The Secret To A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is something we can’t live without. We need sleep to rest and recharge, but many of us don’t get enough of it. If you can’t sleep, and this is an ongoing problem, these handy tips may help.


Before you go to bed, it’s essential to take time to relax and unwind. If you’ve had a busy day at work, or you’ve been tearing around after children all day, enjoy some quiet time. Watch television, call a friend for a catch-up, or run a hot bath. Do something that doesn’t require concentration and makes you feel calm. Avoid doing anything stressful late at night. If you go to bed with your mind racing, or you feel tense or panicked, you’ll probably struggle to sleep.

In the evening, it’s best to avoid exercising or drinking anything that contains a lot of sugar or caffeine. Although regular exercise is excellent for improving sleep patterns, working out late at night is likely to give you an energy boost. This will make it tough to get to sleep. Caffeine is a stimulant and drinking coffee or tea can increase the risk of insomnia. If you do enjoy a hot drink before bed, make sure you choose a decaffeinated version. Try to avoid eating late at night. You may feel uncomfortable, especially if you’ve had a heavy meal. If you get in late, try to go for something light.

Establish a routine

Your sleep patterns are heavily influenced by your body clock, so it’s beneficial to get into a routine. You don’t need to get to bed at exactly the same time every night, but heading up at a similar time will help you to sleep better. Your body will get used to its new timetable, and you’ll enjoy restful nights. Many of us have experienced the feeling of being incredibly tired when watching TV and then struggling to nod off when we get into bed. With a routine in place, you should be able to get some proper shut-eye as soon as you climb into bed.

If you’ve got deadlines approaching at work, or you have an important meeting or an interview, it can be difficult to switch off. Try to leave work at the office and separate your work and social lives.

Avoid distractions

How many times have you been woken up at night by beeping phones, or lights outside? Do you get disturbed by children, pets or neighbours? It’s normal to have nights when you can’t sleep from time to time. But if you can’t go a night without waking up, you may want to rethink your sleeping environment. Try to create a tranquil spot where you feel completely relaxed; block out light and noise and leave phones and tablets downstairs. Use neutral colours and soft furnishings to make a cosy, calming space. When you get into bed, avoid checking your emails or texts. Pull the covers over you, get comfortable and drift off





Get your mattress right

If you can’t get comfy at night, your mattress may be the culprit. Investing in a good quality mattress will help you to sleep, and ensure you maintain correct posture during the night. Visit some showrooms and try some beds out. Read reviews to find out more about different types of mattress. Check out features online such as Igel mattresses explained, and compare prices. It’s also a good idea to replace pillows on a regular basis. Try to make sure that your neck is supported.


Exercising has multiple benefits for your health and wellbeing. Working out tires your body out, but it also helps to clear your mind and reduce anxiety and stress. If you lie awake at night worrying about work deadlines, finances or relationships, exercise can really help. Try to ensure you work out in the morning or early afternoon. Exercise releases endorphins, which lifts your mood and increases energy levels. If you don’t have a gym membership, don’t worry. There are all kinds of activities you can try to get your heart pumping and your muscles working. Visit the climbing wall or join a dance class. Cycle to work, or go for a jog in the park.

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Sleep is essential and if you’re struggling to get to sleep on a regular basis, it’s worth having a think about what you could do differently. Sleep deprivation will make you feel tired and lethargic the next day, but it also contributes to an elevated risk of illness. You may also find that you feel irritable and restless, which affects your relationships with others. Take these tips on board and hopefully, sleepless nights will be a thing of the past.

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