Keeping Long Distance Grandparents Involved in Your Kids’ Lives

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For many grandparents, spending time with their grandkids is one of the best things in life. They love spending time with the kids, playing, laughing and making memories. Sadly, many grandparents do not get to do this anywhere near as much as they would like due to the fact that their children have relocated and they live far away from their children and grandchildren.

As you get older, travelling isn’t as easy as it once was, which is why it is important that all you parents out there who live long distance from grandma and grandpa do your best to ensure that your parents get to spend more than a few days a year with their precious grandkids. Here are some helpful tips for doing just that:

Get Connected

Apps like Facetime and Skype may not be the same as seeing each other in person, but they can ensure that your kids and your parents are in constant contact. If your folks are reluctant to use technology, by them an iPhone or iPad and have the kids teach them how to use it. The grandparents will love spending time with the kids and the children will love being able to demonstrate their skills to grandma and grandpa.

Record Videos

If grandparents aren’t able to make it to school plays, birthday parties and other special moments, make sure you record them so that they still feel involved. Grandparents will treasure each and every moment captured on video, and since we all have phones with recording capabilities these days, it really doesn’t take much effort to get recording.

Use Parental Leave Entitlement

If grandparents aren’t able to come to you, but you don’t want them to miss out of seeing the children, you might want to check your parental leave entitlement to see if you can take a few days off from work to visit them. Parental leave is unpaid, but it will be worth it to see the joy on the face of your kids and their grandparents when you bring them together for a visit.

Send Mail

Encourage your children to write letters, do drawings and make crafts that they can send to their grandparents to let them know they are thinking of them and to brighten up their day. In return, grandparents can send care packages filled with candy, colouring books and postcards to keep the kids engaged.

Start a Photo Album

Take lots of photos of your children every day and upload them to a private website, or even create a physical photo album, for the grandparents to keep them up to speed with your kids’ growth spurts or funny moments.

Holiday Together

If at all possible, try to book your holidays so that they coincide with the holidays of grandparents and spend the time together. If you and your partner need some me time, and your parents are up for it, you could even let the kids holiday with grandma and grandpa while you have your own couple’s holiday.

No matter what else you do, it is important that you let grandparents know that they are loved by their grandchildren and that efforts are being made to keep communication open, It will mean so much to them that you are involving them in your children’s lives.

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