Our Bathroom Renovation – The final result

A few months ago we decided to embark on a full bathroom renovation. It’s something we’ve wanted to do since we moved in three years ago but as the old bathroom was pretty functional it was always low on the list of priorities.  We got all the quotes and prices we needed and it worked out cheaper to buy the bathroom from one company and get it fitted by another, both who were friends of my dads, so we managed to save a few pounds.

Well finally after 8 long stressful weeks I can finally say it is all complete minus the new flooring as we are still yet to decide on a colour and brand we would like, and want it to be hard-wearing.

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the bathroom renovation 5 weeks on. It was great to see the progress made each day but I was so excited to see the finished result.  Now it’s complete I thought I would share our bathroom renovation with you. So here it is.

We swapped our ceiling light for spotlights to make it that little bit more modern not to mention they make the room so much brighter.

We chose to lose the bath and have a decent power shower with a large square head and a smaller flex hose head to bathe Freddie in the shower while sitting down.  We had real trouble with the shower as it was going where the original shower was, so the wall was studded out to hold the bespoke screen.

We even opted for a chrome towel rail supposed to a radiator, again something more modern than a radiator that will still give plenty of heat out, but doesn’t stick out.  I hated the old radiator always looked dirty with it been painted.

Adding a cabinet with light & mirror so my husband can do his hair in the bathroom instead of the bedroom now, and stop messing up my bedside cabinet with all his products.

The whole bathroom feels so much bigger now and we are both so pleased with it.

A massive thank you to all the guys especially Matt & Phil at P B Hughes.  Can’t recommend this company enough.

Just the flooring now to decide on then it is onto the next project that I want to start and it’s a big one…The Kitchen.

Watch this space…

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