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Preparing For Baby: What Colour Should You Paint The Nursery?

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For something that should be so simple, it can be surprisingly tough figuring out how you’re going to paint your baby’s nursery.

To begin with, you have to make the decision of when you should paint. Do you paint late into the pregnancy, because to do so too soon would feel like you were tempting fate? Or do you go for it early on, because what if the baby comes early and you find yourself with only a half-decorated nursery to place them in? Bear in mind you’re making these decisions while pregnant, which at the best of times – thanks to the infamous baby brain – is not exactly simple!

When you manage to negotiate the “when should I decorate?” question, it should be smooth running from there… unfortunately, it’s anything but. You then have the problem of deciding which colour you’re going to ask your decorator to use. Talking of: let’s be realistic, you’re going to bring those such as Cameron Davidson – painters and decorators with professional experience – to do the work, because when pregnant there’s probably a thousand things you would rather do than wield a brush! While the pros can take that off your hands, the colour decision is still going to be down to you.

If you have chosen to learn the sex of your baby, does that mean you have your answer? Blue for a boy, pink for a girl? Or is that conforming to gender stereotypes, so you should go for a more neutral colour? Or should you just totally reverse it? Or do gender stereotypes even matter for a baby? Should you go for a gender neutral colour like yellow, just in case? Or does everyone go for yellow for that exact reason?

You go through some of the above if you’ve chosen not to learn the baby’s gender, too, only with a few more added. What if you pick a feminine colour and have a boy or vice versa? And on and on it goes…

So, steering clear of the cliche colours of pink, blue, and yellow, it’s still possible to have a gorgeous nursery that you and your baby will love. The below might be unconventional, but that’s an advantage if you don’t want to choose something that everyone else does. Stand out with colour choices that’ll still work for both genders, while still giving that wonderful “baby’s room” hue.

Dove Grey

Dove grey is a beautiful, soft colour that has the benefit of also being a blank canvas. You can accessorise in any colour you want, and it’s almost impossible to clash with such a neutral colour. It’s also becoming more popular, so you should be able to find something you love.

Mint Green

If you prefer the idea of something brighter, then mint green is the answer to your prayers. It’s fresh and relatively neutral and will help bounce light around the room. It’s also becoming easier to find, with many of the big name brands electing to include it in their ranges.

White + Feature Wall

The benefit of this decision is that if you change your mind about the feature wall colour, you only have to repaint one wall. The rest is a clean white – though it’s advisable to go for washable paint, bearing in mind this is going to be a baby’s room!

Wedding Registries -The Pros and Cons

Todays bride and grooms have discovered the power of the internet. Online registries are very popular.

While wedding registries are a wonderful way to gift and be gifted with the guarantee that your gift is perfect, all wedding registries are not created equally.

The platforms offered by crowdfunding are industry leaders. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of popular wedding registries.

Amazon has a versatile registry that allows you to choose items from anywhere in the world. It is a popular choice.


Huge selection

Able to read product reviews before choosing an item

Amazon return/refund policy


If a guest chooses an item on your list that is sold from a different vendor they are directed to the vendor’s site.  This means your information would have to be on the vendor’s site in order for you to receive it.  This can be time-consuming and a hassle for the gift giver.

Unless the gifter is a member of Amazon Prime, shipping fees are steep.


Honeyfund always ranks highly in the wedding registries arena. Honeyfund allows the couple to set up traditional registries as well as money donation.

Pros: Honeyfund is a free site. You can utilise all your registries in one location. Gifters can pay for an item or “chip in” on a purchase.  Very easy to use especially if your guests are from different cities or countries.

Certainly, the gift is wanted.

Cons: The site encourages the receiver to set their fund up through PayPal for fast access. PayPal charges a small transaction fee.


Plumfund is a zero fee crowdfunding platform which is hugely popular in various venues, including wedding registries. Many couples opt for a Plumfund account to use their gifts for fundraising for a loved one or their favourite charity.


No fees

Easy to use

Set up for gifts, or charity  


Some people feel it inappropriate to fundraise for their wedding.

Large platform can be overwhelming

Simple Registry

Simple registry is super easy to use and connects seamlessly with hundreds of vendors.


easy to use

massive choices


You do not actually get the gift the gifter is sending, but instead get the money to pay for the gift

There is 5% fee on the gift, reducing the amount of money you receive

Once you opt to take the money there is a 72 hour waiting period

My Registry

My registry is more like an online store registry. It is super easy to use.


Very easy to use

Can sync with traditional sites to make gifting easy


The site does not charge a fee, but they go through PayPal which does. Your gifts come from a third site so your information must be set up at all the locations you tie to your account.

Wedding registries are a great modern tool. They allow you to give a gift you know is wanted with a wide range to choose from – you could even contribute to your favourite couple’s awesome Hawaii honeymoon.

Whether collecting for charity or a destination wedding, wedding registries are the way to go. Honeyfund and Plumfund are our top picks for ease of use, money saving, and reliability.

Smoothing Out Your Home Working & Tech Experience With These Applications


Many people work from home in the modern age. The utilitarian accessibility of the internet allows many people to call their office their home. Whether you’re a writer, a programmer, or an artist, having the correct home setup is one of the more comfortable and personable ways to earn your living.

This also helps tremendously if you have kids, and need to divvy up your time spent with them alongside time spent at your workstation. However, you’ll need to take a little bit of time assessing your home setup and make sure that it’s contributing to a healthy working lifestyle, as opposed to taking away from it.

Here are a few applications or services to utilize from your home system to help you do just that. These will either improve your health, streamline your workday or simply help you have a better work/life balance.


Flux is a fantastic program for those who work late into the night. Hey, if you’re working from home, you might as well make use of the benefits of doing so right? Working late into the evening can both spur creativity as well as give you a clearer mental picture of what you need to do, something that can be difficult to identify in the middle of the day.

Flux is a program that identifies your coordinates in a general sense and then applies an amber filter to your screen. This lessens the harshness of the bright blue monitor. Not only does it help your eyes see the screen with less irritation, but it reduces the blue-light factor that contributes to tricking your brain into thinking the sun is still up. This can wreak havoc on your circadian rhythm and is actually more frustrating to your sleep pattern than a before-bed espresso coffee would be.


Evernote is a useful note-taking application that allows you to organize your thoughts in categorizable formats. You can keep your notes tagged and synced between devices, which really helps if your home broadband is temporarily down. You can also clip website content such as articles or images for future use. This is especially useful if you’re an artist and need to create online collages or mood boards for inspiration.


Ccleaner is a brilliant program that removes all the unnecessary temporary files off of your system and allows your computer more memory to utilize towards the programs you actually intend to use. It can delete extensive recorded search history that’s clogging your machine up too. Just think of this is a quick internal polishing program for your hard drive.

Java Garbage

If you’re a programmer, it’s likely that you use Java to code with. It’s the most popular programming language, due to its universally applicable functions, and it’s simple-to-use logical formatting. However, after a while, some of the code you’ve written might be rendered useless by superior code you’ve entered. If this is the case, you’ll need a program or service that assesses this. You can learn more about this process at You can trust that if you’re a home programmer, this will be an absolute godsend, and help you deliver on your client briefs in a much more timely and effective manner.

Use these programs and you can be sure to revolutionize the way you work from home.

Take A Little Light Control Over Your Home

Controlling the light that comes into your home can help to make it a more comfortable place to be. When it’s sunny, you might want to stop too much sunshine from heating up your home and causing glare. Or you might want to try to maximise the light so that you can enjoy it while you can. In addition to having control over the sunshine that comes into your home, you also want to have full control over the artificial lighting you use too. If you want more control over how light or dark your home is, try some of these methods.

Controlling Light with Blinds

Blinds can be an excellent option if you want to control how much sunlight you let into your home. They can also help to block out artificial lighting, like street lamps, and offer you more privacy in your home. There are lots of different types of blinds you can consider, some of which offer you more control than others. A roller blind gives you two simple options of being up or down. However, depending on the material and the colour, they could still allow you to let some light in even when they’re rolled down. Venetian blinds give you more control, allowing you to move the slats so that you can let in as much light as you like.


Using Different Curtains

If you don’t like blinds, curtains give you another option. Some people might feel that blinds are too modern or just don’t look as good. A beautiful set of curtains can really add something to a room, and they can help with controlling light too. If you order made to measure curtains, you can get them the exact size, and in the exact material, you want. A thick pair of curtains is ideal for shutting out light completely. But if you want to have a little more control, you might want to go with a lighter material. Net and sheer curtains can help with privacy without blocking out too much sunlight.

Maximising Natural Light

Sometimes, your goal is to maximise the natural light you have coming into your home. A lot of homes can suffer from a lack of light, and it makes them seem a little dreary. There are lots of things you can do to maximise the light, from using neutral colours to decorate to placing mirrors in strategic places. If you’re trying to get as much sunlight as possible into your home, try to keep windows clear and only use sheer and semi-opaque materials for window dressings.

Controlling Your Artificial Lighting

Don’t forget about having complete control over your artificial lighting too. Many homes are becoming more modern so that lights can all be controlled from an app or single control panel. If you want lots of control over lighting in your home, try having a range of different lights at different levels.

Having control over the light in your home can help you to love it more. You can brighten up a dark room or prevent a bright one from getting too warm.

Think About The Finishing Touches

Your home is a place that you should love to spend time in. You should always be happy to be within your home. And, you should enjoy the way it looks. Unfortunately, though, this isn’t the case for a lot of people. When it comes to interior design, even the small details are incredibly important. And, a lot of people neglect this. Once you’ve gotten used to the room, it can be hard to see where you’ve gone wrong. To help you out, this post will be going through some of the little areas that a lot of people struggle to consider for their home. So, now, you just have to get out and start making improvements.

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Your home is no doubt littered with small ornamental pieces which you barely ever consider. For example, most rooms will have some sort of lampshade. But, a lot of people opt for the cheapest or easiest options. Instead, you need to spend a long time on these parts of your home. The little details like this will tie together the design you have for the rest of the space. Finding items to fill your space can be hard, though. So, you need some places to get inspiration. Instagram is the best social media platform for finding new design ideas. It allows you to search for things by tag; making it easier for you to find exactly what you like. Of course, ultimately, you will make the final choices. Just make sure they go well with the rest of the space.

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Next, it’s time to look a little deeper. Everyone knows how important colour can be to design. But, people seldom consider the important texture has. Texture will often define how an object looks and feels much more than it’s colour. So, it’s important to consider this with your items. There are a wide variety of options for kitchen tap finishes and other metals you’d find in your home. And, materials like wood provide loads of scope for great finishes. You may have to do some research to find exactly what you like. But, this area is very important to consider. If you don’t think about it; you could find that your rooms look a little cheap or gloomy.

Brown and Black Drop Light Inside Building at Daytime

The final area this post will look at isn’t quite as a small or detailed as the others. But, lighting is still critical to a home. Unfortunately, a lot of people opt for a simple light in the middle of the ceiling. But, this looks boring and won’t do much for the rooms looks. Instead, it’s best to rely on a mix of lamps and ceiling lights throughout your home. Having different light sources throughout your home will give it a warm and rustic feel. There are loads of different places that selling lighting products. And, smart lights are becoming all the rage. These sorts of lights allow you to control the colour and intensity of a light; while not even at home.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to start working much harder on the rooms that you decorate. A lot of people ignore these areas. And, this will only result in feeling bad about the room in question.

3 Considerations For Holidays When Pregnant

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Pregnancy lasts for a long time – and it feels like even longer, as you anxiously await for your new baby to make an appearance. Given how dominant pregnancy can be, it’s easy to think that it might be the focal point of your life for those nine (nearly ten) months.

However, life itself is still going to happen. Events will occur, changes will come forth, and – in most cases – you will find yourself in a period of the year when you would usually be heading off on holiday.

Some women elect not to go on holiday while pregnant, especially if the pregnancy is complicated. Others do exactly as they would have done if they weren’t pregnant. There’s no right or wrong way of handling the situation; it’s up to what feels right for you and your family.

If you decide that you do want to get away for awhile – potentially as your last holiday as a couple for 18 years! – then there are a few changes you might want to make to your usual plans. Nothing drastic – pregnancy is not an illness, after all – but just a few things to make sure you and your bump have the best time imaginable.

#1 – Stay Close To Home

In the early stages of pregnancy this is less necessary, but do bear in mind that in the unlikely event something goes wrong, you might find yourself yearning for medical care at home. It makes sense to stay within a few hours of your home, so you can get back in a hurry if you need to.

The idea of a holiday within the British Isles might not sound too exciting initially, especially if you are used to going to exotic countries. Nevertheless, there’s plenty you can do. To make things feel a little more unique, why not visit a different country – albeit a different country in the same union? If you’re based in Scotland, go to Wales to experience the landscapes of Snowdonia, the plethora of things to do in Swansea, the majestic seasides of Conwy Bay? Or if you’re based in England, go to Scotland to travel the Cairngorms, swing by Loch Ness, or visit the famous Kelpie statues? And so on and so forth – sometimes the mere change of country is enough to convince you it’s a ‘real’ holiday!

#2 – Research Your Destination

If you do find yourself needing to see a doctor, then you’re going to want to have an idea of where to go. Program into your phone a few details of local clinics and hospitals.

Furthermore, you want to ensure that your destination and any intended activities are safe for a woman during pregnancy. Most hotels will be willing to ensure you’re accommodated with changes such as rooms on the ground floor, for example.

#3 – Take It Easy!

There may be exciting holidays full of skydiving and swimming with dolphins in your future, but the time away you take during pregnancy probably isn’t the time for it! Instead, focus on spa breaks or gentle walking holidays – nothing too strenuous, but relaxing enough to still make you feel you’ve had beneficial time away from home. Happy travelling!

Beach Huts #MySundayPhoto

Last weekend we made a trip down to Suffolk, the last time we had been there was over 4 years ago where my OH took me for a weekend and proposed to me on the beach.

We took a trip to Felixstowe for an afternoon of arcades and walking on beaches.  On the beach front were some colourful beach huts.  Perfect photo for #MySundayPhoto.

Just how gorgeous are they!

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5 Things That Will Make Your Wedding One to Remember

Everyone wants their wedding day to be the best and most memorable day in their lives. So, how are you going to make sure that your day is one to remember? You want to make sure that it sticks out in your memory for many years to come. But you also want to make sure that the people who attend your wedding are going to remember it as well. Here are 5 things you can do to make that happen.

  1. A Great Guest Book

Having a guest book that people can write in and contribute to is one really nice way of making sure that your wedding day will be one to remember. You will be able to look back at the book in the future and read all the nice messages that people left for you. It’s a fantastic keepsake that will be precious to you and your partner for the rest of your lives, and that has to be a good thing for you both. So, definitely buy one of these for your wedding.

  1. A Strong Theme

Next, you should think about creating a theme for your wedding. Now, don’t rule this idea out until you’ve given it some thought. Themes come in all shapes and sizes, and you don’t have to demand that everyone comes dressed as a pirate to have a wedding theme. For example, you could just have a strong but subtle theme that runs through all of the design choices you make for the day. It helps to unify everything and bring it together nicely.

  1. Handwritten and Handmade Details

It’s often the small details that matter most of all when you’re organising a wedding. By doing things by hand, you can get rid of any mass-produced and cheap vibe. When something has been crafted and put together with love by a real person with their own hands, it really does make a difference. People can recognise that kind of attention to detail, and you should make the most of it if you can.

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  1. A Unique Event Setting

Having the right setting in place can be a big deal for your wedding. When the setting is wrong, it tends to be the case that everything else is wrong too. So, be unique and choose a venue that is a little out of the ordinary if you want your wedding to stand out and truly be remembered. For example, you could make the most of event tipis. They look great, and they offer a venue setting that people don’t necessarily expect.

  1. Fun and Games That Aren’t Boring

The fun and games that go on at the wedding reception after the ceremony are really important. People remember having fun with friends and family more than they remember the marriage vows. That’s just the way it is. So, you should come up with some fun and games that are going to keep everyone captivated and interested in what’s going on. That’s essential if you want to create a wedding to remember.

Doctor’s Don’t Judge, So Give Yourself A Nudge

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A lot of people hate going to see the doctor. Having someone poke and prod at your body is hardly the nicest thing. But, of course, when something goes wrong; you don’t have much choice. You have to go and see a professional. For some people, this is almost impossible. Going to see the doctor will be a nightmare. And, it’s one that is easy to keep putting off. It’s not worth it, though. Eventually, you will have to see them. The longer you leave something like this; the more invasive the treatment is likely to be. So, to help you out, this post will be building your confidence about seeing the doctor. Now, you just have to make the appointment.

It helps to feel less embarrassed about a doctor when you think about what they are for. A doctor has spent many years of their life training to get into their role. Along with this, they will have had to log hundreds or thousands of hours of experience before they can start working properly. All of this time and effort isn’t spent just to get a good job. These professionals care about people. Generally, the will get into their role based on empathy and the need to make a difference. In most cases, the last thing they have time for is judging your body; they don’t care. In fact, most modern medical procedures are designed to be as unintrusive as possible.

For some, this still won’t be enough. There’s still more to think about, though. Most conditions simply need to be diagnosed. There will be treatments available which can be self-regulated and won’t require any assistance. It’s very like that in this sort of circumstance you will only have to visit the doctor once. And, then, you can source your medication and administer it yourself. A great example of this is irritable bowel syndrome. This condition can be hard to live with. But, IBS symptoms and treatment are easy to spot and administer. A lot of people suffer from this ailment. And, it can often be embarrassing. So, it’s good to know that it can be controlled by yourself.

Ultimately, a doctor will see hundreds of patients each month. They will see every kind of body. And, they will see loads of horrible conditions. This makes them very used to seeing things like this; making it much easier for them to ignore it. In reality, most doctors will look at your body like you look at a problem in your work. For example, your body to a doctor is like a car is to a mechanic; something that needs to be fixed. Like a mechanic won’t care about dents in the car he’s working on; a doctor won’t care about your body.

Hopefully, this will give you the confidence you need to start seeing a doctor whenever you have an issue with your body. A lot of people ignore this sort of advice and go about their life in discomfort. It’s not worth it, though; especially when the fix is right there.

What Do Your Windows Say About You?

They say that the eyes are windows to the soul. When we’re talking about our houses, the windows are, quite literally, the windows to the soul. Your windows say more about you than you might think. They are the first thing people see. And, they reveal what waits within. Few of us take the time to consider what the perfect windows for our home would be. But, it’s well worth a little thought. At the end of the day, having windows that don’t suit will make it hard to feel comfortable. That’s why we’re going to look at a few different personality types, and which windows would suit each.


Let’s start with introverts, shall we? These are people who want a quiet life. They hide away from socialization and extreme displays of any kind. These are the types of people who would prefer to hide away than be the center of attention in any situation. Even those of us who are loud and proud in many aspects of our lives look for a little introversion in the home. In many ways, a private space is a safe one. There’s no denying that windows in their very nature go against introversion. Whether you like it or not, your windows show the outside world what goes on. But, there are ways to make your windows suit your quiet personality. It may be that you opt for glass replacement on the front windows of your house. That way, you could get clouded glass that won’t allow the world to see in. Or, you could get thick curtains to hide behind. You’ll be able to close them the moment you get home and rest safe in the knowledge that no one can see what you’re doing. 



On the other hand, we have extroverts. These are people who flourish in social situations and aren’t afraid to shout loud about what they like. While we mentioned above that some extroverts like an introverted home, it isn’t always the case. The good news is, there’s plenty you can do to inject your outgoing personality onto your windows. Flower boxes are a fantastic way of jazzing things up and drawing the eye, as are bright window panes. You could also opt for some bright and crazy curtains which are sure to cause a stir!


Where a minimalist is concerned, less is more. This is the ultimate in sophisticated home design. Everything is sparse, windows included. To fit with your style, you’ll want to keep your window panes as neutral as possible. White is your best bet and the most widely used minimalist color. You may not want any curtains at all. The bare window look is sure to suit the rest of your decor. But, bear in mind that naked windows in a minimalist home can feel particularly revealing. Getting blinds installed instead could be a happy medium. These are a no frills way to hold on to some degree of comfort