Meal Planning Monday 20/01/20

Can’t decide if this month is going extremely slow or fast as my days at work seem to drag but the weeks are still flying by.  Last week I had a couple of interviews for permanent positions, so fingers crossed I hear about them soon. I don’t think anything exciting is happening this week. I’m trying to keep up with some surveys to earn me a bit of extra cash aswell.

Hope your January is going well?   

Click here to see last week’s meal plan

This week I will be eating:

Lemon & garlic salmon

Jacket potatoes, tuna/mayo & salad

Pan fried pork, apple salsa, homemade wedges and garlic fried spinach

Chicken in red wine sauce and boiled rice

Sausages, hash browns, waffles & beans

Cream cheese & spinach stuffed chicken breast wrapped in bacon pasta and cheese sauce

Roast beef dinner with all the trimmings

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