Car & Tyre Safety

I have been driving for over 10 years now with owning just 2 cars in that time, my first was a bright yellow saxo and my second was a silver Vauxhall corsa. In that 10 years I have hardly had any issues, that was until last year.

I had been at work all day and I had arranged to go round and see my friend to have a good old catch up on the evening.  So I got home from work, got changed and then jumped in my car.  I had my music on like I always do when I’m driving, then I heard something, a loud strange like rumbling sound, I didn’t think anything of it and just carried on to my friends.  It was dark outside by this point too.

I arrived at my friends and stayed there for a couple of hours and then left to go home, I got in the car and started to drive home but then there was that noise I heard earlier but this time even louder and my car just didn’t feel right to drive at all, I pulled over In a safe place and got out with my phone to shine a light round my car, then that is where I found out I had a puncture/flat tyre with a nail/screw stuck in my tyre.  I couldn’t tell exactly how bad it was as it was dark so I drove ever so slowly back to my house and pulled up on my drive and waited till the next morning to have a look at it properly.

Luckily I was off work on holiday so didn’t have to worry about relying on anybody for lifts etc and the next day my dad came round and was able to put my spare tyre on until I was able to get to a shop and get it replaced.

Some Important Tyre safety advice you should think about

  • Regularly check your tyres for punctures/objects stuck in them
  • Any badly worn or damaged tyre get them checked or even better replaced
  • Remember decent tyres could save your life.

If in doubt and you don’t know tyre sizes etc you can visit the below site and enter all your details in order to find out all relevant information that will be needed for you to source new tyres, if your like me and don’t know much about cars then it is defiantly best to seek help from someone or a company that does.


Remember drive carefully and be safe!!


*This is a collabrative post all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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