Wedding Weather Woes: The Key To A Successful Outdoor Wedding

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Whether you’re thinking of getting married on a beach or on the grounds to a stately home, the success of your outdoor wedding is likely to hinge on the weather. Whilst getting married in summer may increase your chances of a bright clear day, you can never guarantee it. You’re therefore best off preparing for the worst. Here are just a few ways to ensure that your outdoor wedding is a comfortable day for all – rain or shine.

Watch out for wind

Wind can often be worse than rain, messing up hair and destroying décor. It’s best to pick somewhere sheltered for the ceremony at least. If you’re getting married outside a stately home, pick the side that’s most sheltered from gusts of wind. Similarly, with a beach wedding, try to avoid an area of coast that is heavily exposed. Wind breaks can be useful to have in order to quell some of the wind.

Take shelter

A canopy of gazebo is worth hiring to keep everything dry (it will also provide shade in the sun). There are many companies such as Lewis Marquees – Marquee Hire that specialise in wedding canopies. Supply enough canopy for all your guests and think about where to place items that could be easily damaged by rain or wind such as flowers or cake.


Don’t forget your transport

Decide how you plan to get to and from the wedding and how you’ll stay dry in the process. If you’re hiring a carriage or open top car, make sure that it’s convertible so that there’s the option of a roof. You may be able to get away with umbrellas, but it’s unlikely this will cover a whole wedding dress.

Get married abroad

You can up your chances of a sunny wedding by getting married abroad. You’ll be able to have a wedding out of season, which will lower costs. You can also combine it with a honeymoon afterwards. The only downside of course is that it will cost a lot to get your guests out. You may also have to take a trip out there to get much of the organisation done – whilst some of it can be done via phone and email, you’ll most likely want to talk to people face to face and see the venue with your own eyes. Some companies such as Kuoni may be able to help with wedding planning abroad.

Sunny weather has pitfalls too

Whilst many wish for the sun, there are pitfalls to a bright and sunny wedding. It will be a sweaty day for all, as everyone will be dressed up in suits and gowns. There’s then the issues of flies and wasps – the cake may need to be stored inside somewhere to prevent these pests getting to it. Also, if either of you or your guests have hayfever, you’ll have this to contend with – taking some antihistamines with you could be worthwhile.

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