Gift Ideas For Your Nieces and Nephews That Will Make You The Best Auntie or Uncle Around

When you are an auntie, you can have free reign on the gifts that you give them. Think of Christmas time that has just gone. Their parents get them the things that they need and a few things that they want (within reason). Grandparents tend to choose the more sensible gifts, usually something more educational. So your nieces and nephews are relying on you to get them something a little unexpected, right? So if you are stuck on what to get them, here are a few fun ideas, for a variety of budgets.

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Designer Clothes

If your nieces and nephews are a little older, then it is something that they will certainly appreciate. If they are babies or toddlers, then their parents will appreciate it too, as it something luxury that they wouldn’t buy for them themselves necessarily. It could be a jacket or a top from Versace young, or a babygrow or booties from Gucci baby. It can be a special item of clothing that perhaps might even become a bit of a family heirloom as it will get passed on from generation to generation.

Remote Control Anything

Most parents wouldn’t buy this as a gift as it is just another thing to get batteries for. But something using a remote control is always a fun gift for an auntie or uncle to buy. It could be a helicopter or drone that flies around or a standard remote control car. Either way, it makes a good gift for nieces and nephews, depending on their age, of course. It does have the education side to it too, as they’ll have to learn to use it and learn the directions for it to go in. It can help their fine motor skills too. So what is not to love?

Pretend Play Items

It could be a pretend kitchen or a shopping trolley with play food. Whatever it is, pretend play items are a great gift for a variety of ages. It helps them to use their imagination and to play with others too. They can create games and characters and act them out. You could get them a tool box set to fix things with or a chopping board with wooden fruit to chop. It is good for kids to express themselves and to act out the things that they see us doing. So if you’d rather they don’t chop food with actual knives, get them a pretend set to practice with.

Fancy Dress

Both boys and girls love to play dress up, don’t they? So you will win instant cool auntie or uncle points by getting them a fancy dress outfit for a gift. It could be their favourite superhero or princess or just something that they can use in pretend play like a doctor’s uniform or an animal costume. Having a selection of fancy dress costumes is great for their imagination, as well as being great for the parents. When it comes time for World Book Day or a play at school, it can save time and money if they already have a selection to choose from.

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