Everything You Need To Know About Owning A Cat

So you’re thinking of getting a cat? Great! Cats are wonderful companions that love to play, snuggle, and don’t always need time and attention like other pets do, such as dogs. They’re happy to roam around your home, explore outside, and spend long hours bathing in the heat of the sun. However, owning a cat isn’t black and white, and there are things you should know about owning a cat so that you can give it the love, care and attention it needs to become a happy and content cat. Whether you’re planning to adopt or you’ve got your eyes on a kitten, here’s everything you need to know about owning a cat.

They love their space

As mentioned above, cats love to roam inside and outside of the home. They love to explore and find new things to play with! It’s not unusual to hear of an entirely indoor cat and there’s nothing wrong with it either, just be sure that if you’re doing this, your cat has plenty of space to play and plenty of cat toys to help them wear off their energy.

The cost of owning a cat

Did you know that owning a cat can cost between £16000-£24,500 over a lifetime? It’s quite a shocking figure, but if you count the cost of food, litter tray and pellets, toys and healthcare, you’re looking at a rather costly sum for their lifetime. Many people think they might be able to get away with no insurance for their cat, but in the long run it could save you much more money as well as your cat’s life should they fall ill. Consider the costs and whether you can commit to this before buying a cat.

Know when they’re playing

A common misconception with cats is that people are sometimes unsure when their cats are playing vs when the cat is telling you they need some time alone and would rather not be touched. The problem here is that when cats are playing, they often use their claws and pounce. A great tell tale sign of an unhappy cat that doesn’t want to play is an arched back and hissing. Know when your cat is playing and when they’re unhappy to avoid any nasty situations!

They don’t need a bath as often as you might think!

You’ve probably seen videos of cats being bathed on the internet, but in fact, cats are extremely clean creatures and won’t need a bath as often as a dog might. Of course, if they manage to rub themselves in dirt then they will probably need a bath, but cats clean themselves regularly and don’t necessarily need a ‘regular’ bath. 

Give them their own space in your home to feel safe

Finally, cats get scared and anxious just like humans, and when this happens, they like to retreat to a safe space to calm down and protect themselves. Establish an area for your cat and when they’re in there, leave them to it! They’ll come out eventually and want love and fuss!

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