Meal Planning Monday 27/01/20

The last meal plan for January already, gosh, scary even though it feels like the longest month after Christmas EVER. Who agrees? Last week went well, we are in the midst of trying to potty train our little boy who is now 2 and half but it is hit and miss, he went the whole of last Wednesday without going for a wee so we had to put a nappy on, but we will get their I’m not rushing him. I finished the weekend off by headed to bingo with some friends but sadly came away empty handed.

Click here to see last week’s meal plan

This week I am planing to cook:

Homemade chicken & bacon pie, mash potatoes, vegetables and gravy

Pizza & chips

Garlic & herb lamb steaks, roast potatoes, parsnips, Yorkshire puddings & gravy

Homemade lasagna with garlic bread

Meatballs & spaghetti with garlic bread

Chicken goujon baguettes with chips

Pork roast dinner with all the trimmings

5 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday 27/01/20

  1. Ooh, haven’t made a chicken and bacon pie for years and I’m sure there are both meats in the freezer, I’m inspired!

  2. Ooh you’ve got so many delicious dinners here – I’d love any one of those!

    Aww sorry you didn’t win on the bingo, better luck next time!

    Take care & thanks for linking up. Have a lovely rest of the week.

  3. Great delicious meals here think I might try especially the chicken and bacon pie and homemade lasagne. I’m wanting to get into meal planning a lot more saves time and money once planned thanks for the tips

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