Why Spending Quality Time With Your Baby Is So Beneficial

If you have a baby, spending quality time with them is really important. You might think that you spend plenty of time with them – but a lot of time doesn’t mean it is quality. Quality time is singing to your baby, reading to your baby, playing with your baby, and bonding with them.

Bonding is different for many new mothers, so you should never feel as if you’ve got it wrong. Some people feel an intense, emotional attachment immediately after childbirth. Some take a little longer. Some don’t even realise that it has happened until they see their baby do something cute and feel that unmistakable rush of pride and love!

Babies bond many different ways. Of course, it comes naturally as you care for them every day. However, it also comes from things like touch, which is why as soon as you’ve given birth the midwives will encourage skin to skin contact. Eye contact is also great. You might notice your baby try to mimic you and your facial expressions!

Although you might not know it, babies also enjoy listening to your conversations and descriptions. All of these things can help them to bond with you, and develop into amazing little toddlers. Breastfeeding is also a way that mothers and babies form an attachment. You might not get it right away, but your midwives should be happy to give you tips and advice on getting it right. The majority of midwives love their jobs and feel privileged to watch new life brought into the world!

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