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Duty Of Care: When Should The Pros Step In?

In the modern world, it’s very common for people to care for their loved ones once they reach old age or need help due to other circumstances. Of course, this makes sense, you as love your family, and want to make sure that they have a good life. This sort of work can be hard, though. Medical care is usually performed by professionals, and this is because it’s not easy. Knowing when to pass to responsibility for your loved one’s care can be hard, but this post is here to help you out. It will be going through the different kinds of help you can get in this area, along with some of the negatives of handling it yourself.

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  • Types of Care

When suffering from minor mobility issues or memory problems, a lot of patients can be cared for from the comfort of their home. There are loads of companies out there which have the ability to perform home-visits to their service users. This will make your loved one feel a lot more at home, along with giving them a good deal of freedom. Of course, though, you will have to assess them before you choose to go down this route. This sort of care is very sought after, so the companies providing it will only give it to those in true need.

Some people will have care requirements which can’t be performed from their home. In this sort of situation, the best place for them could be in a special care facility. A lot of these places, like the offerings from Porthaven, enable their patients to live in a very normal environment. Instead of tending to their every need, these companies aim to give as much independence to their residents as possible. This sort of approach often makes people much happier and will help your family member retain as much of their freedom as they can.

Finally, in some cases, the best sort of care will be given by a hospital. With serious conditions, it can be impossible to provide proper care without the facilities a hospital has access to. Along with this, the expert support from doctors and nurses will be a great benefit, ensuring that the care is top-notch. The doctor will usually recommend this sort of step when they think it is appropriate. But, you should also be aware of some of the things to look out for.

  • Negatives of Performing It Yourself

Performing this sort of care on your loved one can be very hard. A lot of people make the mistake of trying to take on too much of this work. But, this will rarely work out. Below, you can find some of the negatives this sort of approach can bring.

  • Most people will feel embarrassed about being cared for by their child. This often makes care-receivers feel like a burden and can make people feel very unhappy.
  • This sort of care could take up a huge amount of time, filling your mind with memories of someone who needed care and support.
  • Being close to someone you’re giving care to can often result in bad decision making. You will always have an emotional bias which doctors will lack.

Hopefully, this post will give you a good idea of the work which can be done when you’re figuring out care for your loved ones in their later years. A lot of people struggle to give care to the people they love. So, instead, it could be worth looking to professionals for help.

Education Quizzes Review

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We all want our kids to do well in School, Right? There is a lot of pressure on kids to do well and get good grades by both parents and teachers.  This blog post will give you that extra support and helpful links.

I was recently invited to take a look at Education Quizzes’ huge range of revision quizzes which span all age ranges and subjects.  Education Quizzes primary objective is to help children to be successful at school. Study of the school curriculums is made easy and enjoyable with our suites of KS1, KS2, 11- Plus, KS3 and GCSE quizzes and all the quizzes are all written purely by teachers.

My mum was a teacher for geography and my dad was always great at maths so used to always help me with those subjects.  I never understood maths when I was in school and really struggled but now I work in an accounts payable team dealing with numbers and figures every day.  Who would of thought it?

I had a go at some of the GCSE maths questions, starting off with sequences and I remember struggling with these when I was younger and I have discovered I’m stil not great but did get 9 out of 10, so not too bad considering the amount of years that have passed me. Then I had a go at geography with the farms and farming quiz, didn’t do great with that one.  Think i’ll be practicing these myself.

One of the great things I found about Education Quizzes was how diverse their material is; if you have several children of all different age ranges, studying many different subjects, a subscription to Education Quizzes could be a real invaluable experience.

Education Quizzes have also recently released a Schools’ Subscription package. With this package, parents and teachers can all work together, and students can access the quizzes – both for use in lesson time and from home with their parents. The more students a school signs up with, the cheaper the subscription becomes – meaning parents and teachers alike could benefit from this resource from as little as £2 a month per child..

For anyone who is interested in nature there are links to daily blogs/articles at nature matters

Overall Education Quizzes could be a really useful resource for parents and teachers alike. You can sign up and subscribe as an individual for Education Quizzes here. I can definitely see how Education Quizzes could benefit a teacher in the classroom. It would be particularly useful for setting homework that is automatically marked (a great time-saver if used in moderation!) and for easy and consistent cover lessons.

The Subscription is a monthly fee of £9.95 and can be cancelled at any time.

Alternatively, if you are an educational establishment or you would like to share this info with your child’s school, information on Education Quizzes Schools’ all Packages can be found here.

  • This was a collaborative post with Education Quizzes. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Go Green At Home And Save!

The cost of living is rising and becoming more and more for everyday things. But unfortunately, wages aren’t always going up accordingly. Which is why money saving websites are more popular than ever. But one of the things that we can’t get away without is things to do with our home. We all need somewhere to live and need to heat the place, as well as use fuel for cooking or water for cleaning. So those expenses are always going to be there. However, there are things that we can do to cut down on the costs of running a home. The great thing is, they are good for us, and for the environment. Here are some tips that you could try, to save yourself some money, as well as improve the state of the environment.

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Saving Energy Will Save You Money

  • When it comes to the colder weather, there are things you can do to help cut your heating bill. One of those things is by lowering your thermostat by a couple of degrees. It will save on heating costs.
  • Swapping the light bulbs in your home is a good way to save too. Look at using energy saving light bulbs where you can, such as LED bulbs. They last longer too.
  • A quick fix is to unplug equipment when you’re not using it. Don’t leave things like your TV on standby, as it still needs electricity flowing to have that red light on it!
  • Do your laundry on cold where you can. If you have to heat the whole tank of water to nearly boiling point for a hot wash, it uses up so much energy. You can still get clean clothes on a cold temperature wash.
  • Don’t use a tumble dryer if you can avoid it. They guzzle up energy, and in turn, guzzle up money. Use a clothes line outside if you can, or air dry clothes at home in a well-ventilated room.

Make Some Swaps To Save Money

Swapping a few things out at home is a great way to save money. Take what your home is made of for starters. If you’re looking to build a new home, then how about looking at a prefab steel building instead? It can be cheaper, quicker, and much better for the environment, as it can be recycled if you decide to move on. Other swaps to help you to save money are things like cleaning products around the home. Look for natural alternatives where you can, like white vinegar and essential oils. They are still very capable of getting rid of bacteria, but they don’t come with any of those health warnings on the bottle, meaning it is bad for us and bad for the environment.

Save Water To Save Money

  • Avoid having baths and just choose to have quick showers instead. It can save a lot of money this way.
  • Change your showerhead in order to save money too. A low-flow showerhead will work just as well, but use less water, saving you money.
  • Fix any leaking pipes or taps as soon as you notice them. Even small drips can lead to a lot of wasted water and money.

Lily O’Brien’s Chocolate Desserts Collection Review

I love chocolate and it is my weak spot, so when Lily O’Brien’s sent us their Chocolate Dessert Collection to review, I couldn’t wait to receive them and also considered whether I should hide them from the fiance and keep them all for myself.

The collection has 18 chocolates in the different flavours of Passion Fruit Posset, Creme Brulee, Hazelnut Torte, Banoffee Pie, Raspberry Infusion and Key Limey Pie. In each box you get 3 of each flavours and then we have to argue who gets the last one.

Lily O’Brien’s offer a great range of other chocolates and for all different occasions including personalising your own with photos . The Chocolate Dessert Collection has some of the world’s most favourite desserts captured in each individual chocolate.

I would be sure to buy these for presents and you get FREE UK delivery on orders over £30.00.

My favourite chocolates were the Raspberry Infusion & Passonfruit Posset ones.  They are priced at £7.00 per box which I think is very reasonable.

You can follow them also over on Twitter at @lilyobriens

  • I was sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review.  However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Meal Planning Monday 21/08/2017

Last week was a hit and we managed to keep pretty much on track with all the meals apart from one day when my friend called in and didn’t go till late. Before I was planning the meals I was buying so much freezer food and spending a fortune at the supermarket which was just a waste.

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I have started to enjoy cooking alot more since been on maternity leave, which is helping.

This week’s meal plan includes:

Chicken Stir fry with Egg noodles

Shepards Pie

Paprika Chicken with beef rice & salad

Omelette & salad

Sausage casserole & creamy mash

Oven baked garlic salmon with Sweet potato wedges

Cheese & bacon puffs with chips & beans

What is on your meal plan this week?

My Hummy Snoozy Toy Review

Over 6 weeks ago I finally gave birth to our first child, A Boy, we named him Freddie.  I can’t believe where the time has gone.

So far he has been sleeping relevantly well and on occasions (5 so far) he has slept through from 11pm – 6pm or 12pm – 7am – Good going little man.  Unfortunately, the last week or so at night he hasn’t been as settled and we think he has had a mild case of colic – common in babies from about 1 month.

Back in May I was offered the opportunity to review one of my hummy sleeping aids for babies and it couldn’t of arrived at a more convenient time.


I choose the Slate grey “Snoozy” bear as we didn’t know the gender of our baby at the time so we needed something that was semi neutral and would be suitable for either.

I think the selling point for me, is that it worked for us and our baby Boy Freddie.  I put it on every night (when I remembered) for when he goes to sleep in his moses basket.  It is still early days as he is only 6 weeks old but so far we can’t get enough of it.

The snoozy bear not only does the job, but it looks super cute and is soft to touch.  It comes in 3 toy designs to choose from, the teddy bears, the snoozy and the sleepy head. You can pick your favourite from 4 teddy bears, 5 different snoozy’s in pastel colours or 3 different Sleepyhead colours – something for everyone.

The snoozy I choose retails at £49.00, I wouldn’t personally spend this much but it is worth every penny so far.

Here are some of the brilliant selling points for us:

Sizing – It is the perfect size to either hang or pop in the moses basket with them, big enough to be a toy, yet doesn’t take up half the room in the moses basket It’s super soft and can be transfered with them to the cot/bed.

Noise Variety –  My Hummy emits 5 types of white noise resembling: a hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, rainfall, ocean waves and amniotic fluid with heartbeat.  This is because these are some of the most common noises they would hear while in the womb normally.  I can just about work out what noise is what I think.

Sensor – Every myHummy features a Sleep Sensor which knows when the baby is about to wake up. You can also use them in non-stop mode for 12 hours of uninterrupted humming.  Perfect.

Fade out – One of the other functions I like about the Snoozy is the sound fades out after 60 minutes and Non-stop mode for up to 12 hours of uninterrupted white noise to help your little one sleep.

And Lastly…

Machine Washable – 2 of my favourite words. No trips to dry cleaners! Just throw it in the washing machine with peace at mind that your not going to damage it. Remember to remove the sound sensor first, but should it get grubby you know it’s a washing machine job.

Even More Qualities!

  • Suitable from birth and tested for baby safety in every imaginable way
  • Made of top quality materials which babies love to touch, squeeze, hug and suck on!
  • Carefully designed and made entirely in Poland to the highest EU standard was

Snoozy requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)
Dimensions: approx. 14×23 cm / 5.5×9 in

*I was sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review.  However all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Dealing with the Stress of Chronic Illness

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It’s no fun being sick, but when your illness stretches on and on with no end in sight, well it can be pretty stressful, to say the least. If you’re struggling with a chronic illness, being stressed could set your recovery back or make your symptoms worse, so it is of the utmost importance that you do all you can to stay calm, keep your spirits up and minimise stress as much as possible.

Here are some simple strategies to help you deal with the stress of chronic illness;

Get Your Finances in Order

If you’re so sick that you’re unable to work, getting your finances in order will go a long way to alleviating your stress. So, talk to your boss, check out this sick pay entitlement guide, and have someone help you take a look at your incomings and outgoings to draw up a budget that will see you through your illness without you having to worry too much about finances.

Cultivate Self-Compassion

When you’re suffering from a chronic illness, having self-compassion for yourself is vital. If you start to blame yourself for being sick, it will only make you feel worse, and anyway, it isn’t your fault. People get sick all the time, even the healthiest of us will suffer at one point – it’s part of being human. So, be easy on yourself and treat yourself with the same kindness you’d treat a sick friend or relative.

See a Counsellor

If you’re really struggling with your illness and coming to terms with the life changes it’s caused, don’t be afraid to seek the help of a qualified counsellor who can help you process your thoughts and feelings and suggest better coping techniques to stop you from sinking too far into stress and depression.

Take Good Care of Yourself

One of the things that can really make you feel stressed out is not taking proper care of yourself. If you’re starting to feel more stressed out than usual, it could be because you’re letting things slide in the looking after yourself department. So, take a step back, assess your behaviour, and if you find that you haven’t been taking your medication as directed, you’ve stopped socializing in any way you’re able, and you’ve taken to wallowing in bed all day, do what you can to change that and get back on track. You’re guaranteed to feel at least a little bit better.

Stay Connected

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When you’re sick, it can be easy to become isolated. You’re not working, and you often feel too unwell to go out and see friends, but staying connected to friends and family is a must if you don’t want to get stressed or, even worse, depressed. Just knowing that you have someone who you can vent to and who will listen and empathize with you can work wonders, and no matter how sick you are, you can probably pick up the phone or start a conversation on facebook. Of course, if you’re well enough, getting out of the house and meeting friends for lunch, for example, will be even better.

Believe that Things Can Change

If your condition isn’t terminal, then there is every chance that, things will get better and you will start to feel more like your old self in the near future. If you can believe that this is a possibility, although it won’t completely alleviate your stress and low moods, but it will make a difference. One thing’s for sure, if you take a negative attitude towards your illness, it’s only going to make you feel worse.

Find Something Pleasant to Focus On

I know it’s not easy when you’re sick and in pain, but if you can find something pleasant to focus on, which gives you joy and takes your focus away from your illness for even an hour or two each day, you will feel less stressed out, not least because numerous studies have shown that hobbies, particularly crafts, have a soothing effect on body and mind helping to fight stress, depression and even PTSD.


I know, I know, you’ve probably heard that meditation can cure everything from back pain to bipolar disorder, and although it might not be as miraculous as some of its proponents would have you believe, it really is good at relieving stress. Just getting out of your mind, focussing on the present moment and letting whatever happens, happen without judgement can give you a real boost right when you need it most.

Try a Change of Venue

If you’re sick, being stuck looking at the same four walls day in day out can really cause you to go stir crazy and stress yourself out. So, whenever you can opt for a change of venue, even if you just move from the bedroom to the living room or the living room to the garden. In fact, the garden, where you’re surrounded by nature, is probably one of the best places you can be, especially if the weather is to your liking.


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Sometimes letting it all out and allowing yourself to have a good cry, as you can see in this article, can release all that pent up stress and tension from your body. After all, you are sick, and you are probably feeling frustrated. Bottling it up isn’t going to do you much good, but letting your emotions flow freely probably will.

Give Gratitude

Please don’t throw anything at me! I know you’re probably thinking that you’re sick and you don’t have a whole lot to be grateful for, but is that really the case? Do you have a family? An Understanding boss? A safe place to live? A hobby you enjoy? You have a lot more to be thankful about than a lot of people, many of whom will also be struggling with chronic illness, so try to count your blessings each day if you want your stress to subside.

Living with chronic stress certainly isn’t a barrel of laughs, but it doesn’t have to totally take over your life mentally and physically if you don’t want it to!

Pizza Express New Leggera Range Review

I am a big Pizza fan and could genuinely live off it but unfortunately it’s not the healthiest thing in the world so it’s something I only try to have every so often. I like most kinds of Pizza, so when the chance came up to work with Pizza Express and review their new Leggera range, there was no way I was saying no!

The Leggera range are 3 light pizzas that all have a multigrain base topped with fresh and delicious ingredients. There is Prawn and Broccoli, Chicken and Vegetable, and Squash, Kale and Goats Cheese. They are a perfect size for one if you get in late from work, or if you’re partners away and you don’t want to make a big meal for just you, these can just be thrown in the oven and ready in a just a few minutes. They are so handy to have in the fridge ready.

I picked up the Chicken & Vegetable and the Squash, Kale & Goats Cheese Pizza last week from my local Waitrose for £3.79 each. Unfortunately they didn’t have the Prawn & broccoli one at the time.  I was really excited to be trying them and couldn’t wait to see what they both tasted like.

I would not personally purchase these again as I was not a hug fan of the variety of toppings.  I also feel that nearly £4 for a pizza is a little on the expensive side.

If you think you’d like these pizzas and want to try them for yourself they are currently available from most Waitrose stores.  I’d  also love to know if you’ve tried anything from this range and which one you think would be your favourite! Or just what sort of Pizza you normally like?

* I was sent a £10 Vouchers to purchase these pizza’s. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Peace of Mind: Why It’s So Important for Parents

As a parent, your life can seem to get more stressful and worrisome than before. Anything that offers you more peace of mind is pounced upon, and it’s not hard to understand why. But for people without the responsibilities that come with parenthood, it can all seem a little hard to get their heads around from the outside. Here’s why it’s so important to parents.

Stressed Parents Don’t Make Good Decisions

When parents don’t have peace of mind, they will be constantly stressed and worried about their children, above the level that’s normal. This can lead to further problems because when parents are stressed out, they often don’t make the best decisions in the world. That’s just the way it is in most situations. So, rather than having to make rash calls and hasty decisions, it’s better to seek peace of mind.

The more of this parents have, the more relaxed they will be, which is certainly better for everyone. It’s never a good thing for parents to be stressed all the time. It’s not good for them, their children or the wider family dynamic.

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Internet Safety Concerns Are Hard to Combat

Internet security is one of the things giving many parents a lot to worry about right now. It’s one of those things that many parents don’t even properly understand, but they still know that it’s a pretty big problem. When parents are faced with issues that they don’t understand, they become even more concerned, and they’ll take answers and easy solutions from where they can get them.

However, this particular problem requires a more patient approach and deeper understanding if parents are going to be able to keep their parents safe. The top security settings that many internet providers now offer are useful, as are things like Safe Kids App. These put more control in the hands of parents, and it’s that which provides them with greater peace of mind.

Every Parent Worries

The truth is that every parent worries a lot when it comes to the wellbeing of their child. That’s just the way it is, and it’s not something that is about to change anytime soon. If there was a way to stop this, we would have discovered it by now. Peace of mind is just about the most parents can hope for, and the more of it we have, the better it is for families up and down the country.

There is nothing wrong with looking for new innovations and products that help to offer peace of mind. And with internet security being so high up the agenda right now, parents are understandably concerned about what kinds of dangers their children face and how they can be properly and successfully combatted.

So, now you know why so many parents crave that all-important peace of mind, and why so many products aimed at parents purport to offer it. We should remain vigilant when buying products aimed at parents, though, because they don’t all offer what they claim to.

Go Customized Personalised Phone Case

If anything happened to my iPhone 6s, I’d be gutted. All the photos I take are taken on my phone. So, knowing how important my phone is, I would be crazy not to have a case for it, not to mention how expensive it would be to get it fixed if dropped.

I chose the ‘Personalised Silicone case’, which retails at £14.99. There is the option of choosing one from their collection, or designing your own. I obviously chose my own personalised design.

The whole ordering process was so quick and simple.  Select the case you want, for which device, then choose your own personalised case or a pre designed case.  If you choose to upload your own picture you can position it yoursef on the case so can you see exactly how it will look on your case.

Would I order another phone case from Go Customized again? Absolutely. The personalisation options would make it a great gift and I was impressed with the speed of service and quality.

*I  was sent this case free of charge for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.