Updating Your Sitting Room? Don’t Forget These Stylish Additions

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Once January is here, many of us are ready to turn over a new leaf and start some new chapters in our life. That’s not all, though; lots of people also plan on sprucing up their home and giving some of their rooms a nice makeover ready for the year ahead. And one of the most popular rooms that undergoes a makeover in January is the living room. As this is one of the most used rooms in any home, there is no wonder that homeowners want to make sure that there’s has the wow factor. But how exactly do you add the wow factor to your cosy living room? You just need to remember to add these stylish additions.

A Piece Of Statement Furniture

If you want to really wow anyone who sees your new living room, you should think about adding a piece of statement furniture. What makes the item of furniture a statement? It should stand out from everything else in the room and be a real attention grabber. Most people go for a large sofa as their piece of statement furniture, such as a Chesterfield sofa. Alternatively, you may want to go for a chic oak coffee table that you could decorate with a statement centrepiece.

Brown Wooden Table With Silver Mug on Top

A Mirror

Another great addition to any living room is a large mirror on an accent wall. This will work very well in smaller living rooms as it can help to make them feel a lot bigger than what they actually are. If you want your mirror to stand out as much as possible, go for something very decadent, such as one with a gilded frame. However, if you would prefer a minimal decor, a gilded-framed mirror won’t match the discrete decor. In this case, it would be worth going for a simple metallic frame.

Stylish Light Fittings

Lights are one of the most practical parts of any living room. They are necessary to light up the room, and the right lighting can add a great illusion of space. But why just add the simplest of light fittings to your room when you could turn them into one of the room’s most decorative features? If you have some wall lights, make them look very pretty with some fancy sconce lighting fixtures. You could turn your room’s central light into a centrepiece by adding an elaborate shade.

Brown Wooden Sofa Set With Lighted Table Lamp

Plants And Flowers

One great way to add some colour into your living room is to add plenty of fresh flowers and plants. Not only will they pop with colour, but they will also help to freshen up the air in your living room as well. You’ll find that adding some plants will be a great way to get rid of any musty smells that may be lingering! Don’t worry if you think you won’t be any good at keeping the plants alive; there are plenty of low-maintenance ones that are perfect for keeping in your home. Think about going for spider plants and English ivy.

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