Ways You Can Make a Happier and Healthier Dog

Dogs are an excellent addition to any family. They are happy animals by nature, loyal and loving. However, we still have to try and make their lives the best they can be. When you sit back and think about all the joy your pet has brought into your, can you honestly say it has been 100% reciprocated? Luckily, there are many ways we can improve our dogs’ lives and make them happier and healthier in the process.  

More Walks

If you want a happier and healthier dog, you could start by taking them on more walks. How about letting the doh join you on long hoke across the countryside or let them join you on a run. They have a lot of energy to get rid of, and this is a great way for them to get it out. Think about places you can take them off the lead and let them go for it at top speed. You could even think about small breaks away where there are excellent dog walking routes. More walks will definitely make them feel better and will make them healthier too. If they are not used to being off the lead, the burnt energy will make them sleep more too.

Train Them

For a dog to have the best quality of life they need to be well trained. This prevents you from getting annoyed at them for barking all the time or keeping them on a lead and never letting them run, or even locked away if they have a tendency to bite. Dogs are social animals, and therefore they need to be socially trained, among other things. Take puppies to obedience classes if you are unsure of how to train them properly. You can even take adult dogs to training classes to work out bad behaviors. So, it is never too late.

Tackle Boredom 

Just like us, dogs get bored too. Did you know there are things known as dog enrichment puzzles? You could also invest in new toys and play games such as hide and seek. You can hide little treats around the house and get the dog to search for them. Games are a great way to test their intelligence and possibly even get better. Dogs enjoy a little bit of mental stimulation, and it is another great way to build your bond and test their obedience.  

Feed them the Best

Dogs are actually omnivores, so they can eat a variety of foods such as meats and vegetables. A mixed diet is the healthiest diet for a dog. It is a worthy investment to purchase the best dog food you can afford. Ensure that you read labels before you bit and check that the meat really is meat and not meat substitutes. Only this way will you ensure that your dog is going to receive the right amount of protein. 

A Good Send-Off

Like any member of a family, a dog deserves a great send-off when they pass away. Paws To Heaven is a great way to thank your pet for the love they gave you in life.

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