Back To School, Back To You

Schools are reopening all across the countries, and for a lot of students, it’s a much-awaited return to the old routine. This year, back to school brings a variety of emotions, including a sense of relief. We are finally getting out of lockdown – slowly and with still a lot of restrictions – and for a lot of families, September marks a new beginning to the year. 

As we are slowly manoeuvring our way out of lockdown, it’s time to get back to a normalised life. More to the point, we have to be realistic about our lockdown foes, aka the bad habits that we’ve fallen back into or developed to cope. Here is where you should focus your attention on your renewed resolutions: health and happiness. 

Introduce frequent workouts

Your immune system has been through a lot of pressure this year. As a result, you need to take the time to introduce positive habits that can boost your immune balance and help fight contagion risks. What has been the typical daily routine during lockdown? 

A lot of adults hoped that the change of routine would provide more time to stay fit and active. However, many have struggled with flaky motivation, tricky restrictions, and increasing fatigue as a result of reduced sun exposure. As such, Netflix and Chill nights have rapidly replaced the home workout programmes. Who can be blamed? There is no point in being harsh on yourself. The pandemic situation has been a stressful crisis that puts everybody’s lives on hold. But now that most restrictions have been removed – and kids are at school – you can use the spare time in your schedule to get more active. Using an activity tracker can motivate you to stick to regular workouts, such as running or cycling. If you’re going back to the office, you can make your commute into an active routine, such as switching the car for a bicycle! 

Get those health checks you’ve postponed 

Have you been avoiding doctors since March unless it was strictly necessary? You’re not the only one! Most of us have cancelled medical appointments and postponed checks. But you can’t let your health carry on unnoticed. The most common health checks that people delay concern your eyes and teeth. 

Schedule a check with your local optometrist to ensure your eyes are still healthy. The optometrist is the person who can diagnose and treat eye diseases and disorders. An optometrist can recommend wearing glasses to see well, which you’ll get fitted with an optician’s prescription. During the lockdown, eye specialists have tracked potentially harmful disorders such as: 

  • Eye inflammation due to the use of highly concentrated cleaning products, 
  • Aggravated shortsightedness or myopia as a result of not getting corrective glasses, 
  • Toxin build-ups linked to unhealthy diets and indoor pollution that can cause yellow eyes

Similarly, dentists have also noticed elevated issues with cavities and weakened dental health. Many problems can be attributed to lockdown habits as well as failure to keep on top of dental hygiene appointments. 

Delicious healthy meals to replace takeaway food

Understandably, the lockdown has transformed our relationship to food. A lot of households have been relying on takeaway meals to replace essentials they couldn’t find in shops. Besides, in times of stress, it makes no doubt that a freshly baked pizza with oozing cheese or a fragrant curry from your local Indian place can bring a sense of comfort. However, week after week, takeaway meals are likely to lead to a sluggish metabolism and a fracture immune response. Focusing on healthy meals that are just as tasty and quick to prepare can make a huge difference! A healthy diet doesn’t have to be dull. 

Get your stress under control

Ah, stress! It’s everywhere. But, as the back to school routine is started, you can introduce new habits that will tackle the most harmful triggers before they hurt you. With the school reopening and contagion risks increasing, it’s fair to say that social media platforms will be filled with alarmist messaging. Make a point of keeping stress at bay by reducing your social media use. 

Instead, dedicate a few minutes every day to fill your mind with positive thoughts. No, it’s not going to avoid a second COVID wave if that is doomed to happen. But it will boost your natural immune defences and help you see through a possible second lockdown without mood swings! 

Your back to school resolutions for the year may seem selfish, but they’re going to be essential to manoeuvre the post-lockdown life and keep your body and mind strong. From reducing unnecessary pressure to your immune system to fuelling your body with the vitamins it needs, seize the chance to renew your New Year’s resolution for a better you. 

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