Cold And Warmth: Planning The Perfect Winter Wedding

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If you are in the process of getting engaged, or you are thinking about planning the big day, it’s about the right time of year. A lot of people go for summer weddings because they get to go outside, enjoy the sunshine on the lawn, with those wonderful summer cocktails. But, with a winter wedding, it’s got such a different feel that it’s definitely worth your while if you haven’t considered it. What can you do to prepare for an amazing winter wedding?

A Great Venue

A place like the Colwick Hall wedding venue is a good shout because it’s one of those areas that can be turned into something quite cosy. When you are decorating the space for a winter wedding, think about how to make it more intimate. Even a big venue can become an array of twinkling lights and earthy textures.

Take Advantage Of Off-peak Season

A winter wedding is great, especially during January and February. As they are off-peak, they will be cheaper. It’s also likely you’ll have a wider choice of caterers and suppliers. And if the venue or the supplier wants to secure the booking, you could negotiate an extra discount off something else. As well as this, if you choose the right venue, they can provide accommodation. Off-peak season is a goldmine, especially if you want a bigger wedding.

Consider The Guests’ Travels

As magical as winter is, you’ve got to allow people extra travel time to drive through rain and snow! You also need to think about keeping them warm. A handy little trick is to provide shawls, so if the venue has a lovely balcony, you can still go out and enjoy it.

Think About Warming Winter Drinks

As nice as it is to provide cocktails, if you want to communicate a cosier feel for your wedding, think about drinks like mulled wine or mulled cider. In addition to this, the meals need to be hearty and filling. One of the major issues in terms of a catered wedding is that some people don’t get enough food. Think about something like a fish and chips meal, full of starchy carbs giving people energy for the night.

Sneak In Some Extra Heat

Hand warmers, thick leggings, or even tights underneath the dress can be a lifesaver. If you can sneak in extra heat whatever you can, it’s worth it. The venue could be magical, beautiful to look at, but it could be icy cold. It’s worth discussing with the venue they have extra heating options. They usually do, but it doesn’t hurt to get in extra heaters for the guests.

Pick A Sunny Honeymoon

A romantic trip abroad could be what the doctor ordered, especially in the bleak midwinter. The great thing about a winter wedding is that it’s a perfect embodiment of the British weather, and creates a sense of magic. But you can contrast that with a nice sunny climate, where you can kick back and relax on the beach. 

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