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Hill’s Science Plan Active Longevity Mature Dog Food with Chicken


We all want to make sure our pets are happy and healthy all of the time and make sure they are being fed the best diet possible. There are so many varieties of dog foods out there to choose from it makes it hard to decide, not to mention the prices of some brands. We have teamed up with Hill Science plan to try their Mature adult 7+ food with our dog, Carly.

As a previously trainee veterinary nurse, I have learned a fair amount of the dos and donts of pets diets and the extras you can feed them that are good for them. Not to mention maybe allergies that can be encountered along the way too. There is no right or wrong food to feed your dog.

When changing your dog’s food, it should be done over the course of a period such as a week by gradually adding the new product into their existing diet to prevent any upset stomach happening and to make sure there are no allergic reactions.

We have a seven-year old Rottweiler called Carly, who eats us out of house and home daily. She is very spoilt and along with her everyday dog food she has treats such as ham, chicken, and tuna and is also partial to a bit of fruit such as strawberries and blueberries.

Carly has two meals a day, breakfast about 7.30am and tea about 5.30pm, plus treats in the day when we are at home.

You can purchase Hills Science Plan dog food from this link here plus your local pet store.

  • We were sent a 3 kg bag of dog food to try out and have been paid for writing about our experienceThis has not influenced our opinion in any way .

How To Keep Your Dog Dog Happy and Healthy

We all want our pets to have a long and happy, healthy life, just like we want the best for our kids. If you want to protect their health and well being, you will sometimes need to step in and make decisions for them, instead of letting them choose what to do. Dogs are intelligent, but also impulsive, so as a responsible adult you will have to make sure they know the rules and obey them. Find  a few tips below.

Avoid Overfeeding

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One of the worst ways of spoiling a dog is overfeeding them. Dogs simply don’t know where to stop, and it is your responsibility to limit their food and choose the right nutrition for them. Just because they are a part of the family, they should not eat the same food as you, no matter how good they are at begging.

Give Them Space

It is crucial that you give your dog some space, especially if you have small kids. When dogs get older, they will require more rest and time alone, so ensure they have the space to relax and take themselves out of the group, whenever they feel like. Don’t automatically assume that there is something wrong if they curl up after a long walk on the beach; they will simply need to recharge their batteries.

Create a Routine

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As a pack leader, you will need to create set rules and routines, or your dog will be confused. No matter if you have a big or small breed, they will need a routine, and a set time to eat, rest, and have food. Feeding on demand will only result in diabetes and weight gain, and reduce the quality of their lives. You have to make the dog walking routine work around your family life and ensure that you are creating a new experience every time.

Give Them Appropriate Exercise

Dogs need exercise, as they are born to chase things and run around. If you want to make them like their walks and get the most out of them, you might want to get them the right toys and games set up whenever you spend some time together outside. You can find some great dog walking accessories on this website that will make every experience more enjoyable.

Include Them

No matter if you are going out for the day or planning a camping trip, you will need to make your dog feel like they are a part of the family and fun. Choose your location with their needs in mind, and when taking them on holiday in the car plan your stops so they can get some fresh air and exercise, release their energy, and avoid getting bored.

Being a dog owner comes with a lot of parental responsibilities. You will have to look after your pet’s health and well being and understand their preferences, needs, and habits, so they can be a part of the family life and stay healthy and happy for a long time to come.

Caring For a Dog With Cancer

Sometimes it can be hard to remember that we are, essentially, sharing our homes with wolves. Our dogs become such a part of our families, they in grain themselves so indelibly in our hearts that we come to see them as just like us… And in many respects, they are. Sure, they may be physiologically different to us in a huge number of ways. Sure, they may have evolved differently with different social structures and biological imperatives. In many ways, however, their needs and desires are not so very different to our own. Both human and canine alike need to be well fed, watered, sheltered and loved to stay happy and healthy.

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Thus, when a dog is diagnosed with cancer, your obligation to them is the same as it is to any other loved one in this situation… Give them all the love and care you can. As much as we may wish to bury our heads in the sand, the simple truth is that 50% of dogs over the age of 10 will develop cancer at some point. It’s up to us to know what to do to give them the care they need. Whether you’re caring for a beloved pet that has been diagnosed with cancer or you are providing palliative care for a rescue dog with cancer, here are some vital tips that can assure them a better quality of life while boosting their chances of recovery…

It’s all about diet

Whether you’re giving your dog delicious treats to keep them as happy and healthy as possible or using diet to boost their chances of recovery, it’s important to remember the words of Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine;

“Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food!”

If you’re looking after a dog with cancer, you’ll need to think hard about the foods you give them. The sad truth is that there are many tinned dog food brands that have been linked to cancer causing aflatoxins. On the other hand there are numerous diets that have been found to reduce cancer risk and even aid recovery. Some favor the ketogenic diet for dogs which is closer to the kinds of diets their ancestors would have enjoyed and is free of sugar which is essentially food for cancer cells.

If, on the other hand, you are a vegan dog lover and prefer to raise your dog on a plant-based diet, there’s good news. Vegan diets for dogs have also been found to have cancer inhibiting properties.

Get to know your dog’s pain for effective pain management

As unpleasant as it may be, you’re going to need to earn a PhD in pain to become effective in managing it. Observe behavioral changes, especially after surgery or treatment. Try to watch out for areas in which pain occurs and at what time of day.

This will help you to better manage their pain medication schedule.

Take steps to lessen their anxiety and sadness

This is going to be a difficult time for your pet as they pay visits with increasing frequency to your vet and canine oncologist. You can’t get around the need to go, but you can take steps to lessen their anxiety and sadness. As hard as it may be, you have to keep a brave face on around them. They are as adept at reading our behavior as they are at reading ours. Make an extra special effort to calm and soothe them in advance of a visit to the vets and avail yourself of calming sprays and balms which can help to keep them mellow.

With the right care and a whole lot of love you can keep your pet as happy and healthy as possible, even when they are facing something as awful as cancer!

The Crucial Dos & Don’ts Of Spoiling Your Dog

Being a dog mum is a real privilege, and of course, sometimes we want to lavish attention and treats on them! However, it’s essential to do this in the right way because if we don’t, it can affect both their health and behaviour. To that end, read more about the do and don’ts of spoiling you pupper below.

Spoiling your dog on their birthday can be done in a safe way.

Adult Tan and White French Bulldog

Do give them plenty of time and attention.

All dogs need time and attention to be happy, and that means spending extra time with your pup, going for long walks, or playing can be a fantastic method of sowing them how much you care.

In fact, as dogs are primarily pack-animals, they will appreciate nothing more than some attention, which makes it one of the most healthy methods of spoiling your canine friend.

Don’t ever feed them human food.

White and Black English Bulldog Stands in Front of Crackers on Bowl at Daytime

One of the most common ways that people spoil their dogs is to give them a little of what they are eating. Sadly, this can be incredibly dangerous for the dog especially if the foodstuffs are ones that are toxic to them such as coffee, chocolate, or cheese. In fact, such items can not only bring on problems with their stomach but has also been known to cause more severe difficulties as well.

Also, it’s crucial to remember that most dog foods are carefully developed to contain just the right amount of nutrients to be healthy for your pupper. Therefore if they are always getting extra calories, it can be very easy for them to get overweight. Something that can lead to mobility issues and other health problem such as diabetes.

That is why treating your pooch to scraps from the table, or your plate is a major don’ts when it comes to spoiling them.

Do show your love with appropriate doggy gifts.

Now you know that you can’t feed your puppy human food you may be wondering what to give them instead. Luckily, there are all sorts of wonderful treats and gifts you can spoil them with.

Firstly, invest in some treats made especially for dogs, you can even get ones that are good for their teeth and coat. Also, don’t forget that investing in high-quality accessories like these leather dog leads is a fantastic idea as well. After all, they won’t only last for a long time, but make sure your pooch looks super stylish as well!

Finally, don’t forget that treating them to some fun toys can be a great way of spoiling your pupper as well. Why not try a Kong brand item that they have to chew to get the treats from or a launcher for when you play fetch?

Don’t let them sleep on your bed.

I know that it is the most adorable thing to see your pooch curled up on the bed soundly sleeping, and it can be super tricky to stop them doing this, especially when they are whining!

However, it’s probably not the best choice for spoiling them in the long term. In fact, it can cause possessive or aggressive behaviour that is hard to stop, as well as prevent you from getting a decent night sleep. To that end investing in the comfiest bed, you can find is a much more suitable way of spoiling your dog.

A Healthier Choice for Pets from Scrumbles

Over the years it has really been drummed into us from TV adverts,  shows, doctors to have a healthier lifestyle, eat the right things, eat the right amount and make sure we get our five a day fruit and veg.

I have studied alot into animals care and nurtrients and there are so many different types of food for our pets it is hard to know which one to choose. Our dog Carly is currently fed on Earls from Aldi and she loves it, it contains meaty chunks and vegetables and provides her with all the energy and nutrients she needs.

Scrumbles recently got in touch to introduce us to their new range of ethical pet food and it got me thinking about what we feed Carly, the amount we feed her and whether she actually gets all the nutrients she needs.

Scrumbles is a completely natural pet food with no nasties in it – they contain all the essential amino acids and are packed with a blend of fresh and dried chicken but without added sugar or salt and they are lentil, pea and potato free too. All of the recipes contain good digestible grains, brown rice and oats which give a nutritious source of dietary fibre to maintain intestinal health and it means they are gluten free too. Plus, Scrumbles have a whole range of pet food for cats, kittens, puppies and dogs.

I would of took a picture of Carly enjoying it but she loves her food so much its gone within minutes.

A 2KG bag of dog food costs £11.49.  I would like to see this food in more flavours too.

Carly really likes her new food from Scrumbles and I’m sure she would agree if she could speak herself!  The empty bowl says it all really.

Take The Hassle Out of Dog Ownership!

Our dogs are some of the most important things in the world to us, and of course having them in our lives is never a hassle. However, there are some elements of their care that can be time consuming and others which can cause us stress when life gets in the way. Here’s how you can make things a little easier.

Automate feeding

There are lots of reasons why you might want to use a dry dog food dispenser. Perhaps you work at different times, but don’t want to mess up your dogs feeding schedule. Maybe your dog is on a special diet and can only eat a certain amount at certain times, or maybe it’s just for convenience. Instead of having to dig around in the cupboard and fill up your dog’s bowl every day out of a giant heavy bag, you can fill it up once a week and let the dispenser do the rest. It takes the hassle completely out of feeding as you know exactly how much food your dog is getting and when. It allows you to keep a good schedule, and prevents them eating too much at once if free feeding isn’t an option.

Find reliable kennels

One of the most stressful parts of dog ownership is finding someone to look after them when you’re away. This could be for an overnight hospital stay, a mini break, a full vacation or anything in between. One of the best things you can do to save yourself stress is to find reliable kennels. A good company that you trust and who you know will look after your dog in your absence. Go and take a tour with your dog and get them signed up, that way it’s easy to book them in when you need to go away. Be sure your dogs annual boosters are done and that you keep the vaccination proof card as this will need to be shown every time you stay.

Find a local dog walker

Taking your dog on walks is one of the best things about having one, all of the adventures you will go on together are so special. It keeps you both fit and is bonding time between you and your pooch. But if there are times when you’re stuck at work, can’t get home on time or are generally away from home without it being planned for then having a dog walker nearby can put your mind at ease. This could be a friend or family member or you could use a trusted dog walker from a company. Put your key in a safe place so they can let themselves in if needed and let your dog out, spend time with them or walk them so they’re ok until you get back.

Tastybone Dog Bone Review

If you haven’t read my previous post about the pets we share our home with, we have a Dog called Carly who is a Rottweiler, she is 5 years old female and is as soppy as they come.

Carly enjoys nothing more than playing with her toys, eating and sleeping. The one thing I can say is she doesn’t destroy any of her toys she loves playing with them and after she has had a good chew or thrown them around she will lick them as if she is saying sorry to them.

Keeping on top of pets hygiene is very important and a few months ago we were sent a couple of tasty bones for her to try out.  Carly took an instant liking too them and she happily lies around the house and spends ages gnawing on it.

We were sent the bacon flavour one

And also sent a Dental bone in cinnamon mint flavour

Image result for cinnamon mint dental bone

I have only given Carly one of the bones for now.

These bones are great because they are made from nylon they last for ages and keep them busy for hours at a time.

  • I was sent these product free of charge for the purpose of this review. However all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Read Up: Tips Before You Get A Pup

Making the life decision to get a puppy for your family home is one that’ll have a big effect with some huge pros and cons. Still, you’ll know that you’re ready for a dog if the benefits outweigh the costs by a clear mile. For most people, this is definitely the case; when you become a dog, you naturally become a dog lover. It’s a natural and completely uncontrollable event; the love you feel for your new addition to the family will be entirely unconditional. However, dogs aren’t for everyone; they do require time, affection, and money, much like any human you care about. Here are some tips to consider before you get a puppy.

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Your dog’s health is so important, and you need to be ready to invest time and potentially money into looking after your new little puppy if you get one. Vet visits, whether for a regular check-up or an emergency situation, are something with which you’ll have to be comfortable if you’re going to be a dog owner. Animals get sick or injured much as humans do. If you’ve no idea where to begin with dog vaccination then it’s important to do research on the subject because you don’t want your puppy to be at risk of nasty infections (that could be costly for you in every meaning of the word).


It’s so important that you train your dog from the moment you first introduce him or her to the house. Bad habits can develop and stick rather quickly if you fail to show your new puppy the ropes. You need to figure out how your dog’s mind works if you want to curb bad behavior, such as urinating on the carpet or chasing other dogs around the park. Excitability and confusion are usually the culprits because so much of the world is brand new and wonderful to a small puppy (much like a young child).

However, if you start to reinforce the moments at which your dog behaves (with a delicious snack, usually) then you’ll notice that your puppy grows up with the understanding that good behavior leads to rewards and bad behavior earns him or her nothing at all. You’ve got to be consistent with your method, of course. Don’t treat your dog differently from day to day when they’re behaving the same because they’ll start to get confused; remain consistent until the good behavior is learned. Even when that happens, be sure to reward your dog with treats when they behave well.

Black and Brown Short Haired Puppy in Cup

Happy home.

Is the family ready for a dog? And is the dog ready for your family home? Answering both of these questions is important to crossing the final barrier when deciding whether a puppy is right for you. Of course, above all else, making sure the puppy is happy in your home is the most crucial aspect of owning a pet, but it’s something that anybody can achieve with time and patience. You need only ensure that they understand the rules of your house, and when they see that you’re happy with your good behavior then they’ll be happy; dogs feed off a positive environment much like humans, so if you’re positive about their presence then they’ll be positive about living with you. It’s as simple as that.

Child-Friendly Dogs to Suit Your Family’s Needs

Dogs generally make a great addition to any home. They are faithful, loving companions that become part of the family! However, when choosing a dog, you need to be sensible and opt for a breed that will suit your family’s wants and needs. Certain breeds tend to have certain traits, so do your research and make sure that your pooch is particularly child-friendly if you have little ones in your home or visiting regularly. Remember, children should always be supervised around dogs. A dog cannot double as a babysitter and you should also teach little ones how to pet and handle a pooch properly. Here are a few family-friendly hounds that you might like to consider. If possible, remember to adopt rather than shop! There are plenty of friendly and loving pups out there waiting for a home.

Your Family’s Suitability

Before looking at which dog is suitable for your family, let’s first consider whether your family is suitable for a dog. Remember that a pooch is a life companion. You need to ensure that you can cater to their needs first. This is more than some food, water and a bed. There are endless other bits and bobs that you’ll have to invest in: harnesses, seat belts for the car, dog breath mints, treats and regular vets check-ups. Not to mention the time you need to invest. All dogs, whether dependent or independent need love, affection and a long walk every day. If this all sounds fine, then read on!

Bichon Frise

Top of the family-friendly breeds list is the beautiful Bichon Frise. Their fluffy little faces will bring joy to the lives of any child in contact with them. What child wouldn’t love one? They look like little clouds or white teddy bears. Forming part of the toy dog category, they are relatively small, but still relatively stocky and strong on their feet, so are less likely to be injured if a child plays a little too roughly with them. They have a loving and affectionate nature and are real lap dogs. They just want to play and be fussed! The bonus? They’re hypoallergenic and don’t shed any fur, so are suitable even for families with allergies.


The Labrador Retriever is a firm family favorite. It’s not surprising. They are one of the most versatile and adaptable breeds of dog and will suit almost any owner. They are easy going, intelligent and patient. This is essential when there are enthusiastic little ones around. However, they are by no means dull. They are comical, with distinct personalities and have a real sense of adventure about them.

Golden Retriever, Puppy, Canine, Cute, Pet, Fun, Animal

Golden Retriever

Many people often confuse the Labrador and Golden Retriever. While they are distinct breeds with differing personalities and mannerisms, they both make a perfect family pooch. The Golden Retriever is neither timid nor aggressive. This middle ground is perfect, as your children will not scare your dog and vice versa. They are generally extremely patient, understanding and affectionate.

Rough Collie

There are a few varieties of Collie, but let’s focus on the classic “Lassie” dog, the Border Collie. This breed is easily trained and highly intelligent, making them the perfect companion for little ones. They will truly become a kids’ best friend, just like in the movie! They rarely misbehave and make a particularly good pet for families who may not be all too familiar with dogs.