Saving Money On Your Wedding Tips Your Married Friends Will Wish They’d Known!

More and more money saving method ideas are springing up yearly. Whether they’re innovative or simply logical, your already married friends are sure to wish they’d know about them. Put them to play for your wedding to save huge amounts. We’re not talking just hundreds; you could save thousands.

Get married during the week

It can cost thousands of pounds more to get married at the weekend. First of all, venues often charge higher prices for a weekend wedding. They are able too, as they are so popular. There will always be someone willing to pay those prices. Save a lot of money by marrying during the week instead. It’s not just the venue where you’ll save. Suppliers often charge lower rates during the week. This goes for suppliers like caterers, photographers, videographers and prop providers. If you are having a civil ceremony, it is even cheaper in this scenario to hire someone to conduct your wedding Monday to Thursday.

Find a wedding dress outlet

Here is the thing. Wedding dresses in shops are so expensive because they are in-season. If being in-season is something that is very important to you, be prepared to shell out. However, if you are happy with a dress from a few seasons previous, find a local wedding outlet. This is where last season’s dresses go! There is nothing wrong with them, and they are still beautiful and flawless. However, they will be drastically lower in price. Anywhere up to 70% off, in fact.

Make your own sweet, popcorn and candyfloss stands

Sure, prop company hire these out for weddings. But why not make your own? Whether you’re having a sweetie display, or popcorn or candy floss stand, get crafty yourself. If you have a family member who is great with their hands, ask them to make the frame. Then, decorate it yourself.

Send your invites via 2nd class post

You might choose order personalised wedding invites from Paper Themes or elsewhere, or make your own. Whatever your decision for where you get your invites from, save pounds with delivery. Send them 2nd class, rather than 1st. Hand them out in person wherever possible. And watch the weight. If they’re too heavy, you’ll have to pay extra.

Stay at one venue all day

Staying at one venue all day has multiple benefits. Firstly, you may be able to cut a deal for doing both your ceremony and reception there. Secondly, you won’t need to spend money on transporting guests from one venue to another.

Ditch the 3-course meal

Unless 3-course meals are your favourite thing in the world, ditch them in favour of something less fancy. They’re costly, and you also have to think about multiple pieces of crockery and cutlery. Think outside the box for some unique ways to save money on your wedding food. For a relaxed event, why not get a big pizza delivery in the evenings?

Marry last minute!

Some might think marrying last minute will cost lots of money. But it could be that it actually saves! Instead of getting carried away over the course of several months (or years), you’ll be forced to streamline your spending. You might also be able to pick up some amazing deals on last-minute wedding packages.

Hire a Photography Student

Hiring a top quality photographer can take up quite a chunk of your budget. A reputable one can charge upwards of £1,000 for the day’s work. They may then charge you extra for the prints too. If you have a local college or University, see if they have a photography course. If so, get in touch with the course director and let him or know you’re hiring. Tell them the basic details and fee you’re offering, and give a contact number for any interested students to get in touch on. They will accept a lower fee as they will want to work for their portfolio. Their education and dedication to photography will mean they’re of an excellent standard. Just be sure to meet in advance to check that you click.

Hire a house for your guests, not a hotel

When it comes to choosing accommodation for your guests, it can be tempting to book hotels. However, this is often far more costly than hiring a big house. A house also comes with parking spaces, so you don’t have to pay for these. Plus, the kitchen allows them to cook for themselves, rather than making it so they have to eat out. Finally, a house gives them more privacy and some real opportunity for bonding.


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