What You Should Know If You’ve Been Injured At Work

You deserve to be safe while earning a living, but sometimes workplace accidents do happen, and they’re not always minor. Whether the accident was due to a personal mistake, or a health and safety hazard, you should know what to do afterwards – for the sake of your health, and your colleagues. Always put health […]

Leveraging Professional Advice During Your Home Renovation Project

When it comes to home renovations, there can be a lot of moving parts. From budgeting, to design and execution, many people find the process daunting and overwhelming. Although DIY projects can be rewarding for some tasks, having professional advice is essential to ensure that your renovation project goes smoothly and is completed correctly. Budgeting: […]

Are You Doing Too Much Exercise?

Getting a healthy balance of exercise and rest is important. Most people don’t exercise enough, but there are others who exercise too much. Excessive physical activity can be just as harmful as not getting enough exercise. It’s important to realise when exercise has become an addiction, or indeed if your lifestyle has become too physically […]

Vaping vs Smoking: Is Vaping Really Healthier?

Vaping is often viewed as a healthier alternative to smoking. But a growing number of studies have identified health risks with vaping. Could vaping be just as bad as smoking? This post briefly explores the health effects of both vaping and smoking to determine whether you’re really better off trading smoking for vaping.  What does […]