Preparing for a Romantic Trip

Do you find that preparing for a big family holiday is entirely different to how planning holidays used to be before you had kids? Were you one of those people that could go for a week away with just a cabin bag filled with swimming costumes and a maxi dress? You might not have even packed until the morning that you had to leave and if you forgot anything, you could just pick it up at the airport or even when you arrived. Planning for a trip with kids is very different, and many of us stress about it. You might have packing lists and plans. Trying to remember to pack everything that your family could possibly need might mean that you pay for extra luggage or that you start packing weeks before you leave. 

But, we adjust. We get used to packing as parents, and that becomes the norm. How do you then cope when you have to prepare for a trip without the kids. As a parent, you might not remember romance and be utterly unprepared for a romantic break. That’s like something from a different life, and it can be harder than you might remember. So, let’s take a look at some tips to help you prepare for your romantic trip. 

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Sort Childcare and Make Agreements

A romantic break away from the kids probably sounds like a dream come true. But, you’ll only enjoy it if you are happy with your childcare arrangements. You’ll never be able to enjoy the romance if you are worried about the kids back at home. So, prepare childcare in plenty of time, and make an agreement about how often you want to call home, if at all. 

Plan Some Romantic Events

When we’re in new relationships, everything is exciting. You could find a walk around the supermarket romantic. After a while, and with kids in the mix, romance gets lost. You might struggle to get into the right frame of mind. You might feel under pressure to be romantic, which will only make things worse. Booking some events beforehand can ease the tension and help you to enjoy your trip. You might want to book some romantic meals and a photographer at andreamatone.com to help you to create memories. You could also book tours and trips.

Research Online

Romantic breaks are often short breaks. This can be ideal if you need to book time off work and childcare. But, it usually means we’re rushed, and that we have to miss things that we’d like to do. Do some research online. Find a central hotel so that you don’t have to waste time travelling, and write a list of things that you don’t want to miss. 

Pack Carefully

Packing for a romantic break can be tough, especially if it has been a while. You might want to pack nice outfits for meals out, but you should also pack comfortable clothes and shoes for lots of exploring, and waterproofs so that you can enjoy your break no matter what the weather is doing. 

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