Things to Consider Before Extending Your Home

Extending your home is a fantastic option if you feel like your home is no longer exactly what you want. You might feel like you’ve outgrown your home, and perhaps you’re thinking of selling, but extending could offer you another option. If there’s space for you to extend your home, it could help you to make an existing room bigger or allow you to add extra rooms. Before you make any significant decisions to extend your home, there are several things you will need to think about. Having a good plan in place will help you to ensure you get exactly what you want.

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Why Do You Want to Extend?

The first thing that you need to think about is why you want to extend your home. This is essential to consider if you want to be sure that you’re making the right decision. Knowing why you’re extending your home and what you’re going to do with the new space will give the project a clear direction. Think about other options that could help you to get what you want, including renovating existing rooms or even moving home. Is extending your home the best option to meet your needs or is there a better way?

Do You Need Planning Permission?

When extending your home, you need to check to see if you require planning permission from your local council. The rules have recently changed so that more home extensions can be built without the need for planning permission. However, you do still need to let the council know about the work and allow time for any neighbours to give their opinion. Your architect or builder can help you with anything relating to planning permission and other official aspects of building an extension. A single-storey extension will often not require planning permission.

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Different Types of Contractors Needed

You are likely to need a number of expert tradespeople to help you with your extension. There might be some things that you plan to do yourself, such as decorating, but professional help is necessary for many things. Look for builders, decorators and electricians in your local area to find the perfect contractors. You might also need a plumber if you want your extension to have running water, perhaps for a bathroom or a kitchen extension. Spend some time comparing your options and collecting quotes to find the best contractors for your needs.

Planning a Budget and Timetable

Building an extension isn’t something that you can do in a day, and you can expect it to cost a fair amount of money too. Before you get started on a big project, you should consider your budget and how long your extension might take to complete. Planning your budget and a schedule will help you to develop a realistic vision for how and when you will extend your home. Doing some research should help you to come up with a budget that will work for you and help you decide when you will be able to start the work.

A home extension can be a great addition to your property, but be careful not to rush into anything before considering some important points.

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