Turning Modern Interior Design Into Modern, Superior And Sublime

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Whether you’re an old man or you’re young and idealistic, everything becomes confusing in the modern age at some point. As a kid, you only have worry about which phone is the sleekest, but when you get a little older and you start planning interior design for your own home, you start to realise the question of what is modern and aesthetically-pleasing is impossible to solve, given that the answer changes and evolves with each passing day.

If you’re looking to revamp an old home, or perhaps design a new one from scratch, there are some ways to stop feeling old and irrelevant. The technique to designing a home in a modern and contemporary way is to not overthink things. Here are some helpful tips and home hacks when it comes to interior design, so that you don’t have to worry about your home becoming outdated in a year or two.

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Colour is everything.

As humans, we react to beautiful combinations of colour. It’s how our minds work. We love vivid stimulation, and that’s why it’s so important to the interior of a home. Choosing the right colour is also imperative because, when it comes to painting walls or the surfaces of cupboards and cabinets, it’s going to take a long time. Most likely, this means you’re going to leave things in that shade of colour for a long time too.

Overthinking is the killer here. Whilst you’re deciding between two different shades of blue for several hours, you’re wasting time and forgetting the original gut feeling you had, which is usually completely spot on when it comes to something as bright, blunt and obvious as a colour theme. Trust your brain and your natural eye, because you won’t be spending hours contemplating the shade of colour present throughout your house on an average day. Go with your initial instinct, because that’s how your mind will be working as you walk throughout the house on a daily basis. If you’re struggling to think of design ideas alone, companies such as Kia Designs are experts when it comes to luxury design.


A word that many feel clashes with creativity, but the truth couldn’t be further than this. Part of what makes beautiful design so appealing is that you can serve a purpose in a home without going overboard. You can adopt minimalism, because every stunning piece of furniture has a purpose; to sit upon it, to store books on it, and every other practical purpose you can imagine. Decorative pieces are more than eye candy. Even if the purpose of a rug designed with all the colours of the rainbow is simply to provide a key focal point for the room, that is a practical use of a well-crafted, well-designed furnishing.

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Make it your home.

When people consider what’s missing from the design of their current home, the answer is usually “me”. Whether you live by yourself, with a partner, or with a whole family, it’s important that you live in something which you view as more than a house. This place has to become your home. It can be, once the interior reflects your personality or the personalities of your family. Quirky, traditional or modern furnishings all serve different purposes for different people.

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