My Top Money Saving Tips

I have always been a money conscious person worrying about every penny I have and even more so when we brought our first house over 5 years ago because of the big responsibilities of paying the mortgage, bills etc and making sure we got the best deals we could on everything we bought.

I always knew I wanted to buy my own house so saved for years as a young girl to have the money for a deposit,  and even before we were anywhere near buying a property I was buying stuff for the house, cleaning products, plates, saucepans, cooking utensils, coffee, tea (things that wouldn’t go out of date) etc just to spread the cost over a longer period of time.  Some people called me mad for doing it, but in the long run it saved us so much time and a larger expense all in one go.

Anyways here below are my top money saving tips that I believe work for me.

1) I tend to go food shopping on an evening as firstly it’s easier as I’m at work all day and secondly you get lots of reduced products and bargains, all fresh but the best before date is close so they reduce the product for quick sale, they reduce them quite a lot too so worth it.  Then I just put it all in the freezer to use at a later date.

2) I’m always searching, downloading and using coupons from the internet.  You can find 50p, £1.00, £1.50 or more off it’s just knowing where to look then you just print them and take them shopping with and save yourself some money off.

3) Branded products,  I used to always say “you can’t beat Heinz ketchup” I now don’t believe you can always tell the different in shop brands to named brand products.  Same as things like tea,  I absolutely love tea but I’ve brought Aldi’s own brand tea and drank PG tips, Tetley, Yorkshire tea, and decaf tea and I honestly personally can’t taste the difference except the price difference.  Others may disagree.

4) Do your research first I am always comparing prices online between supermarkets to see where the best price is, Asda, Sainsburys, Morrison’s & Tesco but I will only go if it is not to far out and worth it.  I do feel, in my opinion Sainsbury’s and Tesco are a little expensive and over price their items.

5) Store point cards, get them I know it’s a pain having lots of cards in your purse but it is so worth it, they’re free, For example Morrison’s “more” card offer points every time you spend and when you reach 5000 point you get a £5 off voucher to use on your shopping plus lots of other vouchers.  It doesn’t take long to collect the points up.

6) Instead of always buying bin bags, I know there not that expensive, So I use the free charity bags that come through the door, some weeks we get none, others we get 3/4 bags and because there is only 2 of us and we recycle everything we can, we don’t get through many, usually one a week maybe more.

Everyone may have their own saving ideas that work best for them, but these are mine. Do you have any?

* Remember, also don’t leave your change behind – every penny counts!

Would love to hear your money saving tips!

10 thoughts on “My Top Money Saving Tips

  1. you sound just like me i use all of these ideas myself and i love to hit the reduced items in the shops at night

  2. Great tips, I do most of the same things. It hits you like a tonne of bricks when you first get a home and have all the bills and responsibilty that comes with it. Before I bought my house I used to have a well paid job and in hindsight was very wasteful, I wish i knew then what i know now!

  3. Great tip, I like you always try and shop late to grab the bargains, but the bin bag is a good one, not thought of that 🙂 .x

  4. There was a time when we as a family relied heavily on the reduced items at the supermarket in order to eat a good meal. I used to go at a certain time just to see if i was lucky enough to be able to buy within my budget and if i were lucky sometimes i even got a joint of meat and froze it for Sunday lunch X x

  5. lady after my own heart! I also look for bog off ‘s for items or special deals and then shop with my friend and share the cost. especially if its on items I don’t use that often ,we also share by buying big bulk packets ie tbags and share the contents -you get more for your money!

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