Avoid These Wedding Cliches At All Costs

Weddings are a day full of traditions. Some of them are wonderful traditions that no wedding could do without. Others are tired cliches that your guests will roll their eyes at. Weddings that are full of these cliches end up being carbon copy days that guests have attended a hundred times before. They’ll get mixed up with all of the other uninventive weddings and people will hardly remember your special day. It also doesn’t allow you to inject any of your own personality into the day if most of your decisions are being made based on old traditions. Ask yourself what you and your fiancee want to do on your wedding day, not what you think you should be doing because it’s traditional. If you want to make your wedding a day to remember, avoid these cliches at all costs.

Matching Colors


If you don’t match any of your color palettes at all, your decoration will look odd. It’s always a good idea to use colors that accent one another, but things can get a bit too much if you go overboard on matching colors. A wedding where everything in sight is the same garish shade of pink is going to be incredibly tacky. People will always remember your wedding but for the wrong reasons. You should use some color matching, but only in subtle ways. Matching flower arrangements and table decorations ties the room together well, without being too in your face about it.

Bridesmaids Dresses


When people are going wild with matching color schemes, they tend to incorporate the bridesmaid’s dresses. This usually ends up with a group of bridesmaids that are unhappy with the awful dresses they’re wearing. Traditional styles that are covered in frills and puffy arms might have been fashionable once, but now they’re just cringe-worthy. Don’t feel the need to go for something like this because it’s traditional, you’ll all regret it. Just choose something more understated and elegant. It’s also a good idea to get some input from your bridesmaids, they’ll be the ones wearing them after all.



Picking rings is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face when you’re planning the wedding. Lots of couples struggle and end up going for something boring because they think it looks like what a wedding ring should look like. The truth is, there is no right answer when it comes to picking rings. Places like tacori wedding rings offer more interesting styles that have more personality. Choosing something that reflects you and your partner as people is far more special than getting something that fits your idea of a traditional ring.

Over used Music


‘At Last’ by Etta James is named as the most overplayed wedding song out there. It’s still a great song, but how many of those people that choose it were fans beforehand? Probably not that many. It isn’t a special first dance if it isn’t personal to you and your spouse. It’s much better to pick a song that has good memories for you both and is an important part of your relationship.

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