3 Considerations For Holidays When Pregnant

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Pregnancy lasts for a long time – and it feels like even longer, as you anxiously await for your new baby to make an appearance. Given how dominant pregnancy can be, it’s easy to think that it might be the focal point of your life for those nine (nearly ten) months.

However, life itself is still going to happen. Events will occur, changes will come forth, and – in most cases – you will find yourself in a period of the year when you would usually be heading off on holiday.

Some women elect not to go on holiday while pregnant, especially if the pregnancy is complicated. Others do exactly as they would have done if they weren’t pregnant. There’s no right or wrong way of handling the situation; it’s up to what feels right for you and your family.

If you decide that you do want to get away for awhile – potentially as your last holiday as a couple for 18 years! – then there are a few changes you might want to make to your usual plans. Nothing drastic – pregnancy is not an illness, after all – but just a few things to make sure you and your bump have the best time imaginable.

#1 – Stay Close To Home

In the early stages of pregnancy this is less necessary, but do bear in mind that in the unlikely event something goes wrong, you might find yourself yearning for medical care at home. It makes sense to stay within a few hours of your home, so you can get back in a hurry if you need to.

The idea of a holiday within the British Isles might not sound too exciting initially, especially if you are used to going to exotic countries. Nevertheless, there’s plenty you can do. To make things feel a little more unique, why not visit a different country – albeit a different country in the same union? If you’re based in Scotland, go to Wales to experience the landscapes of Snowdonia, the plethora of things to do in Swansea, the majestic seasides of Conwy Bay? Or if you’re based in England, go to Scotland to travel the Cairngorms, swing by Loch Ness, or visit the famous Kelpie statues? And so on and so forth – sometimes the mere change of country is enough to convince you it’s a ‘real’ holiday!

#2 – Research Your Destination

If you do find yourself needing to see a doctor, then you’re going to want to have an idea of where to go. Program into your phone a few details of local clinics and hospitals.

Furthermore, you want to ensure that your destination and any intended activities are safe for a woman during pregnancy. Most hotels will be willing to ensure you’re accommodated with changes such as rooms on the ground floor, for example.

#3 – Take It Easy!

There may be exciting holidays full of skydiving and swimming with dolphins in your future, but the time away you take during pregnancy probably isn’t the time for it! Instead, focus on spa breaks or gentle walking holidays – nothing too strenuous, but relaxing enough to still make you feel you’ve had beneficial time away from home. Happy travelling!

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