Inspired Interiors: Room by Room Lighting Ideas

If you’re redesigning your interiors it will pay off to focus on the lighting. Lighting can transform a room. It centres our focus, can warm interiors and adds personality and flair to our homes. Often overlooked, so many of us don’t make enough of the lighting fixtures and fittings in our homes. Take inspiration from these room by room lighting ideas.

Dining Room

Dining room lighting is all about creating an atmospheric space. This is most likely the space in the house where you will be doing your entertaining. Lighting plays an important role in setting the mood of the room and illuminating the centerpiece- the table. You can position your lighting above the table, as close to the table as you dare to go! This low lighting has been a big trend for dining rooms in recent years. Oversized industrial lampshades work well, space out three at even intervals above the table. Alternatively, for a theatrical effect, have wall lighting torches. These give the room more of a gallery feel.

Office Lighting

No doubt your office is the room in your house where you most want inspiration to strike! For thoroughly modern and bespoke lighting choose a unique fitting. Multiple raw bulbs with glass dome shades will make a statement. Chose to have these secured to some driftwood or another natural material for an interesting contrast. These also work very well in dining rooms.

Living Room Lighting

The lighting for your living room should reflect what you want out of the room. If you’d like it to be a cosy and relaxing space choose a large decorative lampshade rather than a glass or raw fitting. This will make the room feel warmer. Invest in some lamps. These can be used when you want to dim the lighting for a cozier evening in.

Hallway Lighting

Lighting in hallways, or other connecting spaces, is all about practicality. It makes sense to have as much light as possible flooding into these areas. This will make the hallways look larger and brighter. Try harnessing the natural light that you have coming into these spaces as well as using artificial lighting. Take advantage of the natural light coming through windows to make hallways feel spacious and airy.

Bedroom Lighting

Cluster pendants are a fun way to add some colour and personality to a bedroom. These creative pendants come in all different designs. From sleek greys to more adventurous prints- there are designs to suit every style of room. If you’re looking for a polished finish chose glass hangings, otherwise, experiment with different fabrics to create an eclectic look. These are also great in children’s bedrooms as they resemble hanging mobiles. Place above a bed for a comforting feel!

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