Picking The Order Of Your Wedding Ceremony

Weddings are all about the little details. As the most beautiful day of your lives, you want it to be perfect. But that takes a lot of work and a lot of attention to pull off. You might spend weeks agreeing the floral arrangements, the menu, and the cake topping. You should also take the time to plan your ceremony in full. Did you know that you can decide the order and the details of this important event?

Religious ceremonies often follow a traditional order of readings and vows. Other ceremonies performed by celebrants and officiants also tend to follow a typical order. However, you can decide exactly what goes into the ceremony and most of what should be said. Only the legal vows required by your state or country must be said as laid out in law. The rest is up to you and your celebrant. So what order would you choose?

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At many weddings, the Groom and his Best Man arrive first and take their places at the front of the venue with the celebrant. Guests soon arrive and take their places either on the Bride’s side or the Groom’s. You might prefer that both the Bride and Groom arrive together. You can choose to have music accompany your walk down the aisle or not. As for your wedding party, they can walk ahead of you or behind you as you please.

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The ceremony often includes a welcome and ends with a kiss. What happens in between is up to you. You might want a song, a poem, a video, or vows to be read. If the ceremony is religious, there is likely to be a prayer. If you are giving each other rings, you can choose when they are presented and who will be carrying them. If you’ve chosen to match the mans and womans wedding bands, then it might be nice to have them carried on a pillow by a flower girl or ring bearer. Perhaps you prefer something less formal, or you each carry the other’s with you?

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When you book the ceremony venue and celebrant, confirm how much time you are entitled to. This might determine how much you can fit into this part of the wedding. Ceremonies are often very short and limited to a quick exchange of vows, rings, and a kiss. For such an important event in your life that brings you both together forever, you might prefer to do more. You might even include other members of your wedding party.

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Before you leave the ceremony, you must both sign the official register and be formally witnessed doing so by two guests. Many religious ceremonies leave this bit out. However, until it is signed, you might not be recognised as legally married in the eyes of the law. It’s the official bit, and can often feel like that awkward ‘bump’ in your big day. Think about how you would like to approach it. The signing of the register can be a nice photo opportunity if staged well.

All weddings are beautiful and elegant, regardless of the order of events. How will you choose the order of events for your big day?

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