The First Midwife Appointment – My First Pregnancy

After going to the doctors and first finding out I was pregnant I really didn’t know what to do.  I waited for a call from a midwife to get me booked in to see if we could work out possible due dates.   Luckily I didn’t have to wait too long and I received a phone call from my doctor’s midwife a day after I had been to the doctors to say she could get me booked in on Friday 2nd December at 6.30pm in Solihull Hospital women’s unit.

We were both so excited, it wasn’t interfering with work so I didn’t have to worry about making up excuses to my boss and was still too early to tell people, so worked out perfectly.  I left work at 5.30 jumped straight on the train and headed to Solihull to meet the OH,  I was a little early so I went and did some Christmas shopping to pass the time.

It was then finally time, I walked to the hospital where the OH was sitting in the cafe waiting, the hours seems to go by so slow but we then went to find where we had to go, it was hidden and not sign posted either so had to ask someone.  Eventually, we found it and went straight in and met a lovely midwife called Kirsty.  She firstly said congratulations to us and then asked lots of different questions, health, family history, background etc, so many questions but we got through them.  She then asked if she could have a feel of my tummy to see if she could feel my uterus yet, I lay down on the bed and she had a feel and a little pressure was apply but she couldn’t feel anything as maybe still very early, so she said she would put me forward for a scan asap so we could find out as she thought it was still very early days.

I left with a folder full of leaflets and paperwork to read and my first blood test form to go and have my blood taken at the earliest convenience.

Watch out for more updates soon

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