Find a penny, pick it up…

Over the last 5 year, with 2019 now been my 6th year, I have been picking money up off the floor, call it what you will.  I started recording what I found back in 2014 just out of curiosity really, but whatever I found no matter how little would go into savings.

Am I a tramp for doing this?  I don’t think personally I am, but each person has there own opinion and that is fine.

Whether it’s pennies, small change or even the odd occasion of a note I find, I pick it up, I don’t even hesitate and put it straight in my pocket.  I don’t care if people give me dirty looks as someone else would only pick it up if they were doing the same.  I  don’t class this as stealing either, as it is not like it is at a cash machine etc but just change that someone has either dropped or discarded because they don’t want it in their pocket.


2014 -£45.24 – This was my biggest find so far

2015 – £5.74

2016  – £9.11

2017 – £20.14

2018 – £13.50

2019 – £17.31

I know it isn’t a lot of money over the 12 months, but it doesn’t matter to me and takes no effort to pick it up.

What do I do with it at the end of each year?

It gets put into another pot ready to go into our savings accounts, as my moto is “Every penny counts” and helps towards something we may want to buy in the future.

Would love for you to leave your opinions on this and if this is something you would or wouldn’t do and why.  

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