Meal Planning Monday 01/06/20

Half way through the year.

Last week went well I think we stuck to all our meals except Thursday night I ordered an Indian takeaway as hubby was out working till 11pm with his mate on their little side business they started during lockdown. We had a lovely weekend as Tom’s mate from work and girlfriend came over for a social distance BBQ Saturday night which was lovely we sat in the garden Till about 9.30pm and just chatted.

This week I’m back to solo parenting as hubby has gone back to work, but he’s on his own in the office. I still don’t know when I will be back at work and we had a meeting yesterday as they are making redundancies which is not what I wanted to hear, but at the moment I am safe so that’s all good.

Click here for last weeks plan

Sausage pasta bake

Katsu chicken with boiled rice

Salmon and dill parcels with chips and salad

Shepherds pie and vegetables


BBQ (weather permitting)

Roast dinner with all the trimmings

Have a great week all!

2 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday 01/06/20

  1. Fingers for you that you survive the redundancies, it’s such a hard time for everyone isn’t it!
    This weeks meal plan sounds lovely, thank you for linking up!

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