Looking After Your Family Dog

A family dog is more than just a dog; it’s a member of your family. It might have fur and large teeth, but actually, it is not much different from humans either. Your dog also has mental and emotional needs and requires a good diet and exercise regime. In this post, we look at some of the best ways to look after your dog and keep them as healthy as you are. 

Engage Your Dog’s Mind 

Some dogs are bred for hunting, others for searching, some are bred for herding or companionship, while others are excellent at sniffing or guiding the blind. Whatever your dog’s main purpose is, it will be more or less intelligent. To keep it active and healthy, you will have to engage its mind with dog toys and puzzles. Make sure you have lots of interesting toys and puzzles available and add to them over time to keep things interesting. If you’re leaving for any length of time, leave plenty for them to play with. 

Socialise Your Dog 

Dogs all have different personality types, much like humans do. They might be introverted, extroverted, or somewhere in between. Regardless, dog’s are also social creatures and will need regular contact with humans and other dogs to remain healthy. If your dog is quiet, invite some friends around to visit, the dog will become familiar with them and their dogs. Otherwise, consider going somewhere with lots of other dogs, the park, or a dog school where they can meet other dogs and get trained. 

Give Your Pup a Home 

Some dogs, especially large dogs, will likely be housed outside in a kennel, but you don’t want any old kennel. The more basic ones might be made or metal and sit on the ground where dangerous or poisonous creatures can wander in. Aussie Dog Kennels, they are large outdoor kennels that give your dog plenty of space to roam. They are raised from the ground to prevent any accidents and made from wood for extra comfort. Even in the winter, during the colder temperatures, your dog will feel sheltered and comfortable in its familiar home. 

Build Your Pup’s Confidence 

If you don’t already know your dog has a mental and emotional life in much the same way, humans do. They get happy, sad, and sometimes depressed. They also have confidence and self-esteem. You can encourage your dog’s confidence levels by rewarding them for small tasks or for completing a new trick. It’s important to train your dog correctly, so they recognise treat as a special reward. Building your dog’s confidence in this way will improve its overall happiness.  

Maintain Good Health 

Diet and exercise are so important for maintaining your dog’s health, as important as any member of your family. Always feed your dog the best food you can find; this is usually food that has a lot of pure meat content and very little salt and sugar. It can be hard to find, but Lillie is a good brand. Exercise is also vital to your dog’s physical and mental health. Even if your dog is old or doesn’t seem energetic, walking them will make a huge difference to how they feel. 

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