Pets – Past & Present

Hands up if you love animals? ……… Me! Me! I do.  Anyone that knows me will tell you that too.

Pets have always been a massive part of my life ever since I was a little girl.  My mum and dad always had goldfish in the garden in a pond that was made out of an old bath that was embedded in stones with a wall built around it.  I used to love feeding them and watching them swimming around.

I have had all sorts of different pets while growing up, Goldfish, hamsters (Syrian & Russian), A Tortoise, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and a dog.  My first pet was a Syrian hamster called Frisky that mum and dad brought me for my birthday as a surprise, he was amazing, used to love running up the stairs and loved climbing up his cage, playing and eating.  He was white and tan in colour.  Unfortunately, hamsters only live till they are around 2 – 2 & half years old, but they are great pets to have and are very fun to watch.

Then one day I decided to go and buy a tortoise as I aways wanted one. I had Terri for around 3 and half years then sadly he went to sleep and never woke up again.  Used to love watching him walk around the room, eat and give him baths. 

This is Terri the Tortoise


My rabbits – Christmas, Smudge, Pumpkin and Autumn.  Christmas was a stray at just 3 weeks old that had been handed into my friend’s workplace and he had a poorly eye so I nursed him back to good health and gave him a loving home after as I couldn’t re home him as fell in love with him and his character.  Then came Smudge (a girlfriend for Christmas), I rehomed her from someone who couldn’t look after her anymore.  But sadly Smudge had to be put to sleep as she became poorly in October 2013 after just 4 months of me rehoming her.  I then adopted Pumpkin from Pets at home in October 2013 and then after just a week of having her she gave birth to little Autumn.  Pumpkin sadly passed away in April 2015 after struggling with weight loss and found out she had kidney failure.

This is Smudge


This is Speedy the Hamster
This is Speedy the Hamster


This is Pumpkin


This is Autumn (Daughter of Pumpkin)


This is Christmas


This is Trouble & Squeak
This is Trouble & Squeak


This is Treacle & Liquorice
This is Treacle & Liquorice


This is our Dog Called Carly, She is a Rottweiler and we rehomed her from a friend who was moving house and couldn’t take her with her.  She is 4 years old and great with other animals and kids.  She is a perfect dog in every way, she is fine when been left while we go to work and is a great guard dog but most of all is the most lovable and affectionate four-legged friend every.


Do you have any pets? Would love to hear and see pictures of yours.

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