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Wedding Weather Woes: The Key To A Successful Outdoor Wedding

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Whether you’re thinking of getting married on a beach or on the grounds to a stately home, the success of your outdoor wedding is likely to hinge on the weather. Whilst getting married in summer may increase your chances of a bright clear day, you can never guarantee it. You’re therefore best off preparing for the worst. Here are just a few ways to ensure that your outdoor wedding is a comfortable day for all – rain or shine.

Watch out for wind

Wind can often be worse than rain, messing up hair and destroying décor. It’s best to pick somewhere sheltered for the ceremony at least. If you’re getting married outside a stately home, pick the side that’s most sheltered from gusts of wind. Similarly, with a beach wedding, try to avoid an area of coast that is heavily exposed. Wind breaks can be useful to have in order to quell some of the wind.

Take shelter

A canopy of gazebo is worth hiring to keep everything dry (it will also provide shade in the sun). There are many companies such as Lewis Marquees – Marquee Hire that specialise in wedding canopies. Supply enough canopy for all your guests and think about where to place items that could be easily damaged by rain or wind such as flowers or cake.

Don’t forget your transport

Decide how you plan to get to and from the wedding and how you’ll stay dry in the process. If you’re hiring a carriage or open top car, make sure that it’s convertible so that there’s the option of a roof. You may be able to get away with umbrellas, but it’s unlikely this will cover a whole wedding dress.

Get married abroad

You can up your chances of a sunny wedding by getting married abroad. You’ll be able to have a wedding out of season, which will lower costs. You can also combine it with a honeymoon afterwards. The only downside of course is that it will cost a lot to get your guests out. You may also have to take a trip out there to get much of the organisation done – whilst some of it can be done via phone and email, you’ll most likely want to talk to people face to face and see the venue with your own eyes. Some companies such as Kuoni may be able to help with wedding planning abroad.

Sunny weather has pitfalls too

Whilst many wish for the sun, there are pitfalls to a bright and sunny wedding. It will be a sweaty day for all, as everyone will be dressed up in suits and gowns. There’s then the issues of flies and wasps – the cake may need to be stored inside somewhere to prevent these pests getting to it. Also, if either of you or your guests have hayfever, you’ll have this to contend with – taking some antihistamines with you could be worthwhile.

Better Than Average: How To Plan A Dream Wedding For Less

If you recoil in horror when you read about the average cost of a wedding, don’t panic. You’re not alone! The average UK wedding now costs in the region of £27,000. If you’ve just got engaged and you’re wondering how on earth you’re going to get that kind of money together for the day of your dreams, have faith. Affording the wedding of your dreams is possible! If you’re about to start the planning process, here are some tips to help you organise an unforgettable day without blowing the budget.

Setting your budget

The first thing to do when you start planning a wedding is set a budget. Nobody wants to have those awkward conversations with their parents about how much they’re willing to donate to the cause, but the sooner you get them out of the way, the better. If you have parents or other family members contributing to your wedding, ask them for a figure and add this to whatever you have saved or you’re hoping to save along the way. This will give you an accurate idea of how much you can afford to spend. If you can’t rely on donations or gifts from others, there are ways of raising money, but it’s best to tread carefully before you look into options like loans for bad credit. Make plans for the budget you have now first, and then consider borrowing. If you aren’t quite at the sum you need to be, it’s often possible to make savings on items on your list that aren’t going to make or break your wedding.

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Prioritising purchases

Every couple has items on their list of things to buy that are more important than others. Some brides, for example, are desperate for the dream dress and they’re willing to forgo other things, such as table favours, a live band and a 5-tier cake to get that gown. Go through what you’ve written down, and work out where you want to splurge and where you can save. Don’t feel pressured to have everything you’d normally find at a wedding. Just because other people have a sit-down meal doesn’t mean you have to if you’d rather have something more relaxed, which is also cheaper. You can also save money by making your own favours and table plans, sending online invitations, and asking guests to arrange their own transport.

Choosing a date

You may not think that the date of your wedding has much to do with your budget, but it can actually make a huge difference. If you choose a Saturday in the height of the summer or a national holiday, you’re going to pay a lot more than you would for a weekday in the autumn, winter or early spring months. During the low season, venue hire fees are lower, but you can also make savings on transport, catering, photography, and entertainment.

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Weddings are expensive, but you don’t have to give up on the wedding of your dreams just because you don’t have thousands of pounds lying around. It is possible to plan a perfect day on a budget and to make savings along the way. Set a budget, stick to it, and focus on what’s really important to you.

Wedding Registries -The Pros and Cons

Todays bride and grooms have discovered the power of the internet. Online registries are very popular.

While wedding registries are a wonderful way to gift and be gifted with the guarantee that your gift is perfect, all wedding registries are not created equally.

The platforms offered by crowdfunding are industry leaders. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of popular wedding registries.

Amazon has a versatile registry that allows you to choose items from anywhere in the world. It is a popular choice.


Huge selection

Able to read product reviews before choosing an item

Amazon return/refund policy


If a guest chooses an item on your list that is sold from a different vendor they are directed to the vendor’s site.  This means your information would have to be on the vendor’s site in order for you to receive it.  This can be time-consuming and a hassle for the gift giver.

Unless the gifter is a member of Amazon Prime, shipping fees are steep.


Honeyfund always ranks highly in the wedding registries arena. Honeyfund allows the couple to set up traditional registries as well as money donation.

Pros: Honeyfund is a free site. You can utilise all your registries in one location. Gifters can pay for an item or “chip in” on a purchase.  Very easy to use especially if your guests are from different cities or countries.

Certainly, the gift is wanted.

Cons: The site encourages the receiver to set their fund up through PayPal for fast access. PayPal charges a small transaction fee.


Plumfund is a zero fee crowdfunding platform which is hugely popular in various venues, including wedding registries. Many couples opt for a Plumfund account to use their gifts for fundraising for a loved one or their favourite charity.


No fees

Easy to use

Set up for gifts, or charity  


Some people feel it inappropriate to fundraise for their wedding.

Large platform can be overwhelming

Simple Registry

Simple registry is super easy to use and connects seamlessly with hundreds of vendors.


easy to use

massive choices


You do not actually get the gift the gifter is sending, but instead get the money to pay for the gift

There is 5% fee on the gift, reducing the amount of money you receive

Once you opt to take the money there is a 72 hour waiting period

My Registry

My registry is more like an online store registry. It is super easy to use.


Very easy to use

Can sync with traditional sites to make gifting easy


The site does not charge a fee, but they go through PayPal which does. Your gifts come from a third site so your information must be set up at all the locations you tie to your account.

Wedding registries are a great modern tool. They allow you to give a gift you know is wanted with a wide range to choose from – you could even contribute to your favourite couple’s awesome Hawaii honeymoon.

Whether collecting for charity or a destination wedding, wedding registries are the way to go. Honeyfund and Plumfund are our top picks for ease of use, money saving, and reliability.

I’m a Bridesmaid, Now What

I’m a Bridesmaid, Now What?

Congratulations! Not only is one of your closest friends or family members getting married, but she cares so much about you that she chose you to take part in her inner circle. It’s official – you’re a bridesmaid. So…now what?

Begin Handling the Logistics of Becoming a Bridesmaid

If you don’t already have it, your friend will soon give you a wedding date and location. Confirm that you’re available, and if anything goes wrong to prevent you from being there, let her know as soon as possible. It’s a lot harder to change plans close to the wedding date, so be courteous and keep her informed.

Contact other Attendants to Determine Roles

Usually, even small weddings have more than one bridesmaid – necessary for the picturesque line of women in pretty mint green bridesmaid dresses! Get in touch with your fellow bridal party members and find out if there are any engagement parties, bridal showers or bachelorette parties planned. It is customary to share some of the costs and responsibilities of these events, so get clear now on what others are expecting of you.

Get the Lowdown on the Dresses

Find out if you need to provide measurements for those mint green bridesmaid dresses, or if you are responsible for shopping on your own. Is there a colour, fabric or style that you need to buy, or will you choose from a variety of options? Ask for guidelines for shoes, accessories and hair and makeup. If necessary, make appointments for the latter services.

Offer to Help with Pre-Wedding Tasks

Some couples start early and complete all of their own detail work with time to spare. Others never realised that the “small” tasks like assembling invitations or personalizing gifts can take up so much time, and are surprised when everything snowballs. They desperately need help and a thoughtful attendant can really save the day.

The Countdown

Make sure you have everything ready in time for the wedding and try it all on with enough time to make adjustments, but not so far in advance that you fail to detect any personal changes (i.e., you lost 10 pounds and need another round of alterations).

Help host the bridal shower and bachelorette parties, attend them and don’t forget to bring a gift.

Attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Get some sleep before the big day!

The Wedding Day

Arrive on time with everything necessary for the day in hand. Either get your hair and makeup done before you arrive or pay close attention to the schedule and be where you are needed at your appointed time. Help the bride get into her gown and make sure she stays cool, calm, and comfortable until the big moment arrives.

You’ll likely be asked to participate in pre-ceremony photos. Afterwards, help the bride refresh her makeup and make her final preparations, and make sure you are completely ready for the main event. Walk in the professional as you rehearsed, and stand with the bridal party during the ceremony. If applicable, participate in post-ceremony photos and in bridal party introductions. Dance at the reception! One role of wedding attendants is to act as social liaisons – help guests feel comfortable by being friendly and enjoying the festivities yourself. Offer a hand to the couple throughout the night if needed. Make sure you act responsibly and safely, and if needed, take advantage of safe transportation home.

A bridesmaid does more than just stand up and look pretty. Start working on your responsibilities early, and you will earn your place among the best bridesmaids ever!

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Wendy Dessler

Wendy is a super-connector with Outreachmama who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in digital marketing and focuses her efforts on developing customized blogger outreach plans depending on the industry and competition.


Tying The Knot On The Cheap! Planning Your Perfect Wedding On A Budget

There are plenty of reasons why a lot of people feel pretty anxious about their wedding. There’s a lot of planning to do, you have to extremely organised, and you’re likely to going to have to talk to more people at once than at any other time in your life. But there’s one thing that causes a lot of wedding anxiety for many people more that just about anything else: money. Money is often right at the forefront of many people’s minds when it comes to their wedding plans and often seems like the thing that stands between you and your perfect wedding. The average wedding can sometimes run up a bill in the tens of thousands, and that’s just not something that a lot of people have the budget for. But do you really have to spend that much in order to have the perfect wedding? Well, luckily, the answer to that questions is a thoroughly resounding no! Of course, if you have the money to spend then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t but if you’ve got a slightly more modest budget then here are some things that you can do to have a stylish wedding on a budget.

Don’t buy, make!

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There are plenty of things that you can buy to decorate your wedding venue beautifully. You can even hire people to do it for you! However, if you’re looking to save a bit of money then why not avoid that entirely by making your own decorations? There are hundreds of tutorials all over the internet that show you how to make beautiful decorations from simple household objects. Not only will this help you save huge amounts of money but it also has the added benefit of making your decorations completely unique and personal to you. You don’t have to worry about your wedding looking like anyone else because your decorations truly will be one of a kind!

Call in favours

Don’t have the budget for a wedding planner? No problem! That’s what your maid of honour is for! They can help you with a lot of planning so that you’re not stuck running around trying to do everything yourself. If you have friends with an eye for design then why not get them to help you decorate the venue! If you have any friends or relatives with a large, beautiful garden then why not ask them to let you use that as the venue for the wedding itself? There are some things that you might want to get a professional in for. Unless you have a friend who is an experienced caterer or photographer, you might want to get some professional help there. However, there are plenty of things that you don’t need a professional to deal with and can call in favours with friends and relatives for free.

Think about things you can compromise

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Ask yourself, what are the most important aspects of your wedding? This should be something that you and your partner discuss together. Figure out what you cannot live without, and that will give you an idea of what you can compromise on. Perhaps you need a specific venue for the day to be perfect, so then, you might be able to cut back on decorations or food. Or maybe there’s a band that you simply have to have at your wedding if that’s the case, then you might be able to save money on something like the venue. By making compromises and balancing things, you’ll be in a much better position overall to avoid bankrupting yourselves.

A Wedding On A Shoestring Budget?

Some people don’t have a lot of money to play with when it comes to getting married, but that doesn’t mean they should have an underwhelming day. Some people could potentially spend the money associated with modern day weddings, but prefer not to for only one day! Here are some tips that could help you to get married on a shoestring budget:

Decide What Your Priorities Are

First off, decide what your priorities are. Do you want the most gorgeous dress ever? Perhaps you’re more concerned about a gorgeous venue, or brilliant entertainment for your guests. By noting down your top priorities, you can then allocate the biggest chunks of your budget. Everything else; beg, borrow, or steal!

Enlist Friends And Family To Help

Instead of having wedding presents, why not enlist family and friends to help you? Ask your brother to be the camera man, your dad to decorate the venue, and your grandmother to make the cake. These are just examples, but they will save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run. It will also make the wedding far more meaningful to you!

Get Your DIY On

There are a tonne of things you can make yourself too. You can make signs, buntings, centrepieces, and so much more. It takes a little extra time, but if you leave enough time to plan, then you will save a fortune!

Take a look at the infographic below for some of the most extravagant wedding celebrations of all time. These weddings definitely weren’t on a shoestring budget!

Credit to Booth-Ology

The Maid Of Honour: What Is Your Job?

There are few things more wonderful than being asked to be someone’s maid of honour. It’s a sign that there is no one in the world that a bride would rather have by their side on the most important day of their lives. It’s a genuine privilege and something that most people would be utterly delighted to do. However, there is another side to it. As wonderful as a task being the maid of honour is, it’s also something that comes with a lot of responsibility. There’s a chance that you’ll have so many things on your plate that you might wish you’d never been asked at all. To help you avoid pulling your hair out, here are some of the things that you’ll probably be tasked with as the maid of honour.

The bachelorette party

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The bachelorette party is often the first thing that jumps into the heads of many maids of honour the moment they’re asked. While the groom and his buddies will be off paintballing or getting completely drunk, it’s your job to make sure that it’s the kind of party that the bride really wants. Make sure to think carefully about the bride as a person when planning the party. Would they prefer a classy, subdued dinner or a night out on the town? Talk to the bride and find out what she wants before jumping to any conclusions.

Be a surrogate wedding planner

Most people can’t afford a dedicated wedding planner, and because of that, they have to take it on themselves. Of course, it’s certainly not easy trying to plan an entire wedding by yourself, so the bride is probably going to need your help. Why not find some specific jobs that you can take on in order to make her life easier? You can coordinate with people like the photographer as well as keeping everyone on track for what they’re supposed to be doing when the big day actually arrives. The bride is likely to be a little preoccupied, so she’ll probably need you to manage those kinds of things her behalf.

Deal with a bridezilla

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Speaking of the bride, one thing that every maid of honour has to come to terms with is that part of your job is going to be dealing with a bride who is stressed out, frustrated and angry a lot of the time. Planning a wedding is hard, especially if you’re doing it yourself. Combine that with the rollercoaster of emotions that she’s probably feeling then you’ve got a recipe for a bridezilla. Like it or not, there’s a chance that you’re simply going to need to be willing to put up with a bride who’s throwing tantrums and yelling in your face from time to time. Just remember that it’s not directed at you. They’re under a lot of stress, and sometimes they just need to vent.

Manage rowdy guests

No bride wants a drunken relative heckling the speeches or making a mess on the dance floor. Because of that, you’re probably going to end up on drunk duty. It’ll be your job to corral guests away from where they would cause a scene, either to a taxi where they can go home, or somewhere quiet to relax and sober up a bit.

Can A Money Smart Wedding Really Exist?

Your wedding might be the most special day of your life, but it’s also likely to be one of your most expensive. You might have had dreams about the perfect day you’ve held onto for years, but is it really all worth the cost? To stop your perfect day from emptying your wallet, you might want to be a bit smarter in how you plan it. It can be both cheaper, more stress-free, and more secure with the tips mentioned below.

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Book smarter

You can still get a fantastic venue at a reasonable price and potentially save on a lot of other wedding goodies if you’re willing to just be a bit different with your timing. For one, you might want to avoid the big Summer or Winter weddings, as those are the times that venues are in most demand. Saturdays, a well, are more expensive than any other day of the week. Of course, sites like can help you find the exceptions, but it’s best to keep your expectations realistic. If you want to use a great venue around the same time as every other wedding party, you’re going to get charged more for it.

Don’t rush it

It should only make sense that the more time you’re willing to give yourself until the date of the wedding, the more money you can save. For one, you can book when most vendor and venues don’t have their books full, which means you’ll get a lower price. But if you’re actually starting to plan much earlier, then you have more time to source different deals as well. There are plenty of places like where you can browse a plethora of different deals.
There are some vendors out there who cut costs without sacrificing quality. It’s all about having the time to find them. You should also consider the fact that you’ll have birthdays, Christmases and other opportunities at a little bonus cash that can be put into the wedding fund.

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Do more yourself

If you have more time to prepare for the wedding, then you might have more time to make a bit of a DIY impact on the wedding. You can source and arrange your own flowers. You can create your wedding invites. You can create your welcome table or sign. Besides helping you cut the costs, taking the chance to make more of the wedding yourself gives you the opportunity to really personalize it. The day will be more special because of the effort, love, and care the two of you have put into the individual parts of it. It also ensures that your wedding isn’t going to look like everyone else’s.

Brace for the unexpected

Regardless of how much time you give yourself to prepare, there’s always the chance that something can go wrong. Plans can change, vendors can fall through with only weeks to go and so forth. Are you going to bite the full cost of changing dates, venues or vendors? It might make the wedding entirely unaffordable so it might be worth considering insurance packages like those from to make it a lot more practical. After all, if you get it set up early, then you have more time to pay for it. Besides insuring the wedding, you should also consider taking the time to note down and get in contact with potential backup vendors if you do experience a no-show.

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Don’t go overboard with the stag/hen do

This is a trend that needs to stop. The hen and stag parties are ever escalating, getting more expensive, and taking people further afield, so that hundreds are going to be spent well before the wedding. If you expect to go abroad for your hen and stag do, then the chances are that you’re going to be carrying some of the costs despite the fact that the party members will be pitching quite a lot. It’s unnecessary and it causes a lot more stress than it needs to. Talk to your wedding party and make it clear you don’t need an extravagant party. Keep it local, keep it more about the people than the place. It will be a relief for everyone involved.

You deserve to have an unforgettable day, but don’t think that how it feels is going to be in any way determined by how much you’re willing to spend. Don’t get caught into the same trap that has put hundreds of brides under immense pressure in the past. Be willing to have a more financially sensible wedding.

Bright Organizational Tips For An Unforgettable Wedding Reception


A wedding day is an event that has seemingly endless planning requirements. Proposing or accepting a marriage proposal is likely to be one of the best days of your life, but it does take a lot of legwork in order to turn your dream into a reality.

This doesn’t mean you need to pull your hair out worrying about it. You’re going to worry no matter how smoothly everything goes, but making sure you’ve planned a great reception is something that will hugely mitigate the butterflies you feel on the morning of your big day.

If this is your first wedding or your twentieth, you deserve the best you can achieve, budget and timeline permitting. Follow this organizational tip checklist to make sure you’ve not left anything out and aren’t leaving anything to chance.

  1. Establish A Timeline

You’re engaged and ready to rock. After the first waves of excitement are over, it’s time to get planning. The very first thing to do is choose the date of your wedding that’s convenient for those you’re planning to invite and good for you too. There is no time limit here, some people get married months after the engagement, some years. It all depends on what you’re trying to achieve. Most prefer to get married in the spring or summer to symbolise new beginnings, but it’s up to you. Once you do choose a date, stick to it. That will be the anchor from which everything revolves.

  1. The Invite List

Once you’ve picked the date, choose your invite list. Do you want children there? Do you want a small reception or a large one? What does your budget allow? Your invites themselves can come later, but for now, the list is invaluable and will help you ascertain what size space you need.

  1. Establish Your Budget

It’s good to get in a dialogue here with how much is realistic to spend. Are your parents or in-laws going to help out? Try and stick to a figure here and remember, this day will hopefully only come once. Don’t spare any expense if you can.

  1. What Reception Do You Want?

Do you want to bring your family to a white beach abroad? Or do you want a traditional church ceremony? Think of what would work for you and your partner above all else. It’s your day. Just be mindful of how far you’re asking your guests to travel.

  1. Renting A Space

Make sure this allows room for your invite list as well as separation of reception and actual marriage ceremony (if having both in the same area.)

  1. Get Help

This isn’t just your fight to try and get through alone. A wedding is a huge event, so be sure to enlist the help of your nearest and dearest to make sure you’re observing your plan from all angles.

  1. Photographer

Make sure to get a professional photographer. If you need to save money, try and enlist the help of a student or freelance photographer but check their portfolio before you do. Make sure they’re professional. You want this day documented well.

  1. Arrange Catering

Use a professional service like Your Private Chef ( for this. There’s no question that this is one of the main budgeting priorities you should have. Try and allow a range of options for vegetarians, vegans, or those with allergies to try on your menu. If the catering service is worth their salt, they will communicate with you about your requirements the entire way.

  1. Be Professional

This is your wedding, but try not to alienate people if you have to compromise in some way. This is your day, but sometimes maintaining a relationship with someone is better than losing them because they’re having trouble booking the white doves for your grand entrance.

If you’re getting married, we wish you the absolute best of luck and happiness. This is your special day and will be something to cherish for the rest of your life. After all the worrying, make sure you try to enjoy it!

Have Your Wedding Cake And Eat It

The day when you promise your loyalty, fidelity, and love to your soul mate should be a special one indeed. But so often it can end up costing the Earth! But you can have a have a wonderful wedding without going bankrupt in the process if you are clever about how your plan and execute things. Read on for some essential tips, so you can have your wedding cake and eat it, so to speak!


Wedding dresses cost thousands of pounds, don’t they? Well, they can do, but they don’t have to. It all depends on how clever you are about buying yours.

Firstly you can get traditional formal style dresses for a knockdown price at wedding outlet stores which are located all over the UK.

Or, if you have enough time you can hold off until your favourite boutique has a sale, and grab yourself a bargain there.

Midsection of Woman Making Heart Shape With Hands

Then there is the option of grabbing a bargain in the form of a 50’s style dress with a flared skirt. There are quite a few websites which offer this style of dress is whites and creams, and the cost is a lot less expensive than a traditional style dress. All you need to do is dress it up with a few accessories like a birdcage veil and some nice shoes, and you’re sorted, all for a bargain price.


Another large expense for weddings tends to be the cost of the service and the reception. But you can save on this, while still having the day of your dreams by booking a venue that has the capacity for the service and the reception at the same place.

Why will this save you money? Well, first of all, you won’t have to pay separate fees for a church and reception. Remember that church fees can run up to around £800, by the way, depending on the location.

You also won’t have to worry about transporting your guests from the service to the reception which can cost a lot of money. Especially, if you have to hire a red London bus or even use a local coach service.


Traditionally suits are either bought or hired for the groom and the groomsmen at the wedding. Hiring, of course, is a cheaper option, but then you have to worry about keeping them clean and in excellent condition, or risk losing your deposits.

Instead, why not look at high street suits instead of wedding ones? You can get them in all sorts of style, and it can work particularly well if you are looking for a rustic themed do, as tweed is really in right now. You also know that the groom and ushers will get wear out of them after the day so they might not mind spending a little extra on them.


cake, celebration, dairy product

Of course in a post where I say you can have your cake and eat it, I have to talk about how to save money on your wedding cake.

The number one best way to do this is to get a creative friend to make the cake for you. You can even buy a pre-covered cake, so they just needed to stack and decorate them.

Or, another option is to get a supermarket bought a cake. Marks and Spencer and Waitrose offer several varieties, which you can decorate with cut flowers, that will look classy and fit in perfectly with your big day.