Meal Planning Monday 04/01/21

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here’s to a fresh new start even if its not going to start off how we had hoped again but lets try and be positive and lets not Rona the Corona beat us!!! Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, we went to my parents for lunch then Toms Nans with his parents for the rest of the afternoon/evening and we made the most of it. It felt amazing and actually semi normal just for the day. We all got incredibly spoilt.

We can say this year is the year we move into our new dream home, after a difficult start with hold up’s everything is moving in the right direction and we just can’t wait to start 2021 I n it . I’m not making any new year resolutions but I need to loose some weight so we are going to try and eat a little healthier and I need to cut down on my portion sizes.

Salmon, new potatoes & salad

Chicken stir fry with egg noodles

Jacket Potatoes & salad

Breaded fish, chips and peas

Bacon & cheese quiche with herb new potatoes and salad

Lamb steaks and homemade chips

Roast dinner

Have a great week!

5 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday 04/01/21

  1. Sounds like you’re going to be eating some absolutely delicious meals.

    I hope your weight loss goal goes well and how exciting that this year is your dream home year!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Lovely to hear you had a semi-normal Christmas. It was just me and the kids as we couldn’t travel to England this year. I’m hoping we can come across and see my mum and dad soon – it’ll be a year in February since we last met up 🙁 Loving the menu plan. You’ve just reminded me of quiche – I haven’t made one in ages and it always goes down well. Great idea !

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