourage you to feel inspired and revitalized too – what’s […]

If Your Home Is In Poor Condition, You’ve Got To Do Something About It

If your home is in poor condition, then you’ve got to do something about it. It’s important that you keep your home the best it can be, even when it’s hard. We know that there are going to be times where you’re not going to want to do this, but it’s important that you do […]

How To Make Your Home Feel Bigger & Better Than Ever

Everyone deserves to live in a healthy and happy home environment. However, only you can make this happen. While there are many ingredients to consider in the recipe for success, you must never overlook the fact that size matters. Or at least the perception of it does. You must try to take this into account […]

Our Experience Of Buying And Selling A House In A Pandemic Lockdown

I know a lot of people that are doing this, yes were one of them, we were planning to do it this year anyways but started the process early with the exemption of the stamp duty to save us a few thousand pounds. My husband is an assistant manager of an Estate Agents in Solihull, […]