Freddie’s Potty Training Journey

We started this journey originally at the beginning of 2020 as we felt Freddie was ready to start potty training he was actively telling us when he was wet or soiled. Freddie was 2.5 years and with him been at nursery 3.5 out of 5 days a week we had most of the hard work been done by them.

We didn’t force anything on Freddie just let him take everything in and spoke to him about the potty after we brought it. We discussed about rewards he would get for using the potty such as stickers, sweets and/or money in his piggy bank. We worked with nursery and had meetings to discuss the best option and ways to go so we could all be reading off the same hyme sheet and as not too confuse him.

Us and my parents brought him big boy pants and he asked to wear them which was great but on other days would insist on wearing his nappy and that was fine too. We were getting feedback from nursery that he was using the potty/toilet but at home seemed to keep holding it till he got his nappy on and we were worried about him getting ill.

Then hit the Covid-19 pandemic where the whole world went on lock down, and we thought right lets crack this. We gave it a few days and on the 31st March we hit the potty training full force and we haven’t looked back since, he finally took to it like a duck to water. We agreed that when he had a wee he would get 1 sticker and when he did a poo it would be 2.

The first week we had a fairly good few days, a couple where he didn’t do anything on the potty but that’s fine, we just kept praising him and started a sticker book so we could record it. I think he had a couple of accidents but that’s expected especially with how engrossed he gets in playing.

Second week, another smashing one, he was even taking himself off to the potty which was fantastic. We always left the potty in the lounge and he occasionally brought it out into the garden to use.

Third week we had smashed it completely no accidents at all no and I’m super proud of him especially with everything that has been going on. Freddie took it in his stride completely.

Week Four we have completed it and I thought it was going to be so much harder than this just proves my instincts were right and he was ready and he did all the hard work.

I was worried at the beginning that we were not going to get there but this pandemic has kinda done us a favour and we have completely potty trained Freddie in just a month. We still have got to tackle getting him dry at night but as he starts school nursery in September I wanted him dry in the day atleast. I am so proud of him.

How did you get on with potty training with your little one.

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