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Review & Giveaway –

I have always loved taking photos, I’ve lost track of how many cameras I’ve got through in my life so far.  Now I’ve got a smart phone every opportunity I get I’m snapping at items while i’m out and about and visiting different places.

When I was given the opportunity to get a 20×16 canvas from Canvas Design with a photo of my choice I was thrilled, but then there was the big decision of what photo was I going to pick (there are hundreds) eventually after a week of looking and picking out pictures I quite liked and narrowing it down to just a couple, I finally agreed on this one with my fiance on holiday in Turkey last year.


The canvas came well packaged, wrapped in bubble wrap, and then corrugated paper to protect it further and finally sealed with “FRAGILE” tape.


It also came with the fixings and fittings which was a bonus.


I was sent a Portrait Canvas Classic which prices start from £8.99. Retailing at £24.99 for the canvas I was sent, I thought it was good value for money and the quality of the picture was excellent.  The delivery was really quick too and they do offer next day delivery if ordered before a certain time. (Check out their website for further information.

It now looks perfect in my lounge too.


I can now offer one of my readers the chance to win one £10 Voucher towards a canvas of their choice.  To enter, please complete the Rafflecopter widget below. All terms and conditions can be found at the bottom of the page.

To enter, complete the Rafflecopter widget below. All terms and conditions can be found at the bottom of the page.

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*I was provided with one of these Canvas’s for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Arguments, Broken Car and Work Clothes #Little Loves

Unfortuantly this week hasn’t been very exciting i’m afraid, it’s been the busiest week ever as it is the end of month billing for us so I have to make sure all the bills are raised, drafted and finalised before the end of the month so we hit targets.
Anyway enough already from me, onto this week’s Little Loves…


A few different blog posts when i’ve had 5 minutes spare and my Kindle on way to work on the train.


I’m not a TV person as I mentioned in previous post but have been watching a few films from netflixs and Friday night I watched Fast & Furious.


Same old clothes different day, because I work full time I wear casual/smart clothes to work like Trousers, skirts and tights or dresses and tights with a cardigan to finish it off.


Sadly this week I haven’t made anything but food for tea when I’ve got home from work, but I do quite enjoy cooking. Plenty of cups of tea at work to keep me going through the most busiest week ever.


My neighbour arguing next door, with his girlfriend A LOT…. We live in a semi-detached house and trust us to be put next to the crazy one.  Without fail every day you will hear him shouting at anything he can wether it be the TV, Girlfriends or just generally…He is crazy.

And Lastly….

Sadly my car has had to be towed away to the garage this week as it won’t start, it is an 8 year old Vauxhall Corsa and i’ve had it since it was pretty much brand new.  It has been a great little car but i just don’t know what is wrong with it.
How has your week been?

Paperwork, Benidorm and Handmade cards #LittleLoves

Well I’ve had a pretty manic week, I had a business trip to London for work for training and stayed overnight in a lovely 4* hotel, then trying to play catch up when I returned to work on all the emails. I can’t believe we are now nearly at the end of January. already where has this month gone.

This is the first time I am joining in with Little Loves on Coffee Work Sleep Repeat. The idea behind of this is to think about the little things that I have loved this week.


This week I have read my kindle everyday on the train to and from work and when I had to go on a business trip to London for 2 days. I have always loved reading and wouldn’t be without my kindle now it is so easy to just pick up and put in my handbag and transport from place to place. I have also read a lot of paperwork while on my business trip.


I haven’t watched much TV this week other than the new Benidorm series since it has come back on the TV absolutely love it, I’m not much of a TV person but I was excited when I heard this TV show was making an appearance back on the big screen as it is a comedy show.


Lots of work clothes, and plenty of warm ones at that since the weather has been really cold, snowy and icy. My ear muffs came out too.



I haven’t got any pictures but I make my own handmade cards and crafts and as I had a couple of birthdays I decided to made some birthday cards.You can see all the cards I have made here KimzKardz


I’ve heard music as I listen to Capital FM while working, and hearing about Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield turning up to This morning the day after ther night before still a little bit worse for ware from the National Television Awards.

And Lastly….

Unfortuantly I don’t have anything to write here this week as it has been a crazy week, so I am going to leave it there for now.

How was your week?


George Foreman Grill Review

From the same company as I got the Retro Kettle and coffee machine I was also given the opportunity to review a George Foreman Grill.


Since moving in my own house just over 12 months ago I want all the latest gadgets for the kitchen to make cooking etc. easier and quicker but also healthier as I don’t get in from work till 6.30pm.

I used it for the first time the other night when I cooked Hunters Chicken,(fresh chicken breast with bacon, BBQ sauce and cheese).  You can see the fat/juice running into the drip tray.


The dial on the top tells you the temperature it is cooking at. The chicken took approximately 20 mins to cook. I checked it was thoroughly cooked through to the middle and the juices were running clear and checked it was piping hot in the middle. You can cook lots of different meats and meals in the grill.

The George foreman grill is very easy to clean as well as it has removable plates, you just press the buttons on the side of each plate to release them.

I would give this product 10/10

I was sent this product free of charge all opinions and thoughts are my own.

Las Iguanas Restaurant Review – NEWLY OPENED

Me and my fiance both love most foods so when I was contacted to go and review a newly opened restaurant called Las Iguanas that had recently opened its doors at a new bar and restaurant mall in Birmingham  I jumped at the chance of saying yes.


We walked in and it was quite busy but we headed over to the counter and gave our name and the guy led us to a table . All the staff were very friendly and welcoming.

We ordered some drinks while checking out the menu which had a lot of variety to choose from. Food menu, Drinks Menu

I chose to try a cocktail and they were all on 241 offers aswell, I had the Iguanas Cosmo and Tom chose a beer called Estrella.

IMG_4999 IMG_4998

We choose to go for starters first, I chose Nachos and I wasn’t disappointed, I love nachos and they were the best I had by far.  Tom decided to try the Pato Taquito this was shredded duck in a soft tortilla wrap filled with caramilised onions served with a spicy cranberry salsa.  We both tried each others starters and enjoyed both.

Pato Taquito

Next came the mains and again we weren’t disappointed.  I chose the Picanha Steak and Tom chose the Enchilada.

IMG_5004 IMG_5003

My steak, I had this cooked medium/rare, it was juicy and cooked perfectly, sometimes steaks can be very chewy and difficult to get right but this was perfect, succulent and tender and very tasty indeed.  It came with Salad, Sweet potato fries and a seasoned butter.

The service was excellent considering how busy they were with being a Saturday night.  The staff were fantastic too, very friendly, making sure we were happy with everything.  We rate them 10/10 and would definitely recommend it to anyone that hasn’t been.

You can find Las Iguanus at Resort World Birmingham but you can also find them in another 46 different locations restaurant Locations then go to ‘Book/Menu’ in the top right corner to see full list.

*Disclosure – We were given £50 credit towards our meal, all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

Pets – Past & Present

Hands up if you love animals? ……… Me! Me! I do.  Anyone that knows me will tell you that too.

Pets have always been a massive part of my life ever since I was a little girl.  My mum and dad always had goldfish in the garden in a pond that was made out of an old bath that was embedded in stones with a wall built around it.  I used to love feeding them and watching them swimming around.

I have had all sorts of different pets while growing up, Goldfish, hamsters (Syrian & Russian), A Tortoise, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and a dog.  My first pet was a Syrian hamster called Frisky that mum and dad brought me for my birthday as a surprise, he was amazing, used to love running up the stairs and loved climbing up his cage, playing and eating.  He was white and tan in colour.  Unfortunately, hamsters only live till they are around 2 – 2 & half years old, but they are great pets to have and are very fun to watch.

Then one day I decided to go and buy a tortoise as I aways wanted one. I had Terri for around 3 and half years then sadly he went to sleep and never woke up again.  Used to love watching him walk around the room, eat and give him baths. 

This is Terri the Tortoise


My rabbits – Christmas, Smudge, Pumpkin and Autumn.  Christmas was a stray at just 3 weeks old that had been handed into my friend’s workplace and he had a poorly eye so I nursed him back to good health and gave him a loving home after as I couldn’t re home him as fell in love with him and his character.  Then came Smudge (a girlfriend for Christmas), I rehomed her from someone who couldn’t look after her anymore.  But sadly Smudge had to be put to sleep as she became poorly in October 2013 after just 4 months of me rehoming her.  I then adopted Pumpkin from Pets at home in October 2013 and then after just a week of having her she gave birth to little Autumn.  Pumpkin sadly passed away in April 2015 after struggling with weight loss and found out she had kidney failure.

This is Smudge


This is Speedy the Hamster
This is Speedy the Hamster


This is Pumpkin


This is Autumn (Daughter of Pumpkin)


This is Christmas


This is Trouble & Squeak
This is Trouble & Squeak


This is Treacle & Liquorice
This is Treacle & Liquorice


This is our Dog Called Carly, She is a Rottweiler and we rehomed her from a friend who was moving house and couldn’t take her with her.  She is 4 years old and great with other animals and kids.  She is a perfect dog in every way, she is fine when been left while we go to work and is a great guard dog but most of all is the most lovable and affectionate four-legged friend every.


Do you have any pets? Would love to hear and see pictures of yours.

Retro Kettle & Coffee Machine Review

Retro Kettle

Back in October I received an email from a guy at Spectrum Brands asking if I would be interested in trialling some of their products.  Of course I jumped at the chance as me and my partner moved into our first home just over 12 months ago.

I received the first package via courier in mid November, It didn’t come in any original package box but came with instructions and all packaged well to prevent damage.


Russell hobbs is a brand that is well known and they are fantastic.

It is easy to pour with the spout and a handle which is easy to grip too and won’t slip out your hand while you are pouring.  The dial on the front tells you what temperature the water is boiling at.


On the side of the kettle there is the measure for the amount of cups it can make.


This kettle boils reletively quickly and is fairly quiet as well.  It does get hot so be careful not to touch it when it has just boiled.

Retro Coffee Machine

A few weeks after I received the kettle I got sent the matching coffee machine as well to trial. This machine is a filter type coffee machine so you just need to put ground coffee in the top and the machine will do the rest.

IMG_4934 IMG_4936

It is very light weight and slim line so it doesn’t take up to much worktop space. It is great if you have a large number of people round as can make a big pot and it will stay warm for a while to save you making constant cups of coffee and re boiling the water.  It can make up to between 10-15 cups at one time depending on the size of the mug.IMG_4935

I was sent these products free of charge in return for an honest unbiased review.

Our visit to Winter Wonderland -Snowdome Tamworth

Sadly it is too late to go now this year but be sure to book in early for Christmas 2016.  A few weeks prior to Christmas I thought it would be nice to surprise my nephew who is 7 yrs old to a trip to the snowdome, to go and visit their annual Winter Wonderland that happens around Christmas time between 20th November and 31st December.

On Sunday 20th December me, my mum, my dad, my fiancé Tom and my nephew Jack headed over to the snowdome, We set off around 10am and all the way there my nephew was asking where are we going, are we nearly there yet, until we saw signs for the snowdome and winter Wonderland then he guessed where we were going, his face was a picture filled with excitement. When we finally pulled into the car park it was very busy, and drove round the car park several times before finding a space.

To make the process quicker for us because of how busy it can get we booked it all online a few weeks before we were due to go and so went straight through fast track to check in. We then waited in a room for our time slot where there was a little show for the kids with a snowman and music for the kids to dance around to, it was very busy.

Finally after what seemed like forever it was our turn to go in, we grabbed a sledge, and started wandering round, it was all beautifully lit up with fairy light and christmas trees but was very cold so we made sure we were all wrapped up warm and snug. You could hear all the kids screaming and shouting with how excited they were and plenty of laughter to. We had around 40 minutes in the snow, there was plenty to do. Jack decided to start a snow ball fight with us too. There was slopes to slide down in rings and sledges etc. We all had a go, we went whizzing down and bumped in to several others on the way down and heard lots of laughter’s as we went.




After our time slot they rang a bell and it was our turn to go and see Santa and the show. It was a really good show, it went on for about half hour/30minutes and you could hear the kids laughing throughout the show.


After the show we were escorted out and into the pet’s corner section where we saw lots of different animals there was reindeer, Pigs, Shetland Ponies, Donkeys, Goats and Rabbits.

IMG_4830 IMG_4834 IMG_4833 IMG_4820 IMG_4819

Here’s Jack my nephew in Santa’s Boots


Prices are reasonable aswell at £12.95 per person on Saver days and £16.95 per person on Standard days. (see timetable for furthur details on website).

It was a fantastic day and a very magical one as well for all the family.  It is suitable for all ages and even though I am nearly 30 years old I had a brilliant day and would defiantly recommend going to the snowdome at Christmas.