Retro Kettle & Coffee Machine Review

Retro Kettle

Back in October I received an email from a guy at Spectrum Brands asking if I would be interested in trialling some of their products.  Of course I jumped at the chance as me and my partner moved into our first home just over 12 months ago.

I received the first package via courier in mid November, It didn’t come in any original package box but came with instructions and all packaged well to prevent damage.


Russell hobbs is a brand that is well known and they are fantastic.

It is easy to pour with the spout and a handle which is easy to grip too and won’t slip out your hand while you are pouring.  The dial on the front tells you what temperature the water is boiling at.


On the side of the kettle there is the measure for the amount of cups it can make.


This kettle boils reletively quickly and is fairly quiet as well.  It does get hot so be careful not to touch it when it has just boiled.

Retro Coffee Machine

A few weeks after I received the kettle I got sent the matching coffee machine as well to trial. This machine is a filter type coffee machine so you just need to put ground coffee in the top and the machine will do the rest.

IMG_4934 IMG_4936

It is very light weight and slim line so it doesn’t take up to much worktop space. It is great if you have a large number of people round as can make a big pot and it will stay warm for a while to save you making constant cups of coffee and re boiling the water.  It can make up to between 10-15 cups at one time depending on the size of the mug.IMG_4935

I was sent these products free of charge in return for an honest unbiased review.

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