Our visit to Winter Wonderland -Snowdome Tamworth

Sadly it is too late to go now this year but be sure to book in early for Christmas 2016.  A few weeks prior to Christmas I thought it would be nice to surprise my nephew who is 7 yrs old to a trip to the snowdome, to go and visit their annual Winter Wonderland that happens around Christmas time between 20th November and 31st December.

On Sunday 20th December me, my mum, my dad, my fiancé Tom and my nephew Jack headed over to the snowdome, We set off around 10am and all the way there my nephew was asking where are we going, are we nearly there yet, until we saw signs for the snowdome and winter Wonderland then he guessed where we were going, his face was a picture filled with excitement. When we finally pulled into the car park it was very busy, and drove round the car park several times before finding a space.

To make the process quicker for us because of how busy it can get we booked it all online a few weeks before we were due to go and so went straight through fast track to check in. We then waited in a room for our time slot where there was a little show for the kids with a snowman and music for the kids to dance around to, it was very busy.

Finally after what seemed like forever it was our turn to go in, we grabbed a sledge, and started wandering round, it was all beautifully lit up with fairy light and christmas trees but was very cold so we made sure we were all wrapped up warm and snug. You could hear all the kids screaming and shouting with how excited they were and plenty of laughter to. We had around 40 minutes in the snow, there was plenty to do. Jack decided to start a snow ball fight with us too. There was slopes to slide down in rings and sledges etc. We all had a go, we went whizzing down and bumped in to several others on the way down and heard lots of laughter’s as we went.




After our time slot they rang a bell and it was our turn to go and see Santa and the show. It was a really good show, it went on for about half hour/30minutes and you could hear the kids laughing throughout the show.


After the show we were escorted out and into the pet’s corner section where we saw lots of different animals there was reindeer, Pigs, Shetland Ponies, Donkeys, Goats and Rabbits.

IMG_4830 IMG_4834 IMG_4833 IMG_4820 IMG_4819

Here’s Jack my nephew in Santa’s Boots


Prices are reasonable aswell at £12.95 per person on Saver days and £16.95 per person on Standard days. (see timetable for furthur details on website).

It was a fantastic day and a very magical one as well for all the family.  It is suitable for all ages and even though I am nearly 30 years old I had a brilliant day and would defiantly recommend going to the snowdome at Christmas.

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