Luther, Car theives and Apprasials #LittleLoves

Well that is another week over already.  I apologise for forgetting to post last week as well, it was completely mental.


Feedback from managers… It’s that time of the year for us when we have apprasials, I’ve never really had one so it was really challenging to know what to write.  It was a long process but got there in the end.


Luther, I’m not really into crime programmes but I am completely hooked onto luther, and as for Idris Elba he is a brilliant actor.  I just can’t stop watching the series.


Actually was able to wear a few summery clothes as it got quite warm and the sun made an appearance which made a change too.


I have been given some cake tins so I will be making and baking some cakes soon hopefully. I went to my first ever blog event the other weekend with my sister in Law where I experienced how to make my very own cocktails, we made 3

“Samantha” – It was made with gin, limoncello and lemonade – This was my favourite.


“Faye” – It was made with Milk, honey Jim Beam, vanilla syrup and crushed honeycomb – This was ok, thought it was quite sickly.


“Frankie” – It was made with rose syrup, blackcurrant gin and prosecco – You had to try and layer it up and was very tricky only a few people managed it, but was super yummy.  The prosecco was supposed to be clear and not merged in with the blackcurrent.


I had great fun making them and I do love a good cocktail or 2.


Being rudely awoken up at 3.30am on Thursday morning my 3 thugs breaking in and smashing our next doors car windows to steal his car off his drive.  I heard the banging then an alarm going off, our dog Carly started barking and next I heard a car speed off.  Looking out the window

And Finally…

Still eating our chocolate from Easter

Hope you have all had a great week

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