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I love a long hot bath, but haven’t had a bath since we had our bathroom renovated 5 years ago, then we move house recently and the one thing I was excited about was having a bath again.

When I was approached about reviewing the Bath Pal I said yes immediately as was excited trying it out in the bath.

About Bath Pal

Bath Pal is a bath accessories brand that aims to solve bathing problems and make it a more luxurious and enjoyable experience. In 2020, when I was pregnant, and suffered from sour neck and back pain. The only time I had to relax was while having a bath, I searched for bath pillows, but nothing helped, there were drawbacks in those products. Quality was low, the Product lacked suctions, and there was no Quick dryness which made my bathing experience unpleasant. Then, I decided to launch my Brand to better cater to those problems that I had been through

  • SUPER SUPPORTIVE FOR HEAD AND NECK REST – Our spa Pillow with an extra level of padding and massaging cushion inside is designed to provide you a more comfortable and luxury bath experience by alleviating your neck and head pain and relaxing your back and shoulder
  • STRONG DURABILITY – With the strong adhesion of 7 suction cups and waterproof natural cushions, our product sticks to the bath and stays in place for a longer time. Its waterproof PVC material provides you a quick dryness and easy cleaning
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN – Our Product Fits any Size of bathtubs or spa
  • A GREAT GIFT – we specifically designed the product for women, men, kids and especially the mums who have a chronic illness and spinal problems. It helps you to provide a luxury and relaxing bath experience. Order our bathroom pillow as a gift to please your friends!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Bath Pal aims to provide its customers with high-quality and Risk-free Products. Our product comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee and can be returned with no questions asked. Order now to make a big difference to your whole bath experience!

The Package includes:

1 x Bath Pillow

1 x Natural Loofah Sponge

My personal opinion

It certainly is a great product and I would highly recommend it to people that are looking for one. You don’t slip down, its soft and extremely comfortable and makes your ‘me’ time worth it.

Where to Buy: Amazon £19.99

1 thought on “Bath Pal Pillow – Review

  1. Ohh! This looks fab! I recently bought a bath pillow and it’s useless! The suction cups don’t stick and it takes forever to dry. I think I might have to think about buying one of these for myself x

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