The More You Understand Information Culture, The More Your Career Will Thrive

Today, we’re living through the information age. All of the most valuable companies in the world, like Apple, Google, and Microsoft, rely heavily on collecting and processing data, putting it to good use. The old days of big companies owning lots of capital are well and truly gone. 

Slotting into this new economy, however, requires that you take on a whole host of new skills. It’s no longer enough to go to college and get a regular degree: you have to enmesh yourself in “information culture” if you want to thrive in the job market as it stands today. 

But what is “information culture?” And why are businesses so keen on it? 

At root, information culture is the recognition of the utility of information in achieving operational and strategic goals. In companies with this type of approach, the entire organization recognizes the value of data in decision-making and exploits as much of it as it can. 

For somebody like you, there are lots of opportunities to get into the job market and add value. Companies, for instance, need people capable of conducting high-value research using data to back up their findings. They also need individuals who understand “digital preservation” and the importance of backing up data. 

The following infographic goes into more detail about the opportunities that are available to those looking for a career. While there is a raft of roles in private enterprise, there are also lots in the public sector and academia, too, providing you with plenty of options. 

Infographic by University of Southern California 

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