Astonish Visitors (and Yourself!) with an Incredible New Bathroom

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So many of us want to renovate your bathroom. It’s without doubt one of the most popular renovation tasks. We may spend much more time in the other rooms of our houses, but there’s something about a beautifully designed bathroom that really helps us feel pleased with our homes as a whole.

So we’re going to take a quick look at the keys to great bathroom renovation. If you’re looking to update things in there, then these are the elements that you need to keep in mind. You’re doing both yourself and your bathroom a disservice if you dismiss these ideas!

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Function above all else!

No matter how beautiful a bathroom may look, a design that doesn’t place function as the top priority isn’t that beautiful a design at all. Usability is the most important thing about your bathroom. Just one inconvenience really can spoil the entire thing.

Let’s say you want the bathroom to be spacious. That’s a great idea, but what if that means installing sinks or tubs that are way too small? And what if the decorations you want to put in there would simply increase the risk of damp? You need to place aesthetics second to function. Finding items that strike a good mix of style and function, such as quality cast sinks, is probably the way to go if you don’t want to complicate things.

Is wood good?

A lot of people may argue that wood is an odd thing to use in bathroom decor. But why not use it in the bathroom? Modern homes are using more and more wood in the interior design. It’s true that you need And it’s not like wood doesn’t have a history of sanitation. You may think things like ceramic and marble are easier to clean, but wood has many benefits when it comes to hygiene.

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The trick is to ensure the wood is properly coated with something water repellent. There will be a lot of moisture in your bathroom, after all! There are loads of decorative oils out there that can do the job.

Nature, come in

Elements of nature would make the perfect companions to the smooth running water of your shower. Wood is a great addition certainly helps bring in the natural side to your bathroom. Installing more windows to bring in additional natural light is also recommended. How about a skylight for best results?

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If you have the space for it, you should consider bringing in a plant. It shouldn’t be an extravagant bouquet of flowers, though. Plants with a simpler colour scheme will serve you better here. will serve you well here.


Minimalism is still a hot term in the realm of interior design. There’s nothing more relaxing than a minimalist design, right? Leave clutter and mess for the outside world. The bathroom should be a relaxing place.

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Getting some wood or lightly coloured tiles works very well with a minimalist decor. It’s also why a garish display of flowers probably wouldn’t work very well! Minimalism helps accentuate function, too – which is precisely what you should be doing with bathroom decor!

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